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Welcome to our Computers category! Are you interested in buying a new component for your LapTop or PC? Here you go... In this category you can find everything what you need: drives, memory, webcams, keyboards, sound cards or power devices among many others. Read our reviews, compare prices and find the most suitable ... more

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CD-ROM (4)
DVD-ROM (73)
CD-RW (3)
Storage Accessories (35)
Cache Memory (0)
RAM (142)
ROM (0)
Video Memory (0)
Storage Devices
Tape Drives (2)
Hard Drives (219)
External Hard Drives (239)
Storage Media
Flash Memory (207)
Removable Media (28)
ATX (19)
Micro-ATX (10)
Flex-ATX (58)
Plug-In Cards (30)
Plug-In Modules (30)
External (7)
Sound Cards (39)
Graphics Cards (124)
Input Adapters (66)
Mice, Trackballs & Pointing Devices
Mice (231)
Trackballs (249)
Stylus (1)
Digital pens (249)
Keyboards, Digitisers & Pads
Keyboards (169)
Digitisers (11)
Touchpads (3)
PC Loudspeakers
Multimedia Speakers (40)
Speaker Systems (40)
Creative (9)
Logitech (18)
Philips (11)
Logitech (10)
Creative (3)
Axis (89)
Sony (2)
DSL (4)
Modems (33)
ISDN (2)
Desktops (1)
Towers (3)
Mini Towers (9)
Cabinet Accessories (4)
Routers & Bridges (72)
Concentrators & Multiplexers (0)
Repeaters & Transceivers (2)
Hubs & Switches (61)
Servers (0)
Power Devices
Power Adapters (25)
Power Supplys (10)
Power Distribution (154)
Surge Suppressors (2)
Batteries (28)
Battery Chargers (15)
UPS Batteries (154)

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I've Got the Power

28.11.2017 Review of HP Power adapter (709985-004)

"Like most family households we have a growing number of different electronic devices purchased to meet the needs of the family at the time and subsequently replaced or upgraded as our needs change. We bought our oldest son his own first laptop at the age ..."

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25.11.2017 Review of Corsair Gaming K70

"I took a long time researching a new keyboard...a really long time. I am so glad I went with the K70. Sure it's a wee bit expensive, the "rapid fire" mechanical keys are not quite time proven, tested, or approved by gamer or typists, of which I count myse ..."

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Best Mice for the Best Price

25.11.2017 Review of Corsair Gaming CH-9000070

"I think I've had this for almost a couple of years now, and it's the first mouse I've ever owned for this long that the scroll wheel didn't start dying on me by now. Al in all an extremely high quality mouse that has worked well. Definitely worth the pric ..."

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Have you charged yet? Flash once for yes, twice for no!

20.11.2017 Review of Canon CB Battery charger (8478A001AA)

"...===CB-5L - AKA - I hate Mondays=== Another Monday, another lull in work and motivation. Alas I find myself holding a Canon battery charger, staring at a 1p reward from ciao. Sad times indeed. Even sadder is that Ciaos site on mobile doesn't like to play b ..."

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