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Cinema Now - Andrew Bailey

Cinema Now - Andrew Bailey

Presents an examination of the work and various themes of 60 filmmakers working around the ... more

world, from the Hollywood to the Asian mavericks
to those from Europe and Latin America. This book
includes color photos and on-set photography
supplied by the filmmakers. It accompanies a DVD
containing short films, extracts, and trailers.

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Presents an examination of the work and various themes of 60 filmmakers working around the world, from the Hollywood to the Asian mavericks to those from Europe and Latin America. This book includes color photos and on-set photography supplied by the filmmakers. It accompanies a DVD containing short films, extracts, and trailers.

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Type Non-Fiction
Genre Arts & Music
Subgenre Film & TV
Publisher Taschen
Release Date 15.10.2007
Author Andrew Bailey
Title Cinema Now
EAN 9783822856369
ISBN 3822856363


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