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Cleaning Products

Wanting to keep your household nice and clean? Well you have come to the right place to help you do so. In this category, you can browse through all the cleaning products. Products in this category are for laundry, household & surfaces, some cleaning accessories and we also have some member advice on cleaning, Read ... more

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Washing Liquids & Powders (181)
Fabric Softeners & Enhancers (124)
Washing Sheets & Tablets (42)
Stain Removers (51)
Fabric Sprays (21)
Shoe Polish (11)
Household & Surfaces
Kitchen Cleaners (120)
Air Fresheners (161)
Washing Up Liquids (76)
Furniture Polish & Cleaners (74)
Bathroom Cleaners (110)
Window Cleaners (34)
Cleaning Accessories
Dusters, Cloths & Sponges (99)
Toilet Tissue (57)
Brushes & Mops (70)
Kitchen Towel (22)
Rubber Gloves (14)
Tissues & Wipes (29)
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Introducing the faux sense of cleanliness and freshness

16.10.2017 Review of Febreze Fabric Refresher Classic

"'''Introduction''' Not everyone enjoys the smell of fresh laundry because quite often it is dominated by the irritating scent of detergent. Sometimes that smell can be so overpowering that it lingers on your clothes for too long; the artificiality of the ..."

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Super soothing smell

14.10.2017 Review of Bold 2 in1 Gel Lavender & Camomile

"...This is a review of the Bold 2 in 1 detergent and fabric softener we have been using lately. It is Lavender and camomile fragranced and comes in a value pack bottle which offers 24 washes. You can buy this in the gel, powder or liquid tablets format but I ..."

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This toilet paper used to be called Charmin...

10.10.2017 Review of Cushelle Toilet Tissue Fresh Linen

"...This toilet paper used to be called Charmin, now it's called....... Cushelle. SCA who make this toilet paper changed its name in 2010. They also changed the Charmin mascot from the Charmin Cuddly Bear to the Cushelle koala bear Cushelle have named this ..."

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Good enough - and pretty cheap

07.10.2017 Review of Tesco Dishwasher Salt Granules

"...This is a review of the Tesco Dishwasher Salt Granules which we bought recently to add to the ever growing stock of accessories our dishwasher uses. It's not cheap running a dishwasher; you need the tablets to clean with each time, rinse aid, salt and to ..."

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