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Command & Conquer: Generals (PC)

One of PC strategy gaming's most influential franchises comes scarily up to date, inviting the player to take command of technically advanced armies i...

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published 10/12/2016 | mrwilde89
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dum de dum dum dum
Pro gameplay, units available, factions available, fun, graphics
Cons none that i can think of
very helpful
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Difficulty & Complexity

"Enjoy the war hungry general inside of you"

You can see the nuclear missile superpower in action. Once used the area around the impact site is radioactive for a short time.

You can see the nuclear missile superpower in action. Once used the area around the impact site is radioactive for a short time.

To be fair EA games produced a miracle when this came out. I can remember playing this game non stop! Even playing via LAN (local area network) against my brother and my dad. Even if whenever my dad played we all lost against him time and time again.

However this is an old-ish game now but still stands rather tall in my top ten games to play. Which is a tall order in itself. So here comes my explanations and thoughts on all of the aspects of this game.


Now the first thing you need to know is this has two options. You can either play single player or multiplayer. Which are both amazing. So if you have the game you know I mean it when I say hours of fun when it amounts to a victory. Ok so the main aspects of the gameplay are:
  • Singleplayer
  • Multiplayer
  • Skirmish
  • Custom Match
  • Story
  • Sandbox

Singleplayer actually holds the options for Skirmish, Scenario and Story, each will be explained. By now I shouldn't need to explain that Singleplayer means playing solo..Skirmish - In this section of the Singleplayer section you are basically starting a game that's already been determined by the game. By this I mean all rules, countries your playing as etc are selected by the game. As a Skirmish is basically a quick battle. So if your looking for something quick and random this might be the option for you. I know I didn't use it much, maybe once or twice.

Scenario - In this section of the singleplayer options you are basically playing a different type of scenario each time you play it. What I mean by this is say for instance the game decided that a team was losing then the scenario for you would be to pull it back and win the war. So no matter how many times you play this section its always different and can always be a different result.

Story - Depending on which team you have chosen the story mode will lead you on a journey of either gaining more military power (USA), gaining you some power and possibly world destruction (GLA), or even supporting your knowledge of all things nuclear (China). You will go on a journey of discovery as you find that inner General within you and take charge of all of your unites and soldiers and smash head on into the enemy after being very strategic on which units you like and which are the weakest. Select your superpower carefully as each team has a different set of units. I can tell you that the USA have a Particle Canon as their superpower, the GLA have a SCUD Missile (basically anthrax) and China have Nuclear Missile.

Multiplayer - This is a fun option for anyone that wants a challenge. BE WARNED that you cant play like you did in singleplayer. You have to build quicker, get your army quicker and maximise your defences as much as possible as early in the game as possible. If not your about to discover why. Total obliteration. Playing against players from around the world will keep you entertained for hours.

Custom Match - This is mainly for LAN connection to play against other on your Wifi or computers connected within your house to the same network as you.

Sandbox - This does what it says on the tin. For you non gamers this means that you tailor settings, map type, your faction (USA, GLA, China), you choose how many enemies to face and their factions, you decided whether they are easy, medium or hard. Then you test your metal.

Expansions or Mod's

There is an expansion for this PC game. Its called Command and Conquer Zero Hour. It introduces new unites, abilities, new maps, campaigns, scenarios.. the lot. I believe its being retailed at around £10 on amazon, which is how much Generals is being retailed at also.

Mod's for the game are available yes, by this I don't mean that it cheats for you or anything. These type of Mod's are to enhance units, add new ones, change defences and various other aspects of the game.

For instance, one mod I used before allowed the USA to have laser defences and better soldiers etc. The maps were fan made and were actually awesome. So don't be put off by the fact that players use mod's to enhance their experience as you can too with a little Google search.


Considering this game came out around 2000 - 2003 the games graphics are actually really good. Not blotchy like older games, no pixilation and not as cartoony as some games in the same release years.


Sound is pretty good and clear. Especially with all the units and buildings having their own noises and sounds.


To be honest once you have finished the Story for all three factions there is only two things to do. Multiplayer for some good beatings or Sandbox it and play how you want, on any map you want, as any team you want. I used to play against 8 enemy armies on maps that delivered the most punch. Doing these will make it so the game can last forever.

My Experience

I used to love this game. I could not help but play it. I swear I was addicted. I didn't play much of the multiplayer section as back then Wifi was still in its younger years and wasn't that good at letting others use the internet whilst you were playing online games. However I did use the custom match and play via LAN. I would always be GLA and their defences were the best I thought. I also like their superpower the SCUD Missile. Although they closely resemble people and buildings in the Afghanistan region of the world.

I used to continuously play sandbox and try to win vs the maximum amount of enemy factions with them on the hardest settings. This way there would always be a different outcome. As each faction would fight each other and also they could decide to attack me also. It was one of my ways of spending my time working on the best strategy to get the victory. For a computer game this to me was really amazing and well... considering I wasn't very popular or anything this was where I spent my time instead of doing drugs and drinking etc. So all in all it kind of saved my childhood.

Would I Recommend This Game?

I would definitely recommend it as the hours of fun you can get out of it and considering many people like strategy games these days why not play the game that redefined and created those newer strategy games today.


Singleplayer - 10/10
Multiplayer - 8/10
Graphics - 10/10
Sound - 10/10
Gameplay - 10/10

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Product Information : Command & Conquer: Generals (PC)

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One of PC strategy gaming's most influential franchises comes scarily up to date, inviting the player to take command of technically advanced armies in a world that's teetering on the brink of war. Command & Conquer: Generals also successfully maintains the hybrid of strategy and battle that have made its ancestors so revered. The game presents three armies in need of command--the US, the Chinese and the Global Liberation. The game is subsequently broken down into 27 single-player missions. To throw in a further twist, you now command a general. As you progress, the general gets promoted and this opens up new technologies and tactics. The most obvious move forward is in the graphics, with the action more close-up and detailed than before. In some ways, it takes a leaf out of the book of the excellent Medieval: Total War, but Generals is a strong game in its own right. Made suitably accessible by a tutorial campaign, it's surprisingly simple to control yet presents numerous options to mull over in every situation. The missions are varied and challenging and the arsenal of weapons--from hardware such as a scud storm through to a simple kamikaze car driver--keeps the brain constantly ticking. Perhaps it doesn't stray too far from the tried and tested formula, choosing to do most of its building on the sturdy foundations set over the years. But there's little denying that this is polished, highly addictive and engrossing entertainment. And if you play it online, it could very easily eat your life away. --Simon Brew The armies that will clash in Command and Conquer: Generals are the super powers of United States and China, and a massive underground organization, the Global Liberation Army, bent on drowning the world in anarchy and terror. Each of the three sides represents a distinct geo-political viewpoint and will fight the war with vastly different tactics and weaponry.To make the experience of modern war as immersive as possible, EA Pacific is using a proprietary state-of-the-art 3D engine, code-named "Sage," which delivers unprecedented detail and interactivity. Because of Sage, Generals' battlefields will include fully modelled urban cityscapes, rugged deserts, vast forests and frozen wastelands. Amazing special effects will allow players to crush cars with hulking tanks, blow out the windows of skyscrapers, or lace the skies with smoke from duelling fighter planes.Generals will include a full single-player campaign along with a full multiplayer component played over a LAN or the Internet.

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Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

Genre: Strategy

Release Date: 14th February 2003

EAN: 5030930033071

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