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Review of "Coca-Cola"

published 11/01/2002 | paulc20001
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It’s amazing the things that you do without realising you’re doing them sometimes. Watching TV for hours on end but not taking in what you’re watching. Staring into space when there’s nothing else to do.


It has just suddenly struck me that I must go through about 4-5 cans of this fizzy drink a day, even more so when I’m in possession of my favourite tipples Jack Daniels or Vodka. For some reason it just goes great with these two spirits. So why is my “coke addiction” so bad that I do not even realise it is overtaking my entire existence?

Lets start with a little bit of history on “The Real Thing”.

*** HISTORY ***

We have to go back all the way to 1886 for the “birth” of Coca Cola. Take one pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia USA called John Pemberton. Searching for a elixir to cure headaches he stumbles across a concoction made from caramel syrup. It is so popular that he begins to sell his syrup-y formula for the measly price of 5 cents a glass (about 3p)! Still no name though. By chance Pemberton’s book-keeper, a chap called Frank Robinson came up with the name of “Coca Cola”, and over 115 years later that name is still going strong, and the style it is written in on the can is the original way that Robinson wrote it.

Unfortunately for Pemberton, he had no idea he had such a colossus of a product on his hands and promptly sold the formula to Atlanta businessman Asa Griggs Chandler for a little over $2000 – what a bloody fool! He kept hold of it till around about 1918, until he sold it over to another businessman Ernest Woodruff. A few years later and in 1923 his son, Robert Woodruff, decides to market Coca Cola and introduce it to the world. The rest as they say is history.

Coca Cola is now marketed in over 53 countries around the globe. 10 billion gallons of syrup are used a year in production. An estimated 200,000,000 cans or bottles of this stuff are drunk everyday worldwide, making it one of the best selling commodities of all time. It has only ever changed its’ flavour once, back in 1985 when it was re-launched under a “new and improved recipe”. This coincided with the likes of Pepsi making a breakthrough into the market. The original recipe returned shortly after under the guise of Coca Cola Classic. In addition to this, the company has introduced Sprite (1961 would you believe!), Tab (1963) and Fresca (1966). Then there’s Diet Coke and Caffeine Free Coke (!). Coke as we know it still remains the all time favourite in the stable.

But why my addiction?

For those of you who have tasted Coke (i.e everyone of you who are reading this, and those who aren’t) Coke has a certain something that you just can’t put your finger on. The ingredients and make up of it are one of the worlds closely guarded secrets. Believe it or not there are literally only a handful of people in the world who know the actual recipe for making Coca Cola. And none of them will travel all together at the same time in case of an accident, plane crash, etc. FACT. It’s probably more well guarded than the Crown Jewels in Buckingham Palace! (unless you can find it on the ‘net, don’t know haven’t tried yet!). We know it has caramel syrup in it. The drink itself does quench your thirst, no question in that. Nothing better than an ice cold can of Coke. We know it has carbonated water in it (fairly obvious due to the amount of belching accompanied with drinking it). The addiction though lies in the fact that it is laced in caffeine, unless you drink the caffeine free version. Think large black coffee and you get the picture. Secondly, there are more additives and “E” numbers in it than you can swing a cat at! Doctors have actually proven in medical testing that children who drink large quantities of it tend to be more hyperactive. It is an addictive drink, no doubt about it. I used to drink Pepsi all the time but it never seemed to have the same effect as Coca Cola. I just want more and more of it (am I going insane?). It stands out from the crowd in it’s little red can with large white writing saying “drink me now” (now I have gone mad!) I need my fix………………aaarrgggghhh!!!

I shall leave it at that. At around 40p a can (although I have paid £1.50 a can in clubs and at gigs) it’s still the best drink around, and goes with just about anything alcoholic. Maybe that’s why I love it so much! I’ll leave you with two of my favourite things to try doing with Coca Cola. If you decide to try them please make sure you do it with “The Real Thing” and not Asda/Tesco/Sainsbury own brand (although the Sainsbury’s version ‘aint too bad at all). Feel free to post comments on how you get on



~~NO.1 Clean your coppers~~

Take a glass and fill it with Coca Cola. Then, empty your pockets of any loose 1 or 2p coins you may have (they have to be old and dirty), and place them in the same glass. Leave overnight. Next morning take the coins out of the glass. You will find your coins are now restored to their former shining glory! Why? Because of the acid in the drink. Then think what it does to the lining of your stomach. Gross! On a more enjoyable note try this ……

~~NO.2 Black Russian~~

Much more fun! Simply take

1) Glass
2) Single measure Vodka
3) Single measure Tia Maria
4) Few ice cubes
5) Top up with Coca Cola
6) Drink slowly and enjoy!!!! Beware hangover incurred due to excess intake!

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Comments on this review

  • CombiChrist published 10/11/2006
    Nice review, god knows coke was MADE to be mixed with alcohol.
  • aestro published 24/10/2006
    I only know one person who dislikes coke and prefers diet. AND SHES A FREAK. lol jokes jessica. I hate diet though, pepsi is alright. But coke is just....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...............
  • srushsa published 11/09/2005
    My names Sara, and I'm a Coca Cola Addict!!!!!!! Addictive init. sara x
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