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published 31/08/2010 | thedevilinme
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"Pepsi every time!"

Santa is not real but Coke is kids!

Santa is not real but Coke is kids!

When I was living in South Africa for a while in the 1990s Pepsi was everywhere and there was no sign of Coke, which was rather refreshing, as was Pepsi, my favourite by a country mile. In this years World Cup it's all change, Coke the dominate brand and those iconic glass bottles everywhere. In fact Cokes bottled water brand was the only water allowed in the soccer stadiums during the tournament, they are that strong as market leader. All bottled water was taken off fans if it didn't have the brand on the bottle, which is sadistic if you consider 70% of Africa doesn't even have access to clean running water and it takes seven bottles of tap water to get just one litre of vanity water into the stores.

Many of you will be aware of the power of the Coca Cola brand and how those lorries's on the adverts steam in and seem to take over third world countries to quickly become the number one cola brand there. Not all third world countries backed down so easy though. Irn Bru was the last soft drink on the planet to keep outselling Coke right up until 2006, so proud were the Scots of their national drink. That takes some doing. Coke are relentless when it comes to pushing their pop on the world though. Bet you didn't know that Santa Claus wore green until Coca Cola dressed him up in their red and white for a commercial in the 1950s when colour TV took hold in America and so claimed him as their own. Some even say they invented Santa! Santa wears red now purely because of Coke. That is brilliant advertising. It's rumoured that in Africa some Coke executive went one step further and started a rumour that Coke was a contraceptive, just to boost sales! In a continent that still rejects A.I.D.S that highly likely to work.

When your kids you just drink Coke because it was a treat, mum and dad thrusting it in front of you on a day out to shut you up. There was only one or two big brands back then so you knew no different. Any soft drink with plenty of ice in a big glass on a hot day supped through a straw tastes good. Then the cool Pepsi ad's came out and it all changed, an alternative cola tasting fabulous! That tangy Coke feeling was gone and we were invited to enjoy a Cola that had genuine taste and you could even drink it warm after left in the sun too long. Pepsi with ice is the best by far.

-That Pepsi ad- ature=related

I'm a bigger fan of supermarket colas and generics than Coca Cola and it's comfortably bottom of my list. In facts it's even below Um Bongo on my soft drink list for a hot day -nothing worse than soft drinks that have multiple fruit flavours. And don't get me started on Fanta Twist guys! My favourite Colas are those really cheap ones in the Happy Shopper where it's like 60p for a litre.

So if we are agreed Coke is horrid then what other and more practical uses are there for it? It's a myth it would dissolve a tooth overnight if left in a glass as even this megalithic corporation are not stupid enough to kill its customer son mass with a deadly acidic drink in your tummy.

#1 It's said it has medicinal use, a glass of flat Coke able to soothe nausea, diarrhoea and sore throats!

#2 You can slaughter insects with it. Just tip it into a shallow lid or glass and put it near the ants or wasps. Carnage!

#3 I can't confirm it's a great stain remover for grease if you mix it with detergent.

#4 I can confirm it's great for cleaning pots and sauce pans when you burn the bottoms. Pour a can I and leave it on low heat for an hour or so. It also helps rust break down.

#5 they say if you get stung by a nettle or a wasp if your tip Coke on it quickly it soothes the pain.

But the real star is the Mentos mint trick. Take one of the mint sweets and drop it in your mates Coke drink and stand well back and watch it explode!

The history of the drink is of a pharmaceutical one. In the 1900s the chemists would use an alarming amount of hard drugs in cures for pain and depression and Pembertons French Wine Cola was one of them, the first incarnation of the drink. But by 1900 the cocaine content was as little as 1\400 and narcotic drugs increasingly banned from medicinal products. In 1916 the famous curvy bottle was introduced, and the shape of it is patented. In 1919 the Coca-Cola Company was sold to an Atlanta banker named Ernest Woodruff for $25m. In 1955, Coca-Cola was canned and shipped to Japan and other Pacific regions for consumption by the US military to empower the war effort. They are still doing it today in Iraq and Afghanistan, the real reason for American wars abroad if the truth be told.

Coke and fast food cause obesity, simple as, but schools and workplaces are all too keen to take the vending machines to help fund their schools. The Tories intend to do the same thing and allow soft drink and fast food companies into those schools in return for funding from the likes of Coke to 'encourage healthy lifestyle', somewhat ironic me thinks, kicking Jamie Oliver's healthy school meals scheme out the back door at the same time. There are eleven spoonfuls of sugar in every can of Coke. Its the branding not the product that sells Coke.

Summary: Branding not taste sells Coke

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  • danielclark691 published 14/11/2017
  • wigglylittleworm published 01/09/2010
    cherry coke for me
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    I am a pepsi girl! x
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