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I'm spending tonight polishing Vaders helmet (Oo-er!)

06.10.2015 Review of JBL Creature

"I'm going to start this review with an apology if it lacks technical knowledge - I actually know very little about computers, apart from if it's working, all is good, and if it's not, I should try turning it off an on again. All the technical jiggery poke ..."

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Is bigger always better?

06.10.2015 Review of Duracell MN Battery (MN1300)

"==Summary== We have a constant stock of AA and AAA as we get through them faster than lightning, it is really very very frightening for me. Galileo! Sorry, almost digressed there. When we got a new toy for my son, I was quite shocked to find that it requ ..."

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Marvelous mouse

06.10.2015 Review of Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000 - mouse

"To try and reduce the amount of loose cable and wires in our office, we have started to move to wireless mouse and keypads and at the beginning of last year, I was given this. === Price & Availability=== As this is provided by work, I am not sure of t ..."

Read full review by wazza115

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Philips have let me down

06.10.2015 Review of Philips SPA 3200

"...== First impressions == The Philips brand is one that I am fairly familiar with in terms of recognising their products. However, I wouldn't say I have owned a lot of Philips products of late, though this is nothing against the brand. Here we have a pair ..."

Read full review by danielclark691

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