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published 05/10/2011 | xxfoxyredxx
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Am currently popping loads of reviews on here from Dooyoo before that site crashes out completely! Happy to read and rate reviews as always....Christmas is a coming for all us all too soon eh! x Melanie x
Pro Good selection of stuff, great for kids
Cons Price mainly and cramped shops
very helpful
Frequency of visit
Value for money
Layout & presentation
Selection & range

"Claire's is still ok but no better than that"

Whenever I think or Claire's I think of pink and tiaras!

I go in Claire's as part of my shopping routine every week and its become a bit of a habit and if I miss it out I feel like I've lost something!

On the positive they always have lots of offers and they usually have things like 5 items for £5.00 in my local store so usually I do end up bagging a few bargains!

The way the store is laid out makes sense and is easy to mix and match stuff etc.
If I need something for an occasion I know I can find it in Claire's as they do a great range of novelty items and dressing up bits and pieces.

On the negative where do I start?

Staff always try thrusting a basket on me and I don't like that cos sometimes I'm only looking and I feel guilty giving them back an empty basket!

The aisles are small and the shop I visit is usually really busy so your fighting to look around amongst buggies and prams and women stood about having a good old natter.

Its noisy with rubbish music and usually quite loud.

The prices are quite high if the stuff isn't on offer and it does break easy.

Now my store is quite good on customer service but 3 years ago I had the worst experience shopping I'd ever had in a Claire's in Victoria Station, London.

Just to set the scene I was 30 out with my ex bf and I'm not a rough looking woman or threatening in any way. We'd gone in there to get me a few bits and bobs and I selected 5 items for £5.
I'd checked with a member of staff before going to the cash out that what I had chosen was definitely on offer. So I handed it to the young girl behind the till and she snidely told me that none of it was on offer and went to scan it anyway. So I politely told her it was on offer and pointed to where I got it from and explained I'd already asked a member of staff prior to purchase. The shop was full at the time so I said its ok I'll leave it and we went to leave. She started screaming, no messing and telling me what a rude cow I was! Blatantly disrespecting me in front of customers and humiliating me, Ive never been so shocked at the treatment from a member of staff somewhere! Shouting how dare I not want the stuff and all that, she was showing off in front of her mates that also worked there. Customers looked horrified and walked out and my bf looked like he was gonna lose it so I told her to stuff herself and we walked out but I was mortified as I've never been treated like that before by anyone! Let alone in a store! I was in floods of tears and we ended up going home. My bf rang the store and spoke to the manager who did an investigation and reported her to head office.

Long and short of it , she was sacked and he rang me and told me the items I had wanted were on sale and he'd give me them if I went back and he would show me about and make me a coffee and stuff.
I never went back to that store as I didn't want the stuff but accepted his apology!
So sounds daft but whenever I go in I feel a bit concerned for my safety nowadays!

I don't like the way also that the section for ear piercing is on display and I would personally feel uncomfortable, at having a slip of a kid shooting holes in my ears in public it isn't for me!

All in all the shop is ok but run on unknowlegable young staff and aimed at young girls and teenagers in the main!

If you want jewelery that's good quality and in same price range why not try Matalan or Sainsbury's!?!

This review is also posted on Dooyoo under this same username.

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Comments on this review

  • Coloneljohn published 11/10/2011
    What odd behaviour. Good review. John
  • dawnmarywhite published 07/10/2011
    I always thought the same about the very public piercing! When I got my ears done for the first time (I was 8 I think), the gun got stuck on my ear and I ended up passing out while they tinkered with it. It was in a jewellers and was public but with hindsight, for reasons like this, it should always be private really! Especially in Claire's, I don't think I've ever seen a Claire's bigger than a postage stamp.
  • catsholiday published 06/10/2011
    How very strange - no wonder she was sacked!!
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