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Review of "Coca-Cola"

published 11/12/2001 | Simoncook1
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"A pleasant tasting soft drink"

Throughout the world, there can only be a handful of people who haven’t heard of Coca Cola – even the poorest countries have Coca-cola. Although the recipe and the taste will slightly vary from one country to the next, the taste is pretty similar throughout the world.

There are not many products that are globally recognizable regardless of the language they are in; the coca cola tin is instantly recognizable even when the words are in Chinese, the red and white, with the funky stripe and the particular font used for the writing are synonymous with Coca Cola.

Early on, when advertising standards simply didn’t exist, Coca Cola was branded as a health drink; supposedly it was an ideal tonic for various ailments that promised to ‘revive and sustain’.

Over the years the advertising increased concentrating on the refreshing taste and the ‘hipness’ of coca-cola. Coca-cola realized the power of TV and from the outset used this media to promote its product using powerful stars such as Roy Orbison, Max Headroom and The New Seekers (with their memorable hit ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing’

‘It’s the real thing’ has been around nearly 30 years, perhaps becoming the most famous slogan that Coca-Cola had. Throughout the 90s and early 2000s the advertising has been brought to a new level trying to give Coca-Cola a family appeal.

However we look at it, the advertising is working as Coca-Cola is one of the most popular sodas throughout the world.

Coca-cola is a carbonated drink that adds elements of Vanilla, Caffeine, Cocoa, Lime Juice, Orange, Cinnamon, Caramel etc to produce a pleasant tasting drink. Coca Cola is perhaps one of the fizziest colas in existence; this gives cola a distinctive texture and feel, and also gives the appearance that the drink is always fresh.

The taste is perhaps most predominately a combination of caramel and vanilla, although most people will find it hard to define – they’ll simply say it tastes like Cola! It is a little sweeter than many, although not enough to make your mouth form into some funny looking puckered thing.

The drink can be refreshing on a hot day, and also can be used as a ‘pick-me-up’ – this is often because of the caffeine.

The drink has several other uses that are not often thought about:

-it can be used in cooking, providing an additional sweetness – it is particularly useful for caramelizing many deserts.

-it is often used as a mixer – i.e. whiskey and coke, vodka and coke, bacardi and coke.

Things I know:

-if you put a dirty copper coin in a glass of Coca-Cola, the coin will be clean after an hour or so. (This is due to the citric acid – and this power is used in products like OrangeGlo.)

-As Coca-Cola contains caffeine, it is addictive. Although it is not classed as a drug, you will get withdrawal symptoms if you try to stop drinking Coca-Cola. These symptoms include headaches, tiredness and a craving for coffee or Coke – this is an unpleasant feeling that is like a yearning (very hard to describe!)

Things I have heard:

-Coca-Cola will reduce a nail to nothing in four days – this is true, and is due to the acidic content.

-Coca-Cola will remove rust – well as rust is ferrous oxide – this is also true – this is the same concept as the nail.

Firstly I should say that I do drink Cola, the key, like anything else in life is moderation. Drinking one or two cans a day will have a small effect on your health but nothing too major – at this level you won’t form a dependency on the caffeine (unless you also drink lots of coffee), and the corrosive effects of Cola will not harm you – your stomach has corrosive chemicals of its own and is well equipped to deal with Coke.

One effect of Coke that 'Moose' kindly informed me about - Coke will shrink your gums - therefore brush your teeth after every can!!!

Regardless of the health issues or the corrosiveness of the soda, Coke remains one of the top two sodas in the world. The battle between Coke and Pepsi is now infamous, with both companies vying for the top spot. Cola is fizzier and perhaps a little less sweet than Pepsi, and in my book this gives it a slight edge.

At the end of the day though, it does come down to taste.

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Comments on this review

  • veramck published 17/12/2001
    excellent opinion, unfortunately I am totally addicted to diet coke and have experienced the withdrawel symptoms first hand.
  • djohan published 12/12/2001
    Coca-Cola is an international well known softdrink. -dj.
  • moose published 11/12/2001
    LOL!!!! Everyone will now think I am toothless!!!! :-)
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