Clinique Exfoliators 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Formula

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Clinique Exfoliators 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Formula

Clinique Exfoliators 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula Fine grains in a cream base suitable for all skin types. De-flakes, polishes, clears pores, r...

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Review of "Clinique Exfoliators 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Formula"

published 07/03/2012 | jimmychoogirl
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Pro clears blackheads, pores, leaves skin soft and smooth
Cons PRICE, some cheaper brands may be able to do a similar job
very helpful
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Value for money

"Effective, Expensive Exfoliator!"

As said in my previous review, over the past couple of years I have been trying to keep my skin in the best condition it can be and in order to do this I have had to invest in a few more 'up market' items compared to my normally much cheaper brands from Boots. One particular brand that had worked very effectivley with my skin is that of Clinique, I use their 3-step system on a daily basis, however, I also use this product alongside once or twice a week.

~~What is it?~~
This is an exfoliating cream by Clinique. It is effecivley a 'deep cleanser' where the fine grains get in your skin to remove dirt, whereas the 3-step system hasn't got a deep cleaner / exfoliator in it. It is called '7 day scrub' which I guess means that it is okay to use everyday (whereas most exfoliators are only recommended to be used once or twice a week), despite it being called this I only tend to us it once or twice a week as I didn't find using it every day was good for me. It can be used morning or night (which suggests it can only be used once per day) and can be used in conjuction with the 3-step system.

It's main concern is for the 'dullness' of the skin and is suitable for all skin types, meaning regardless of what *Skin Type* you are on the 3-step system, this is suited to all of you.

It comes in very simple packaging, which I find most Clinique stuff does, yet I find it very effective. To me the stuff reminds me of they way products look in a Spa in the way they are presented, in that most of it is very neutral or sea gree/ light blue shades. This particular item comes in a sea green tube with a flip top lid at the bottom of the container.

~~Why this product?~~
I chose this product as although I love the Clinique 3-step system I did not feel that it was actually exfoliating my skin well and enough and wasn't giving it a deep enough clean in order to remove all dirt. I decided to buy this exfoliating cream as I thought that sticking to one brand would be better for my skin and Clinique also state to use it in conjuction with the 3-step system.

~~Price and Avaliability~~
This item costs £17.50 for 100ml, so it is definitley not the cheapest exfoliating product around and for me it is a little too expensive to buy aswell as the 3-step system, so although I like this exfoliator I tend to choose it as my 'free sample' when ordering online as I find these tend to last a while and keep me going until I next place an order!

It is avaliable from the online Clinique store, aswell as instore at Boots and their online store. Along with this Clinique is also sold in most larger department stores such as Debenhams and House of Fraser, where I tend to find most of the ladies on the tills are very friendly and are more than willing to talk you through your skin type/ skin problems.

~~What Clinique say/ the claim~~
Skin looks translucent, clearer, brighter. De-flakes, polishes, clears pores, refines and helps lessen fine lines. Helps control oil-related problems. Moisturiser absorbs more easily. Gentle; leaves no residue on skin after rinsing.

~~Using/ Applying the product~~
The exfoliating cream is white in colour and as soon as your sqeeze it out onto your fingers you can feel the tiny exfoliating grains. It looks relativley thick and does not slide of your hand if you tilt it slightly and seems quite robust. To use I scrub my face in circular motions, starting from the T-zone and then working my way out. When doing so you can feel the tiny particles working their way into the skin, I actually quite like this feeling as it gives you a real sense of giving your skin a good scrub!

Despite saying this, the exfoliating cream still appears to be very delicate on the skin when using it and even seems to work up a somewhat moisturising lather. It felt as if it was softening and smoothing my skin at the same time as working out any dirt left in my skin. It did not have a 'tingly' feeling that I have experienced with some exfoliators and other than the exfoliating particles being in there I could of passed it for a normal face wash due to it being so light and gentle on the skin. After a minute or so of working the exfoliator in the lather starts to turn much clearer in colour, though still maintains a good lather. When it is clear the exfoliating cream can then be washed off.

After using the product my skin felt refreshed and much cleaner than when I just use the soap from the 3-step system. Though I did not see any immediate effects of this product from the first use after 2 or 3 weeks of using this product once or twice a week I had definitley noticed a difference. I seemed to have a lot less or virtually no blackheads and my skin appeared to be much more radiant, softer and smoother.

I tend to have quite oily skin and this scrub definitley helped this and seem to keep all oil / shine at bay. This makes me wonder whether it will be as well suited to those who have particuarly dry skin, however, it states that it is suitable for all skin types so I guess it will work just as well.

The exfoliating cream also claims to refine and lessen fine lines, I don't really have any fine lines and the only ones I do are around my eyes and can only really be seen when looking very, very closely. I did not really notice any difference to these, however, if they were perhaps more obvious or deeper a change or lessening in them would have been clearer and more obvious for me to see.

As it is called a 7 day scrub, I also tried using it everyday over the course of a week, however, I found that this just did not work for me and I much prefer using it once or twice a week. This is because although this product is not harsh in the slightest, I did find that when using it everyday, despite my skin being oily, it seemed to be stripping it of moisture and seemed to leave it quite 'tight' feeling. I think I may have been overworking my skin by using this everyday alongside the 3-step system, which resulted in my skin looking worse than if I used this exfoliating cream less often.

It is safe to say that I was very happy with the results of this exfoliating cream as it had removed blackheads, refined poors, made my skin look and feel smoother along with giving it that 'clean' feeling. These results were best for me when using it once or twice a week, so as far as it being a 7 day scrub I don't think it lives up to this name and the results differ considerably, other than than it works great!

~~Is it good value for money/ How long will it last?~~
Although this product works well and does most, if not all that is expected of it I cannot quite call it good value for money. The cost seems far too much for what it is and although I really liked it, I have found similar much cheaper exfoliators that have done just as good and feel that in this case, as much as I love the brand, I am paying for the name 'Clinique'. I buy it now and then occassionally, however it is not something I can afford to buy on a regular basis, that is not to say I do not repurchase this product as I almost always pick this as my free sample as I do love the effect it has on my skin, the price is really the only off putting factor.

The scrub seems to last for quite a long time, which I suppose is the only thing that makes it slightly better value for money. The samples (which I think you recieve in 30ml) seem to last me around 2-3 months using it once or twice weekly and the full size 100ml often lasts me between 8 months and a year, so timewise it lasts a long time.

~~Overall/ Would I recommend~~
Overall, I do really love this scrub and it works really well in conjuction with the 3 step system. The effect it has had on my skin has really made a great improvement to the overall condition of it and definitley gives me the sense of my skin having a really good scrub, which the 3-step system does not leave me feeling.

The cost and the fact that some other, cheaper brands exfoliators can do a similar job is the only thing that really puts me off this exfoliator, though I would still recommend as my skins condition really has improved since using it. If the price were little lower, even if it were around the £14 mark I think it would make it seem a little more affordable and then I would have no doubt in recommending it!

My final thoughts are that this is a lovely deep cleaning scrub, that is still gentle on the skin. I don't think it lives up to the name of being a '7 day scrub' as it did not suit my skin to use it this often, nonetheless I was very pleased with the results. If you want to try this I would suggest trying to find a free sample somewhere or ask for it as a gift as it can seem expensive for what it is, but you will be pleased with the results!

(I'm sorry, I don't know why the layout has gone all wierd, I've tried to sort it out but it hasn't changed, so will try again tomorrow!)

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Product Information : Clinique Exfoliators 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Formula

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Clinique Exfoliators 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula Fine grains in a cream base suitable for all skin types. De-flakes, polishes, clears pores, refines and helps lessen fine lines. Benefits Skin looks translucent, clearer brighter; takes edge off tiny lines. Better stimulation; promotes even skin tone. Helps control oil-related problems. Gives a light reflecting look to mature skin. Allows better makeup application. Moisturiser absorbs more easily. Will not scratch. Gentle; leaves no residue on skin after rinsing. De-flakes, polishes, clears pores. How To Use Use morning or night. On a makeup-free face, massage with finger tips in a circular motion until cream turns clear, avoiding immediate eye area. Can be used on lips. Rinse or tissue off. Use in conjunction with the 3-Step Skin Care System.

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