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It carries a great message, one that is very fitting in this day and age of celebrities and excess
Stale chemistry between the two leads initially, limited script, repetitive (*)
A strong cast, a solid script and great period detail.
The Ed Gein haunting adds nothing to the film. (*)
Top end political drama
Lacks the intricacy of The West Wing (*)
A magnificently morally ambigious little known British thriller with some great performance
Some may not like that it's in black and white and old-ish, from 1962 (*)
A strong cast and picturesque locations.
Mirren is miscast and the plotting is very predictable. (*)
Spooky/mysterious, engrossing, cast/performances, plot pace, vivid use of colours
Somewhat unoriginal perhaps (*)
Christian Grey is kinda pretty to look at
Wooden acting from both main actors, ridiculously fake sex scenes, just completely boring to watch (*)
performances, music and there are some of the most beautiful scenes of the year...
script, emma's character is not well developed (*)
Good performances and very atmospheric
Not a lot too it (*)
Interesting plot lines, fantastic sets and costumes
Series is too short (*)
Short!; good cast
Characters not well developed, a strange subject for a comedy (*)
Very good, grotesque film
Probably should have emphasised the comedy a bit more (*)
Washington. Acting. Good double act. Well directed. Good plot.
Some of the Wahlberg humour was too contrived. (*)
Girls like Jack O'Connell, Realistic, Honest
Pointless, Thin Plot, Dialogue (*)
Beautifully filmed and some good acting from Spall
Too spawling overall and would benefit from a good edit (*)
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