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published 07/12/2004 | ElizaF
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Not for me
Pro It's Clarins so it should be good
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Does it irritate your eyes?

"Blobs of the world unite .... on my eyelashes"

Ok I can admit that my first flush of youth has gone. Time was when I glammed up I looked like a film extra in a vampire flick, now I look more like the subject of a BBC3 documentary on insomnia.

The hair is slightly peppered and full of kinks from living in scrunchies all day where it once was curly and glossy, there are wrinkles around the eyes where I once had skin like the palest alabaster as moulded by Michelangelo and weighted (we apologise for this computer distortion) stone less.

I can claim however to still posses my thick eyelashes and sculpted eyebrows. (Although I have never put a tweezers near the latter in my life.) The only problem is that although my lashes are thick, they are not long hence my occasional purchases of ‘lengthening’ mascaras.

It just happened that my latest bout of facial examination was under a harsh light and in front of the reflection of a particularly distorted mirror, I thought that I could see the beginnings of a delicate and becoming line (ahem…) around the outside edges of my eyes. This coincided with Boots in Waterloo train station reducing their stock of Clarins Lengthening Mascara from £13 to £7 so checking my natural impulse to cram the whole lot in my shopping trolley with the ridiculous notion of applying a tube at a time, I purchased one in the ‘deep black’ shade.

Other shades available:
Flawless brown
Midnight blue

I did have a cursory look at the brown but as it was the colour of the bottom of a bog puddle I refrained from purchase. As for the blue, behave yourself, as if! If you really want to know about the colour specifics of a blue mascara, cop on to yourself or look up psychiatrists in the Yellow pages, that’s p-s-y-c-h….

Why buy Clarins - Rimmel not good enough for you?
Clarins denounced animal testing in 1987 in favour of testing on cell cultures and reconstituted skin so I know that no bunnies have had this stuff injected into their eyeballs (it was developed in 2000) to gauge if it is suitable for human 'consumption'

Another reason to buy Clarins is that they use all natural plant extracts as ingredients in their products so there is less chance of your skin having a reaction to something not found in nature. According to the Clarins website, this stuff consists of natural Acacia and Wheat Germ extract

Anyhow I wanted the sort of effect that gives the wearer the ‘is she or isn’t she wearing falsies’ look. The type of glam that made complete strangers drop their mouths and their suitcases on the floor and run after you with a bunch of lilies that they paid too much for without waiting for the change from the nearest flowerseller.

The box was a good start, it was pillarbox red containing a white tube with gold accents. I was on my way to being Holly Golightly! That is once I had lost the (computer distortion) stone and gained the Chanel wardrobe of course.

So did I get the look I wanted? Was I followed home by a crown of simpering film producers and admirers bearing bouquets? Was I hell!

This is a list of what Clarins Lengthening Mascara does for the windows to your soul:
Puts curtains on them: Big black blobby curtains
Bunches them together: Like the end of a broomstick
Dries them out: After the stuff has dried in (and out), you feel like you have straw woven onto your eyelids
Clings on like a limpet: Think industrial strength make-up remover to remove the stuff

Don’t get me wrong, I was impressed. We were way out of little clumps of mascara territory and into the Mount Everest of black blobs. I washed the brush and carefully dried it but this seemed to simply encourage the beggars. “C’mon wash the brush again” they taunted, “we LIKE a challenge”

I quickly began to scrub away with soap to remove the gloops before Ranulph Fiennes appeared from stage left and proceeded to scale the blobs as part of his effort to conquer all the world’s major peaks.

It took the bar of soap the Waterloo station posh toilets provides, the liquid soap provided by the same establishment and some violence with a baby-wipe in my hand to get rid of the last of the stuff. All was not lost though I provided endless amusement to a pair of schoolgirls who watched me with barely disguised glee and horror. They are going to be telling the story of the panda-eyed nutter swearing to herself in the toilet for years to come!

Did it irritate my eyes:
Not only that but it severely annoyed every cell in my body!

It was six weeks before I retrieved the stuff from the bottom of my make-up bag and it appears that I interrupted an AGM of all the Clarins blobs because the whole thing had turned into a conglomeration of solid bits sitting in the sludge of gooey filling.

I effected an immediate introduction:
Bin: Mascara
Mascara: Bin

Suitable for:
-People who want to get rid of £7 - £13 but would prefer to metaphorically flush the cash down the toilet than actually do it.
-Blob fetishists
-Anyone who fancies making a black gloop statue as an entry for next years Turner prize

So you're not making a recommendation then?
Oh, I am making a recommendation - STEER CLEAR! In fact drive across entire continents rather than risk a chance encounter with this muck.

Oh go on, I am playing the wicked stepmother in panto this year and I want some of this tar:
Available from:
Clarins counters in major department storres like John Lewis and House of Fraiser.
Larger outlets of Boots.

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  • Expired-Account published 10/02/2008
    Great review, I don't really tend to use mascara, thank goodness
  • anwar published 24/01/2008
    Very comprehensive review! Ann
  • anonymili published 09/03/2006
    No matter how good or bad a mascara is it all looks the same when I try to put it on - like gunk! :)
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