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Welcome to our Computers category! Are you interested in buying a new component for your LapTop or PC? Here you go... In this category you can find everything what you need: drives, memory, webcams, keyboards, sound cards or power devices among many others. Read our reviews, compare prices and find the most suitable ... more

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CD-ROM (49)
DVD-ROM (323)
CD-RW (102)
Storage Accessories (2778)
Cache Memory (4)
RAM (4236)
ROM (175)
Video Memory (2)
Storage Devices
Tape Drives (732)
Hard Drives (13073)
External Hard Drives (4038)
Storage Media
Flash Memory (4432)
Removable Media (1378)
ATX (925)
Micro-ATX (702)
Flex-ATX (4)
Plug-In Cards (802)
Plug-In Modules (115)
External (741)
Sound Cards (406)
Graphics Cards (3834)
Input Adapters (116)
Mice, Trackballs & Pointing Devices
Mice (2968)
Trackballs (62)
Stylus (82)
Digital pens (55)
Keyboards, Digitisers & Pads
Keyboards (5433)
Digitisers (12)
Touchpads (45)
PC Loudspeakers
Multimedia Speakers (24)
Speaker Systems (24)
Creative (118)
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Logitech (80)
Creative (38)
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DSL (63)
Modems (734)
ISDN (99)
Desktops (123)
Towers (276)
Mini Towers (140)
Cabinet Accessories (4507)
Routers & Bridges (2359)
Concentrators & Multiplexers (9)
Repeaters & Transceivers (3340)
Hubs & Switches (5656)
Servers (825)
Power Devices
Power Adapters (5159)
Power Supplys (3098)
Power Distribution (919)
Surge Suppressors (605)
Batteries (1328)
Battery Chargers (944)
UPS Batteries (267)

Most Recent Reviews of Components »

Like an aircraft blackbox

29.06.2016 Review of ioSafe Solo Fireproof Waterproof SL1000GBUSB20 1 TB

"Fireproof External Hard drive: Why are they so Important? Everybody has a lot of things which is really important & expensive it may be including some kind of photos, music, videos & personal data. same are applicable in offices there are many valuable th ..."

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A great graphics tablet for drawing, a lot cheaper than wacom

29.06.2016 Review of Huion H610 Pro

"This tablet is fantastic. I bought it from Amazon and it arrived on my place in the second days. Great service. I have used a graphics tablet to draw for over 3 years. This tablet work much better than my old wacom bamboo, while cheaper. The tablet is ..."

Read full review by Asher1990

Alienware Tactx Mouse Review (Good Product)

24.06.2016 Review of Alienware TactX Mouse

"I have been using the alien ware mouse for the past month. I have been playing the game CSGO, which is a highly competitive game. The mouse has not let me down it is very responsive and not to expensive either. The mouse is also very durable as I have som ..."

Read full review by BenKinnersley

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Logitech G602 Review - The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse?

24.06.2016 Review of Logitech Gaming Mouse G602 - mouse

"I find the logitech g602 a very good wireless gaming mouse. I don't like wires so that's why i chose this wireless mouse over a wired one. It uses a 2.4 gHz dongle and i did notice some interference (only when scrolling) when i had it too close to my 2. ..."

Read full review by Roeben123

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