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published 12/04/2009 | xonica
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"The subconcious addiction"

The Real Thing.

"Madonna drinks coke and so you should too , taste so good just like a sweet poison should" - lyric taken from the Manic Street Preachers track Slash and Burn.

Thought that was an apt way to star this review, Coca-cola one of the biggest names world wide and trademark of over 400 products. If you're not careful it can send you to your own private rehab , I should know I've been an addict for a long time!

Its really one of the strangest drinks in the world , first marketed in 1886 as a medical health drink formerly "Pemberton's French Wine Coca", the wine was later removed and replaced with sugar for sweetening and coca-cola was born, the secret formula was sold by Dr. Pemberton for $1,750. When it was first produced the liquid wasn't the familiar dark brown we are used to it was infact green ( yes , scary! ) , the company that invented the way Santa Claus looks, its surrounded with a cloak of mystique because no one is allowed to know what's really in it except properties of the coca plant and cola nuts and LOTS of sugar.

I remember spending time with my friends one night discussing what it was that gave it that distinctive and unique flavour and the things that were thrown about as suggestions were stunning. I think we all settled on one thing though 'Ginger' , the logic behind this is coca-cola is a renounded anti emetic fact fans, that means is your feeling sick its a great remedy and of course so is ginger , they suggest numerous places if you're suffering from sea sickness or travel sickness in general cokes your drink.

I have found I crave the drink , I've never discovered that with any other soft drink , except tea and coffee and even then not to the same extent as coca-cola so you have to wonder if its simply the caffeine that keeps you coming back. Its not as if its a fantastic taste , I mean its pleasant enough I suppose but its not mind blowing flavour-wise so its not the way it tastes that keeps me coming back.

Writing this review has to be one of the most difficult I have faced so far simply because trying to describe the taste of coke is near on impossible. Over all you are hit with a sweetness but you're also aware its a completely unnatural taste.The absolute closest thing I could liken it to is Dr Pepper I suppose. The flavour is very unique and although many have tried to most all have failed to replicate it. Pepsi have come the closest, but even then Pepsi still lacks something ( the cause for much debate between fans of the two brand leaders. )

Even though I am completely aware there's something a bit odd about this drink it dosn't stop me drinking it , although these days I try and stick to the diet verity ( that comes with its own issues but I will save that for a review of that product ) because numerous reports have made me aware of coca-colas unique teeth rotting properties. All soft sugary drinks are likely to cause cavities but coke is above and beyond those. Heavens above the cleaning gurus Aggie and the other lady ( I forget her name ) were telling their audience the other day if they were to run out of chemicals for cleaning their silver ware, stainless steal and toilet ( yes toilets ) coca-cola was a great alternative ( real coke mind you not one of the cheaper alternatives ) so you have got to wonder logically what this stuff is doing to your insides don't you? I mean we all know the old 'put a penny in a glass of coke' scenario don't we? and we 'oohh' and 'ahh' and think its 'quite amazing' , not stopping to think what it's doing to us as it travels along our intestines.

I think where health is concerned most people would benefit from adopting the philosophy that everything is OK in moderation and this should especially be applied with this product because I sincerely believe too much of it would lead to major health issues.

If its not something you would be comfortable with your children drinking then you should probably avoid it.

When I'm eating certain dishes there is NOTHING except coke that I want to drink with them , fish and chips is an example , nothing else will do , it 'completes' my meal , and when I'm drinking this sweet syrup at times my body physically feels like it had received a hit of some kind, it relaxes and un-knots in the same way my stomach does after I take my first cigarette of the day ( feeling like I should stand up and state my name and admit I am an addict ), but laugh as you may you have to consider just how many people out there are experiencing the same thing and more importantly why.

Summary: A drink to make you think

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  • torr published 12/05/2009
    Interesting review. I liked the snippet of history. There's a fascinating book called Pop all about the history of the Coca Cola company.
  • arnoldhenryrufus published 16/04/2009
    I do love diet coke, but sadly it doesn't love me, lol - lyn x
  • Amy69 published 13/04/2009
    Need to listen to that song! xx
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