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published 29/07/2009 | iamasadlittleboy
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Pro Taste, the name, Texture, Keeps the fizz
Cons Too gassy for some, Persoanlly prefer Cherry Coke
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"The second review in my "Grandslam Of Coke""

After the Cherry Coke review I decided to do the rest of of the ones available at Morrison's, starting with the original then doing Diet and Zero. It turned out that I managed to drink, and do the notes for the three reviews in 1 day, sadly meaning the idea of a Coke A Day type of reviews a bit pointless. So what was going to be “Coke week” swiftly became “the Coke Grandslam”.

The high standard of Cherry Coke left a high bench mark as it managed to get an excellent 4 stars from 5, though by no means was it perfect it was much better than average. The problems were that it often seems like it could have done things better, rather than actually being bad in any particular way. The original Coke, is by far the best selling of all 4 of the ones on offer, is the market leading soft drink and has shown it's self to be popular world wide and also having an enviously strong product life cycle that seems to be showing no end. In fact the product still seems to be growing and as a result the “Coca-Cola” brand have managed to push out sister products to varying degrees of success. Be it a diet Coke, or a Coke Zero the brand are never far away.

The bottle is what some have called “the coke bottle” a rather warped “rocket” bottle with the Coca Cola loge on the bottle down the side. A transparent bottle dressed wonderfully with a red top and a matching red label with a “Coca Cola” red, and a white logo, as well as nutritional and ingredients information which cover much of the label. The bottle with the caramel coloured drink looks like a red and black zebra whilst stacked in their numbers on the shelf.

Upon opening the bottle a rather nice strong smell hit my nose, genuinely surprising me when it hit my nose, before sadly dissipating into the air rather swiftly.

The drink (sadly at room temperature) is smooth with a sweet taste that's difficult to describe, though it's thoroughly enjoyable without a doubt but it does have an overly bubbly taste in the mouth and leaves a gassy feeling in your throat that could easily put some people off it. Apparently the drink is made with “vegetable extracts” though the names of which weren't disclosed the bottle does mention it has “natural flavourings”, quite what they were I'm unsure.

Overall the drink is good, pleasant and fresh, however as nice as it is, I'd rather have Cherry Coke if that was available as it's flavour is just a little bit better in my eyes. However the drink that rules the soft drink world is hard to dislike and much more mainstream and highly available than the cherry version, or for that matter, any of it's stable mates.

Nutritional (per 250ml Serving)
105 Kcals (5%) (8 fewer than the Cherry Coke)
26.5 g Sugar (29% (1.5g's less than the cherry version)
0 g of Fats and Salts (0%, the same as the Cherry Coke)

A refreshing drink that has been a long term superstar in the in the market with no end in sight and a huge world wide fan base. The Manchester United of the drinks world.

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