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published 01/04/2004 | Kieli
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~Eyes without Eye Defining Liquid Liner~

~Eyes without Eye Defining Liquid Liner~

Let me just say that Marilyn Monroe had the right idea. Minimal shadow, maximum eyeliner and lashes. Move over, Britney, with your caked on, smoky, over-used shadows. We can emphasize our eyes without all the crap. Clinique has come to our rescue.

Clinique™ Eye Defining Liquid Liner comes in four shades: Black, Dark Brown, Iced Plum and Navy. As usual, I have all four of these shades. I can only think of two more shades that this needs to be manufactured in, but these four are a very good start.

Black: This particular black is of the Mars Black family (meaning it has more yellow than the bluer cousin, Jet Black). As far as colouring goes, the fact that this liner is indeed so thin makes the yellow tone virtually unnoticeable. I use this particular shade when I'm dressing in period costume (1920's-1950's) or when I'm feeling particularly vampy. I tend to make my liner a little more pronounced when I use the Black liner of this group.

Application: VERY fluid. Upon first use of this product, one must be exceedingly careful. I recommend having a few trial applications as to perfect the art of liquid liner before you actually wear this out. It is simple when you get the hang of it, but the first time is always a bear.

Kieli's Tip: Keep your eyes halfway open while you're placing this liner. I have noticed that my lids twitch a lot more when they are closed than they normally do when they are open. Twitching and liquid liner don't mix.

I also recommend a very thin, flat-head eyeliner brush to be in arms reach while learning with this liquid liner. Simply dampen the tip of the flat-head brush and correct any mistakes you've made. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to rinse out the tip of the flat-head brush if you happen to get the liner on it. Otherwise, the next smudge you try to correct will have to be fixed with eye-makeup remover and you'll be starting all over again.

Dark Brown: This is my daytime staple. This Dark-Brown is quite unlike the Black-Brown Mascara. This brown is a very yellowy shade and brings out the blue in ones eyes. I have hazel eyes, so they turn from grey to blue to green. This liner definitely makes my blue stand out. I use this in lieu of mascara. How's that? Well, I simply make my line as thin as possible by only using the very tip of the applicator. I hold my eyes slightly open and place the tip at the roots of my upper eyelashes. With a very light stroke, I have emphasized my lashes, yet not detracted from the rest of my eye.

Kieli's Tip: You don't always have to use Mascara. Even if the tips of your lashes are blonde (like mine) you can emphasize the roots of your lashes, thus making your lashes look fuller. This is great for the times you don't feel like putting on an entire face of makeup.

Iced Plum: This is near perfect for my somewhat green eyes. Once you've applied this shade, It takes on more of a medium brown tone, moreso than the purple-tone one would suppose. In either case, if you have greenish eyes, anything in the deep-purple family (deep enough to look brown or black, not the PURPLE of the 80's) will enhance the green in your eyes, really making them stand out.

Application: I use this the same as Dark Brown by using JUST the tip of the applicator wand to place the liner directly at the roots of my lashes on my top lid. Not that I refuse to line my lower lid, I just have almond eyes and it closes the eye. People with WASP-y doe eyes can get away lining their lower lids (my and sisters) but I just can't. If it works for you, have a go.

Kieli's Tip: If you are going to use a coloured liner (Navy, Iced Plum), go for a more natural look in shadow. Pair Navy/Iced Plum liners with neutral browns for a more classic look. Classic is classic. Trendy is crap. (Sorry, It is one of my personal mantras)

Navy: Ahhhh, I've saved the best for last. I love this shade. Navy blue eyeliner brings out the white of your eyes. Let me explain: With the black and brown liners, one's sclera (white part of one's eye) will pick up the yellow tint in the liners/ shadows/ mascaras and mimic it. However, with the navy liner, the extremely dark (almost black) yet twinge of blue liner will show the sclera as being more white than it actually is. This is particularly useful after a weekend of partying.

Application: I use this as an extremely thin line, as close to the lashes as possible. I rarely line my bottom lid, as my eyes are almond and doing so would close them off even more. With the Navy liner, I give a slightly retro line: a little wider on the outside of the eye. Now, don't mistake my words; I am not talking Cleopatra, I'm talking glam Hepburn.

Packaging: Slender (.5" Diameter) tube, 4.5" in length. Applicator wand/brush is attached to the cap and screws off of the reservoir base in which the liquid is contained.

Clean-up: Use eye makeup remover for this. I don't recommend using plain water (though it may work) for the main reaason as that would be extremely damaging to the sensitive skin around your eyes. Use a cotton-puff doused in makeup remover and hold said cotton-puff against your closed eye. Repeat on the other eye and wait for the remover to soak in a bit. After several seconds, the makeup should be loosened and will come off quite simply with a gentle smear of the puff. Wash the rest of your face in your normal way. Fin.

Price: As you all are probably aware, I have no problem paying £11 for a fabulous liner, which will last me months on end (dare I say a year). £11 is a small price to pay for the different looks that can come from this amazing little tube. Splurge.

From Eye Defining Liquid Liner is a quick drying, gel eyeliner which delivers a full coverage, dramatic line in one stroke. An ultra-comfortable, luxurious easy-to-apply lightweight eyeliner that won't smudge or budge. Comfortable and suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Ophthalmologist Tested. Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free.

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  • AmberHall published 05/05/2006
    I reallly wish I knew how to apply make up properly lol. I'll definitily get some of this
  • emilyo published 16/04/2004
    Great idea to include your own tips. Have used this one and found it took a lot of trial and area to find a good technique but have sussed it now and it is a fab product. Great title! Em XX
  • Walkhappy5 published 04/04/2004
    This should help the morning after the night before staying up to late on Ciao - hide the bags by defining those eyes! (my bags that is!)
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