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Welcome to our Computers category! Are you interested in buying a new component for your LapTop or PC? Here you go... In this category you can find everything what you need: drives, memory, webcams, keyboards, sound cards or power devices among many others. Read our reviews, compare prices and find the most suitable ... more

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Surge Suppressors (604)
Batteries (1316)
Battery Chargers (941)
UPS Batteries (267)

Most Recent Reviews of Components »

Belkin N600 DB

22.05.2015 Review of Belkin N600 DB

"== First impressions == In the past I remember owning an ancient BT modem for the home internet. This was a cabled connection and it was the latest of technology. Fortunately times have moved on, and having experienced a number of BT modems and this Belk ..."

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Best PC Webcam for Under £60

19.05.2015 Review of Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

"Introduction: I received a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 as a Christmas present in 2013. It is in my opinion by far the best webcam you can buy for a fantastic price with great quality! I have used it on my PC ever since I got it and it is brilliant. Pro ..."

Read full review by tomnav12

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Seagate Expansion Hard Drive 2TB

19.05.2015 Review of Seagate Expansion Desktop STBX2000401 2 TB

"...impressions == The Seagate brand is not one that I can say I am very familiar with. I am pretty sure I have owned one or two products from the company, though I am not certain what they were exactly. This brand is very well-known when it comes t ..."

Read full review by danielclark691

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Easy setup but it has some problem with VPN & heavier traffics

17.05.2015 Review of D-Link DSL 320T

"D-Link is very easy to set up and excellent for normal use but If you require a VPN connection do not buy this modem. when i attempted to connect VPN it first dropped Ethernet connection, then ADSL connection & finally status light goes out till i resta ..."

Read full review by hellbhell

Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful

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