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Clairol Nice 'n Easy Natural Hair Color - 113A Dark Burgundy Brown

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Review of "Clairol Nice 'n Easy Natural Hair Color - 113A Dark Burgundy Brown"

published 17/08/2010 | abbiej1711
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About me :
I also use DooYoo! Im 22, from the midlands, I have a degree in early years education, and work within the NHS. I have 5 cats and love reading and trying new things.
Pro Great colour, leaves hair feeling and looking great. Good price
Cons None, I love it!
very helpful

"Beautiful brunette! Clairol nice n easy Natural dark burgundy"

Clairol nice n easy has recently updated their range! There are now new shades available and many shades have been altered, to many people's disliking!
I thought I needed to write a review on this certain dye as I couldn't find any for this particular colour on the internet!
I bought two hair dyes today from Superdrug on offer, it was an impulse buy because I really wanted to go darker again and I loved the look of the Natural dark burgundy brown colour.

However after bringing the dye home, I read a few reviews on the internet and got worried! Just about every review I read was bad! A lot of people saying the colour came out wrong or caused them to have bad side effects.
To be honest, it's easy to read between the lines and tell that those people obviously left the dye on for too long and didn't do the skin or hair test beforehand! So it's their own fault and they shouldn't put the product down for it!

I dye my hair all the time! Too often to be honest, but I've always done this and my hair is still in great condition. This is the second colour from nice n easy which I've used, the first was a medium brown but I got sick of the orangey look to my hair and decided to go back to black! (well almost!)
My last colour didn't fade and I had no problems with it, I just got bored as usual.

Price; ....
I bought two boxes of this hair dye on offer from Superdrug for £7! That's just £3.50 a box! Baarrggaain compared to other dyes.
For just one box it would have cost around £5.50, so I got two of the dyes hoping I would like it, knowing I could just go back and swap the other colour if I didn't anyway.

Use; ....
This dye is very easy to use, it's basically just like any other dye. You mix the two bottles together and create your magic mix!
What I love about the nice n easy dye is that the two solutions are very watery, this makes pouring one bottle into the other very easy and ensures you get every drop! I used to hate standing for ages trying to squeeze out the thick cream from one of the bottles.
The dye thickens up when you have shaken it together in the bottle for a few minutes. Ensure you snap the top off otherwise you'll have an exploded hair dye bottle!

When shaking, I noticed the dye got a bit warm in the bottle and you can tell straight away it is thickening up.
The hair dye I used went a reddy colour, lovely! But the colour the dye turns isn't always the colour your hair will be.
The cream is easy to put on, it runs through the nozzle from the bottle and comes out evenly enabling you to apply an even amount to your hair. The cream should be applied to your roots first which is instructed in the leaflet. I apply mine by laying a even line on my roots (not directly onto my scalp) and using my fingers to spread the cream down moving towards the middle of my hair.

The dye is quite strong smelling and harsh on the eyes when you bend down too quickly and get the whiff of hair dye in your face.
Always ensure there is a open window nearby as the smell can get too strong for some people. However the odour isn't too bad and I could easily put up with it.

After all of the roots are covered, the dye should then be applied to the lengths of your hair.
My hair is past my shoulders, about breast length. I found there was just enough hair dye in one application to cover my hair. Because of this, people with longer hair would definitely need at least two applications to ensure an even coverage.
The gloves you get are decent! They aren't the crappy thin paper like material like many others supply. They are thick and decent of a latex sort (not certain of the material though) and they don't easily break. The gloves are easy to put on because they are soft inside. The gloves leave my hands feeling soft and dry from the moisture that's inside the gloves! I don't know what they use, but its good!

Rinse and condition; ....
The instructions say to leave the dye on for 25-45 minutes depending on your colour before. You should know how long to leave it from doing the hair strand test before, although I'm a big impatient hypocrite and I've never done this! I always take lucky guesses with my hair.
If your hair is very grey or a light blonde, Clairol advise to leave the dye on for the full 45 minutes.

If your hair is dark, or you are going over a faded previous colour of this dye, it's 25. My hair was a medium brown so I left it for 35 minutes!
To rinse the instructions say to add water and lather up before rinsing out. This step also includes turning your bathtub into a remake of a murder scene! Especially when your dye you are using is red!
'Rinse until the water runs clear' is easy said than done! I think if I waited for the water to run clear, I would have been there hours...the dye just seems to keep coming.
The dye comes with a tube of conditioner which lasts you 6 weeks. Clairol advises to use the conditioner once a week to keep your colour looking at its best.

This conditioner can also be bought separately for 99p, although I usually dye my hair every 6 weeks anyway so I've never bought the conditioner separately. Clairol supplies each dye with either the blonde, brunette or red conditioner depending on the dye you have bought.
What really confused me about my dye was that it was called 'Natural dark burgundy BROWN' however inside my box was the conditioner for a RED hair colour! Although maybe this is to boost the burgundy tint in your colour to keep it looking great.
The conditioner smells great and makes your hair feel like silk! Leaving it in for 2 minutes as instructed brings your hair to looking, feeling and smelling great.
The dye does dry your hair out a little but it wasn't anything out of the norm for me and it was fine after conditioning.

Results; ...
Ok so this is the part of the review everybody actually cares about!
I thought maybe id left the dye on for too long and my hair would come out looking black, but it hasn't and I love it!
It's as dark as I expected it to be so I can't say it's disappointed me as I know it was going to come out quite dark. The new box to this natural dark burgundy brown hair dye shows the colour looking a lot darker than the old box. So whether Clairol have altered the colour, or just changed the box to fit the colour better I'm not sure of. But my hair has turned out as is shows on the box!

My hair is 'brown without the bore!' I wanted to go back dark brown but I didn't want to be boring, so this colour is perfect! The colour is dark brown with a reddy brown tint and I love it! In fact it's the colour I was attempting to get a few months ago but gave up on after trying loads of different colours.
It just shows once you stop trying... you achieve!
The colour isn't blotchy or streaky like I thought it was going to look, as my hair before was lighter and darker in places and not the same shade all over. But the colour has gone on great, it's even and looks so natural.
My hair looks really glossy and healthy, it's very soft and looks lovely! I'm so glad I bought two of these colours as I will definitely be using this shade again!

Overall; .....
I would definitely recommend this dye to anybody wanting to go brown without the boring dull block of colour! It's a great dye at a great price and I'm so happy I took the jump to go back brown!

Thank you for reading, I also post on Dooyoo

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  • Violet1278 published 21/08/2010
    Really good and helpful review.x
  • abbs75 published 17/08/2010
    Sounds good,
  • prettypolly40 published 17/08/2010
    I dont ever dye my hair but this sounds lovely.
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