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Classical Instruments

You have come to the right place to purchase some classical instruments. At Ciao, you can have a look at all the instruments we have on offer for you to purchase. Some of the instruments we have at Ciao include pianos, woodwind instruments, brass instruments, and string instruments. There are also some accessories for ... more

Classical Instruments »

Roland (1)
Yamaha (36)
Baldwin (28)
Bosendorfer (9)
Kawai (32)
Weber (36)
Woodwind Instruments
Flutes (191)
Clarinets (56)
Recorders (9)
Brass Instruments
Harmonicas (44)
Trumpets (32)
Tubas (4)
Horns (6)
Cornet (7)
String Instruments
Banjos (24)
Mandolins (15)
Double Bass (1)
Classical Instrument Accessories
Saxophone (15)
Clarinet (9)
Bassoon (2)

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I Love The Joy Of The B6 Banjo

25.04.2014 Review of Deering B6 Boston

"I have owned the Deering B6 Banjo for over 14 years. I added this to my collection because not only is it a beautiful sounding instrument, but I really like the Deering company. If I mention Deering, I believe people think quality. This is a high quality ..."

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Better than the Custom Z, much improved on a classic professional

15.03.2014 Review of Yamaha YAS875EX Custom Alto Saxophone

"When I purchased my first professional horn, as any college level music major would know; that time of excitement and fear in purchasing the horn that you would play for the next 20+ years. I began by visiting all the local music shops in my area and tryi ..."

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Standard descant recorder from Yamaha

25.02.2014 Review of Yamaha Recorder

"So on my recent visit to family in Ireland, I discovered that my niece is learning to play the Tin Whistle and in a moment of weakness I admitted to her that I used to play the recorder while growing up. This of course elicited plenty of pleas for me to p ..."

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My Graceful Friend

21.06.2013 Review of Trevor James TJ10X MKIII Flute

"As you may have already guessed, I really love woodwind instruments and have a continually growing woodwind family of my own. I currently have three recorders, a flute, a clarinet and a hired bassoon which may or not unfortunately have to go back to its ..."

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