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Apple iPad mini 32GB Wi-Fi review

23.04.2014 Review of Apple iPad mini 32GB Wi-Fi

"The product itself is fantastic and my stars are based on the product being a great deal and a great device. But for anyone thinking of buying from Amazon, be warned. I purchased one of these for someone on her birthday and it was listed as new. Amazon s ..."

Read full review by dimitris13pao13

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Super Value Bluetooth Speaker - packs a surprising punch

22.04.2014 Review of SONIVO SoundWave SW100 Bluetooth Speaker

"I don't normally review consumer products but was spurred into this one after reading a review on a docking speaker and thought my little Bluetooth speaker does just as well and is much cheaper. A while ago I was looking for a portable wireless speaker f ..."

Read full review by buzios

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So much promise, but so little delivery on this solar charger

21.04.2014 Review of Freeloader Portable Solar Energy Charger

"In principle, I am fully behind this product. It is surely only a matter of time before we turn to renewable energy such as solar, wind and water since fossil fuels can only sustain us so long and nuclear power makes me shudder. Every little helps, even i ..."

Read full review by richieyorke

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Did the Job.

21.04.2014 Review of Speck 13" SeeThru Satin Case for MacBook Pro and MacBook - Purple

"I bought this case, hoping that it consisted of good quality telling from the cost. I was surprised that a case this expensive failed me. This case has protected my macbook pro retina, but part of it broke off after a month. I used this case very minimall ..."

Read full review by stephnn

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