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Unrivalled sound quality from these PC speakers

26.11.2015 Review of Logitech Z200

"...'''WHAT''' A pair of speakers made by Logitech purchased over two years ago and kept in regular use since purchase. They are simple speakers with an attractive outward design, the functions are what I'd expect from a set of speakers in this price bracke ..."

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Getting Online with BT

26.11.2015 Review of BT Home Hub 4R - wireless router - DSL - 802.11b/g/n - desktop

"When we switched back to BT for our internet service, we were pleased to receive this Home Hub wireless router directly from BT at no extra cost, as part of a new 24 month contract. ===The Product=== Supplied under the BT branding, this predominantly bl ..."

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HP 'Value' top load carrying case.

26.11.2015 Review of HP Value Top Load Case Carrying case (QB683AA#ABB)

"== First impressions == I have owned a fairly large number of laptops over the years, though as they are generally either 15” or 17” you don’t need to keep changing storage solutions for each model you buy. I own a few different laptop ‘skins’ which are ..."

Read full review by danielclark691

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Double A Duracell Dire DillyDallying

26.11.2015 Review of Duracell MN Battery (MN1500)

"===Duracell=== Well, another sign of '''Ciao's''' ungraceful demise... they no longer want to pay out for food and drink reviews... Called it. Hence why I'm spamming battery reviews while I can and unfortunately (thankfully) I've ran out of different bran ..."

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