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Having tried almost every computer magazine on the shelves at one time or another, I can safely say the only one for me without a doubt is Computeractive. The reason for this? Well I myself am no expert when it comes to computers but then again I’m hardly a novice. I have read this ... Read review

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Community Level 6Broksababie



AdvantagesLots Of Step By Step Instructions, Plain English,Low Price.


"...a company or Isp, well Computeractive will investigate and confront them for you. This section is particularly useful as a pre-warning, others misfortunes can save you a pretty penny and you can then avoid these company’s, and in this particular issue even Dixon’s comes under fire… Workshops = = = = = = In each issue you will find various workshops on a variety of topics, showing you how to do various tasks or create items ..." Read review

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Probably the only easy-to-read Computer Magazine

AdvantagesSimple and clear advice, Interesting articles, Product Reviews

DisadvantagesAdverts, Reviews sometimes too short

"Computer Active (I'll call it CA) is a monthly PC/computer/technology magazine that can be found in most newsagents and supermarkets. It currently costs £1.59, which I feel is reasonable and seems to be cheaper than many other computer magazines, although it used to cost £1.35 before prices started to shoot up all over the place. The magazine is usually just over 80 pages long and contains varied articles for the reader relating to new development ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Jaxle



AdvantagesNo complex jargon, Great value, Full of interesting articles

DisadvantagesCan contain lots of adverts

" certain articles. However, since computeractive launched a few years back, the magazine has had massive appeal to both advanced computer users and those who are completely new to it. I don’t quite know how they manage it, but this magazine has held my interest right from the beginning – I got issue one (back in the days when I new absolutely nothing remotely to do with computers) and I now have a subscription and know loads more about the beige ..." Read review

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Community Level 6ScottishWe...


Simply computer active

AdvantagesCost, information, jargon free, features, offers

DisadvantagesNot weekly

"I was never trained to work with computers at school, in fact the only computers I was aware of as a child, was the ones that NASA used to get men to the moon & the ones that were used for picking the premium bonds winners every month. Things the size of a garden shed with tape reels whizzing round inspected by people in white coats!! About 15 years ago when I changed jobs I was given a lap top for work use, it had Windows 3.1 operating system ..." Read review

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Community Level 5BananaMan111


As stated...simple clear advice!

AdvantagesEasy read, interesting information, great price

DisadvantagesThe price of this magazine keeps climbing!

"Computeractive is a magazine that I have been buying for the last two years. Its not one that I buy every time it comes out, but I will buy it when I see that there's a main feature that I have an interest in, a workshop that could come in handy or I need something to read. This magazine is released every two weeks and costs £1.35 but this has increased quite considerable over the last couple of years. I was paying £1 back in the beginning for an ..." Read review

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Good up to date information on the latest products
Cost is expensive if like me you dont trust the CDs (*)
simple, consise
too basic for some, CDs are not outstanding (*)
Good, well displayed info
Packs received in no particlar order (*)
great , good read , interesting and informative
not perfect , but who is? (*)
Well written in-depth articles of genuine use and interest
Expensive (*)
very well written and easy to follow advice
at £4.99 it ain't cheap (*)
Good balance of pictures and information in articles, Cover disks are well filled
Sexually explicit chat-line adverts at the back (*)
Good content,well written mag
Expensive,lack of good demos (*)
Lots Of Free Programs. Hardly Any Advertising
Shareware mixed up with freeware. (*)
Great info and news. Great competitions.
Sometimes the free gifts are a bit lame. (*)
Great cross-platform mag, appeals to a broad range of ages...
... suffers slightly from questionable taste (*)
Interesting, well presented articles
May be too complex for a new user (*)
Get all the latest info on the newest games
A cynic would call the whole magazine an advert (*)
Stylish | Good content | Interesting to read
Can be seen as elitist (*)
Interresting reading
Not sure who it's for, (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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