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Cleaning Products

Wanting to keep your household nice and clean? Well you have come to the right place to help you do so. In this category, you can browse through all the cleaning products. Products in this category are for laundry, household & surfaces, some cleaning accessories and we also have some member advice on cleaning, Read ... more

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Washing Liquids & Powders (181)
Fabric Softeners & Enhancers (124)
Washing Sheets & Tablets (42)
Stain Removers (51)
Fabric Sprays (21)
Shoe Polish (11)
Household & Surfaces
Kitchen Cleaners (120)
Air Fresheners (161)
Washing Up Liquids (76)
Furniture Polish & Cleaners (74)
Bathroom Cleaners (110)
Window Cleaners (34)
Cleaning Accessories
Dusters, Cloths & Sponges (99)
Toilet Tissue (57)
Brushes & Mops (70)
Kitchen Towel (22)
Rubber Gloves (14)
Tissues & Wipes (29)
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Don't call me scrubber!

06.08.2017 Review of Morrisons Value Cream Cleaner

"==Morrisons M Savers Cream Cleaner== I swear that in the house I live in I'm the only one who isn't allergic to cleaning! That being said, it's always nice to see dirty things looking sparkly clean and shiny and knowing that your elbow grease contributed ..."

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As the Dust Clears, and it all starts to disappear

30.07.2017 Review of Dustcare Lightweight Carpet & Hard Floor Sweeper

"...Just to point out beforehand, my model isn't called Dustcare, mine is branded Addis, but from looking at the Amazon listing of the Dustcare version it seems that they are exactly the same, so even though mine is a different brand it is still the same swee ..."

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Is it soft enough for sensitive bums?

29.07.2017 Review of Tesco Luxury Soft Toilet Tissue

"I usually always buy Andrex toilet roll and although I have occasionally tried different ones I always return to Andrex. However, with Santa due sooner than I would like and next years holiday to book, we have been trying to save the pennies wherever we c ..."

Read full review by mummytobe78

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Some of the features can be missed..

25.07.2017 Review of Addis Kitchensense Sink Caddy

"Interesting review but can I correct a couple of things that was said. I know a little bit about this product as I designed it. Firstly the 'Naff' handle does work if you position it in the right way, as in upright. I see from your picture you are using t ..."

Read full review by The_Designer

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