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Review of "Computeach"

published 12/06/2006 | Spider-Chinx
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Not for me
Pro The two days in-centre training is "OK"
Cons Apauling customer service, *********, holds you back.
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Where do I start?

Firstly I would like to say that you can do any of the courses they offer, off your own back for about quarter of the price. For quarter of the price you pay you could get all the study materials they provide, pay to sit the exams and probably resit them a few times if needed. I learnt the hard way that it is absolutely not necessary to pay to do these courses through a training provider and especially not with CT. All you are paying for is a few exams that would cost just over £100 per sitting, a few books worth £50 each and some testing software worth about £50 per exam.

My first bad experience was after I paid for the MCDST course. Three weeks had past after I had filled in the enrollment forms and the direct debit instructions and there was still no sign of the study materials. I phoned them to ask where they were and they told me that they would find out where they are and call me back. After 3 days of phoning various people to chase this up, I was told that the courier had the package with them and were holding it because they couldn't find the address. I agreed that i would go to the depot to pick up the materials as I was keen to get started. When I reached to depot they looked for it, but couldn't find it and told me to call the company. After the weekend I called CT and asked them if they had received it. They said that they had and I agreed to go to Dudley to pick it up myself. I eventually got the package and then it became obvious why I hadn't received it. They had put the wrong address on the parcel!

This was around Christmas time and I was just happy to have my study materials and was looking forward to getting on with the course and looking forward to a better life. After one week I received a letter saying that I was late in submitting course work. I phoned them about this and asked why I was receiving this already and was told that they I had started the course in October and they expected coursework. I asked the man over the phone why this was since I hadn't even paid for the course in October. He said "I don't know but someone will call you tomorrow".

A few days passed and no one had called. I sent them an email asking the same question and eventually I had a reply saying that they could extend the date for me. So I called them and they did this.

One other problem around this time was the direct debit instructions which they seemed to struggle with. When the second payment was due I received a phone call saying that they couldn't get the payment from my bank account. The next day I spoke to the bank and it turned out that the direct debit had never been set up. I called them and asked them to send out the form again, but nothing arrived. After a month waiting I decided to clear the payments by phoning and paying by credit card. I was told that my account was cleared and I would get a receipt to confirm this. I have never received this.

I carried on with the course and submitted my mock exams until I was ready to take the exam and received a letter inviting me to take the exam. Things went well at this stage. I went in and took my first exam and passed.

Now I am into the second stage and have started to have problems with them again. What really annoyed me was when I received a letter claiming that I owed them money. I immediately sent them the evidence that I had paid them along with the invoice with a letter asking them to sort it out and contact me when they had done it. I heard nothing from them for a whole week so I phoned them and asked what was happening. I was told that it had been corrected by them and I will receive a letter. I have still not received a letter confirming this and no apology for this mistake on their part.

After 3 weeks with no reply I called them and they said that they would chase it up for me. A few days later I was asked to email my CV to them and they would send that off to the CV compiler company. A couple of days later I received an email back saying that they had made the changes to my CV and that they would retain this on their files if I liked it. This CV was a joke. All that was done was the bullet points were changed to a different shape. Apart from that it was exactly the same. Did it go to a professional company to be compiled? I don't think so.

********************************************************. All this is, is a **** interview done by someone from inside the company. It is not an interview with a real company at all.

Other problems that I have been experiencing recently are with the mock exams that I am sending, but they are getting lost. When I call or email, I don't get any reply from them. The last mock that they marked was just the first mock that I submitted and could tell this as it was exactly the same marks as before which didn't make sense as I had changed it drastically. An example is one section where I scored 9/10. I changed this section by one question on the second attempt and it came back exactly the same which is impossible. If you change one answer then you are either going to get 8/10 or 10/10.

It seems that everything you send or ask Computeach for has to be chased up before they give a reply. The letters that they send out are unspecific and miss out fundamental bits of information such as the letter inviting me in-centre, not giving an address for the venue or the duration of the course.

In my opinion Computeach fail on all aspects of customer service and actually hold people back. For just over a hundred pounds I can go and take the exam I need to do rather than wait until I get a date to go and take it with them. There is no need in paying for this all they will do is hold you back so that they get as much money from you and you will be left with without gaining the full qualification.

My advice would be to avoid these people what ever you do. I certainly won't be paying them for any further courses. I was lucky that I only paid for a foundation course.

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  • snake_plissken published 14/06/2006
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    Welcome to Ciao - brilliant first review! x
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    Good first review. Welcome to Ciao! Vic
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