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published 08/06/2007 | shazzaspannered
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"Perfectly Professional pearly Whites"

These days there are so many things available to us to help us achieve that body beautiful or that perfect face so many of us dream about. You only need to look at the hundreds of products that claim to make you look younger, slimmer, more tanned to see that the health and beauty business is a booming area to get into. More and more people are using other ways to enhance their looks such as botox, restalyne, dermal fillers, collagen implants and other cosmetic surgery.

The main problem with all these things is they cost money! I’d love to have a tummy tuck but there are a few things holding me back……the fact I can’t afford to have a few weeks off work to recover afterwards, the thought of how painful it could possibly be and the fact they cost a few thousand pounds to have done. So instead I opt for the cheaper, simpler and less painful options to try and enhance what nature gave me.

One of the easiest ways to make yourself look younger and healthier in my opinion is to make sure you keep your teeth looking clean and healthy and in great condition, this is where your dentist is so important. I wouldn’t say the dentist is my favourite person in the world but I do make sure I go regularly for check ups and a scale and polish.

I recently went for my bi-yearly check up and with this being the first visit to a new dentist since I moved cities I was a bit nervous. He checked over my teeth and after a small piece of work that needed doing he then told me to make another appointment for 6 months time. I asked him if he was going to scale and polish my teeth to which he replied they don’t offer that for free at their particular surgery and I would have to pay for it. I was rather shocked when he told me the price for a scale and polish was £55! At my previous surgery they did it as routine and think it cost about £18 – this was also at an NHS dentist.

I decided that I would go without as I simply couldn’t afford to pay that amount on top of the money I had paid for the other work to be done and that I would go back when I had some spare cash later on. I would just have to keep up with my regular brushing and keep using the whitening toothpaste I was already using to help keep my teeth looking as good as possible.

Then as if by magic I was watching the TV and an advert came on for a new kind of toothpaste. Made by the well known brand Colgate who are masters in the dental hygiene field, already making a number of different toothpastes, toothbrushes and mouthwashes, this was something slightly different to their normal products though. Colgate Professional Weekly Clean is a toothpaste that is designed to be used once a week only, it is a toothpaste with a concentrated cleaning formula and has the same cleaning ingredient used by dentists – Prophy-Silica which disperses throughout your mouth to fight bacteria, plaque and tartar. It thoroughly cleans the surface of the teeth plus also in-between them and in the difficult to reach spots at the back of the mouth that you can’t get your toothbrush too.

Used once a week alongside your usual toothpaste this provides that clean feeling you get when you go to the dentist for a proper clean of your teeth, it also provides 12 hr protection for your teeth and gums. I like the sound of this and decide that I will look out for it on my next shopping trip……who says advertising doesn’t work eh!

Usually I see lots of things advertised and by time I have remembered to look out for them in the shops I have forgotten what they are called, not this time though. On my next shopping trip I remember to have a look and see if they have this in Boots. The first thing I realise is how expensive it is at £3.49 – in comparison to normal toothpaste this is quite dear but I am so intrigued by the claims it makes I decide to splash out and buy it, so into my basket it goes.

The toothpaste comes in a rather swanky looking box, not the usual shape of a toothpaste container it looks a bit like a presentation case. The box is white and has eye catching holographic diagonal stripes on it which catch the light and really make it stand out on the shelf, there is the Colgate Total logo again all in metallic style writing. On the front there is a picture of one of those little mirrors that dentists use to look in your mouth with the inside bit cleverly cut away so you can see the tube inside the packet. It tells you the tube is 20ml in size and should last for 6 weeks. It also has the line – “For that dentist complete clean feeling” along the top of the box. On the reverse it gives you information about the product and how to use it, the ingredients and details on how to contact the makers of the product – Colgate Palmolive.

According to the information on the website they have changed the packaging because this is an innovative product and they wanted to completely change the look of the usual packaging to take this into account. They also say the reason it is more expensive is because this is a premium product and considerable research and development has gone into the making of the product also it comes specially designed packaging. Personally I would prefer they used plainer packaging and made the price lower – after all it only gets thrown into the recycling bin anyway!

The box has a tamper seal on it so you can tell that nobody has been doing anything untoward with the contents when you purchase it. When you open the box the actual tube itself sits in a silver plastic casing and inside the lid there is more information on the product, this does tend to repeat the other information though which seems a bit strange. The tube itself is quite small at about 3 inches in length, white in colour with silver grey diagonal stripes, again it has the Colgate Total logo on the front and back. It looks just like a mini tube of one of the bulk standard Colgate toothpastes you can buy with a screw on cap to prevent wastage after use.

It is recommended that you use this once a week replacing your usual toothpaste and brush for at least 2 minutes in the normal way. It can be used either in the morning or evening but you should only use it for one brush per week, it can be used by adults and children and as usual the guideline state that as with all toothpaste containing fluoride, children under 6 years of age should use only a pea-size amount on their toothbrushes, and an adult should supervise the brushing.

I decide to try it out the next morning - so let’s tell you what it’s like then. When you squeeze the paste out of the tube it doesn’t seem as thick as a normal toothpaste but is more of a cross between and gel and a paste. It looks a pale white colour but when you look at it closely it is almost clear with specks of white in it. I must admit I am quite fussy when it comes to toothpaste, I don’t them to taste too strongly of mint and usually opt for a spearmint or softmint version because otherwise I find them a bit overpowering. This didn’t have any information on the box about what flavour (if any) the paste was and so I was slightly worried it may not be to my taste though I was pleasantly surprised as it had a pretty moderate mint flavour to it which was about right for me.

Time to see if this really does what it says on the box. I add my usual sized amount of paste onto my toothbrush, press the magic button (I’m an electric toothbrush lover) and off we go. It doesn’t feel any different to a normal paste at all whilst the actual brushing is taking place, though I don’t know why I expected it to really, I can feel that is making my mouth feel nice and fresh though and the mint is waking me up which is a good thing as I’m always half asleep in the morning!

I keep brushing for around 3 minutes and then rinse my mouth with some warm water, and I can honestly say my mouth feels so clean, much more so than when I have brushed using a normal toothpaste. I run my tongue along my teeth and they feel smooth and really well brushed. A quick look in the mirror and my teeth even look much cleaner as well than they normally do, they don’t look quite as good as when I have a scale and polish at my dentist but they aren’t far off. If only toothpastes made your mouth feel this good all the time!

I have been using this now for about 3 weeks – which obviously is only 3 uses but each time I use it I am more impressed by how clean and fresh it leaves my teeth and mouth feeling. I tend to use it when I am going out somewhere, on a night out at the weekend or when I have a day of meetings at work. Personally I would think this should last longer than the 6 weeks specified on the box but then I am the only one using it and maybe their calculations are for a couple or families level of usage.

One thing to note is that it suggests people with sensitive teeth consult their dentist before using this product just to check it is ok for them to use. You can use a mouthwash after using this toothpaste which in fact they suggest you do after brushing your teeth anyway, I don’t currently do this but I think I may invest in a decent mouthwash next time I go shopping (anyone got any suggestions?)

I would say that even though this is quite expensive and it would obviously never be able to replace the deep clean that a dentist can give you when you have a scale and polish this would be good to use in-between dentists appointments to help keep up their good work. I would give this product 4.5 out of 5, it’s just a shame you can’t use this more regularly than once a week.

Many thanks for reading.

Shazza xx

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  • CADiaper published 01/11/2008
    Great Review x
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    Great review, i actually want to go and buy this now:)
  • habmaster published 24/07/2007
    great review, colgate would be proud that you can write some much about their product let alone so much good stuff : )
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