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Welcome to our Computers category! Are you interested in buying a new component for your LapTop or PC? Here you go... In this category you can find everything what you need: drives, memory, webcams, keyboards, sound cards or power devices among many others. Read our reviews, compare prices and find the most suitable ... more

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Storage Devices
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Mice, Trackballs & Pointing Devices
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Keyboards (5433)
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Repeaters & Transceivers (3340)
Hubs & Switches (5656)
Servers (825)
Power Devices
Power Adapters (5158)
Power Supplys (3098)
Power Distribution (919)
Surge Suppressors (605)
Batteries (1328)
Battery Chargers (944)
UPS Batteries (267)

Most Recent Reviews of Components »

Net The Reliable Gear That Extends Wifi Signal At Home!

05.05.2016 Review of Netgear WN3000RP

"In a home built in the 1960s and made up of timber, thick insulated walls and brick, cement and mortar, my late parents never really had an issue with internet signal until my bedroom was moved to the back of the home and where the BT Voyager router we ow ..."

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Ciao members have rated this review on average: exceptional

Expensive but dependable

03.05.2016 Review of Duracell MN Battery (MN1500)

"The Duracell battery brand is a very reliable and premium brand of battery in my opinion. I am sure we have all seen the Duracell bunny, with its long lasting power and it is a reliable source of energy to power your remote control car or sex toy. AA ba ..."

Read full review by GeorgieS18

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Reliable and Trustworhty

26.04.2016 Review of Integral Courier - USB flash drive - 128 GB

"...I have mentioned before in several of my CIAO reviews that I have a lot of demand in my business and line of work for USB memory sticks. As a company we go through several hundred per month and the latest batch we have been trying are these 128GB Integral ..."

Read full review by DanielFullard

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Great easy to use keyboard

25.04.2016 Review of Microsoft Wired Keyboard 200

"=== Introduction === I work in an office and without a keyboard I cannot do the majority of my work. Unfortunately my yellow/white keyboard that had a look of the 80s about it decided to stop working (huzzah!) and so my employer had to purchase me a new ..."

Read full review by Sleepflower1987

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