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published 04/02/2017 | pinotprincess
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Is anyone else suffering from pop up overload on here? Adverts are driving me mad.
Pro Both collagen and a sunbed make you look better and feel better, easy parking, friendly staff.
Cons can get busy at peak times
Staff service
Price level

"Tanning and Anti Ageing Treatments all under one roof"

consol basingstoke

consol basingstoke

CONSOL - Basingstoke Salon

***** WHAT IS IT? *****

Consol's unique self-service tanning concept originated in Denmark over 20 years ago and came to the UK in 1996. Over the past 15 years CONSOL has expanded rapidly and now operates 42 studios throughout the UK including Swindon, Basingstoke, Reading and one of the newest in Newbury Parkway.

CONSOL is primarily a sun bed centre but slowly over the years other appliances were added to the stores.

Not all shops have the same treatments, for example Basingstoke has a collagen bed, Winchester has the Aqua Massage and Newbury the stand-up tanning booth with a vibro plate to tone and tan you at the same time and Bristol have vibro slim machines.

CONSOL is a walk in sun centre with private cabins that house the state of the art ergoline sunbeds. Both men and women use the salon and the cabins are totally private with locking doors.

*****WEBSITE *****
also on facebook where they advertise the deals

*****WHERE IS IT?*****

6 Winton Square
RG21 8EW

Situated in the town centre of Basingstoke, just on the outskirts of the main shops. Very easy to get to either by car, on foot or public transport.

There are two main car parks which are payable by the hour (after 6pm it’s a £1 all night). One car park is right behind the store just off the main road and the other, Sarum Hill is almost opposite, much bigger and both on the same level, not multi storey.

The studio is on the corner of a busy junction, you can’t miss it as there is a pub (wheatsheaf) in front and the smell of Domino’s pizza will guide you in as that’s the next door neighbour to Consol.

f coming by bus, Stagecoach offer a service every ten minutes and the stops are a few steps away from the shop entrance.


Opening hours:
Mon-Sun 7am-10pm
Staffing hours:
Mon-Fri 11am-6pm
Sat 11am-4pm
Sun and bank holidays - NO STAFF


The company operate a strict over 18 policy only and will want proof of your age regardless. If you cannot then you will not be accepted. Photo ID accepted will be a driving license for example or a passport.

A picture is taken and stored on the database for extra security therefore no one will then have unauthorized use of your account.

****HOW TO JOIN.*****

Very easy, just walk in no appointment needed. If a member of staff is on they always come out and help you and they have to authorize that you are over 18.
I like the flexibility of CONSOL’s opening times which I don’t think any other tanning center offers as most of them seem regimented to normal office hours.

With this establishment as long as you are a member then you can come in as early as 7am or the latest by 10 pm.

If it is staffed then one of the team are always on hand to either sign you up as a member or put you on as a guest. It’s much easier being a member as you can come and go as you please and not restricted to certain times when staff are there.

There is a helpline on the touch screen that goes straight through to head office which is manned when the girls have gone home and they can give you membership access.

They can see you but you can’t see them and many new members prefer face to face interaction and plus staff can show you first-hand how to use the kiosk and answer any questions on tanning for you.


Totally free, you just pay for your treatments and creams from the vending machine.


There is a large screen similar to an IPhone in appearance situated on the wall just on the left hand side as you walk into Basingstoke.

Press the JOIN button and enter your name, address, date of birth, email address, mobile number and postcode. Read the terms and conditions before ticking the box on screen and at this point it beeps for a member of staff to authorize your account.

Once they check your ID, place your finger on the pad and hold and take off for three attempts till you see a tick appear. This shows your finger ID has been successful and remember this is the finger you will login with on your next visit,

Your picture is taken for security as is your proof of ID.

It’s all good technical stuff here and CONSOL follow guidelines so I had no qualms in giving them my details as they are monitored and abide by strict regulations.

I personally feel more secure here knowing that they are health and safety conscious.

Once you are a member then you use the small screen directly in front of you by the door. Place your finger on the pad on the top right screen to log in.

It's a standalone machine and to log in either place your finger on the pad, same as sign up screen. Once its green you're in your account but occasionally if your finger is cold or there is grease on your skin, it will make an awful bong noise, shake and glow red. Then you use your mobile and pin to gain access,

Once on the system the next screen takes you to a carousel with all the beds that are not in use, select which one you want (each door has a number on it), then how many minutes you want.

Press the next button to go to the kiosk section where you can purchase from the vend and buy top ups for your account or even a gift voucher for a friend. Then the last screen is where you pay, either by cash or card. The chip and pin device is right in front of you but remember to select payment type on the screen otherwise the screen will not go any further and log you out. Do not pay cash until you come to the last screen as I have seen many customers try and insert money as soon as the cabin and price appears and sometimes they lose their money.
If that’s the case the staff there are amazing and if you explain to whoever is on shift they will always help you.

If you buy any products from the vend they drop out from the machine on your right automatically.


It’s local to me, the team there are great and added bonus it’s easy to get to.

I have used other Consol studios and all are the same high standard, bulbs are changed regularly and everything cleaned but Basingstoke is convenient and plus they have the added attraction, the amazing Collagen bed.

Basingstoke has 6 private cabins, 5 of which are sunbeds and the other is a Collagen treatment.

If its busy then there is a waiting area of two benches in the reception, the waiting time is never too long as you are restricted to how many minutes and sessions you can have.

Each cabin has a center feed roll on the wall and cleaning fluid for you to clean the bed before and after use, especially when it’s busy and staff can’t get in to do it. Every door locks from the inside.

I like it here because not just the music on CONSOL radio is off high quality and plays through the speakers on your sunbed but the tan you receive is natural looking and you don’t look like David Dickinson.

I have tried other shops in the area but none are up to this standard or offer such a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

***HOW MUCH?***

It’s just 70p a minute but works out cheaper if you buy a top up deal which doesn’t expire and you get bonus minutes added free on your account. If you come just once a week then this is still a more economical option as you get something back for free.

The credit stays in your account and you don’t have to remember to keep bringing money in once you’ve topped up. The top up deal also works for the collagen not just the sunbed.

Watch out for deals from time to time though such as happy hour or a top up deal that offers you a free bottle of tanning cream. There is one on now and I purchased a deal giving me legally dark free and it retails at £15, bargain I say.


There are various on offer ranging from the important “I goggles ", chilled water to teeth whitening kits.

I think I have tried most of them in the vend, sachets are for sale and one use only , personally I prefer a bottle as it lasts longer and just for a few pound more.

Australian Gold dark tanning is one of my favourites; it moisturises, smells great and gives you an even colour that lasts longer between sessions. Maybe buy the sachet in the first instance until you find one you like.

HOT also made by Australian Gold is the new product on the self and I am very partial to this, the cream is selling fast and proves it’s popular.

It’s a non-tingle but with added vitamins which allow your natural pigmentation process to tan as fast as nature allows, your skin looks and feels amazing after using.

The teeth whitening kits have around 10 applications in one sealed packet and come with this soft mouth shield that opens your mouth so while you are tanning the UV works in conjunction with the gel pen on your teeth to lighten them quite significantly. At £12.50 it’s a lot cheaper than the dentist and no pain or discomfort.
I’ve noticed a big change in the colour of mine and shinier too.

****COLLAGEN ****

One of the reasons that I love Basingstoke is because they have the Collagen bed or pink light treatment.

There are many benefits of collagen for skin, hair, nails, joints and more. It may reduce wrinkles, strengthen hair and improve digestion.

Our body’s collagen production naturally begins to slow down as we age. We can thank this degenerative process for signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging skin and joint pains due to weaker or decreased bone density. Other lifestyle factors like eating a diet high in sugar and smoking also contribute to depleting collagen levels.
This treatment does not tan you but what it does do is rewind the years with a full body anti-ageing light treatment, once again pain free.

All you do is lay on the bed in a private cabin and let the collagen light penetrate your skin.

The benefits are many including anti-ageing, great for stretch marks, scar tissue, shinier hair and reducing cellulite and eczema symptoms’.

Basingstoke has only one of these and it’s very popular, sometimes I have to wait as there is always someone using it. You can have as many minutes on here as you wish as this is NOT UV but each batch is 20 minutes, if you want more then you have to come out and pay again.

Of course there are other ways to put collagen into your body such as injections, tablets and specific foods but I much prefer the lazy option of chilling in a cabin, listening to music and have the collagen surround me in my own little cocoon.


No there is none based here and wheelchair access is impossible.

If you have a carer then please remember there is a strict one person only rule to each cabin and your carer will not be allowed in.
If you are visually impaired, a member of staff will help you log in and guide you into the cabin. If in any doubt call the helpline for advice before visiting.

****IS THERE A TOILET? *****

Right at the far end of the shop by the staff room, it’s always clean and is for customers use only. I noticed when I have gone in out of staff hours they do lock it up but that’s understandable in case of vandalism I guess.


One think I have witnessed there is the staff are very vigilant.

CONSOL has a strict one person only rule in the cabins and there is CCTV monitoring outside the cabins.

Also do not share your membership details with anyone because if you are caught, your account is blocked for good.

There is no food and drink allowed inside the cabins but can’t see any harm if it’s to be eaten in the reception where the benches are.

Please respect the staff though, they are all hard working and it saddens me to see people leave the pizza boxes on the benches and cans scattered.

Dominoes are next door to CONSOL and the smell is very tempting just remember to clean up after. There are bins in the reception and they are there for a reason.

*****CONCLUSION *****

Sun beds are like marmite, you either love them or hate them. There are health risks associated with UV but there are also many gains if you’re sensible such as added vitamin D which is inside the bulbs at Basingstoke,

The shops are clean and all equipment monitored for safety

There have been many reports over the years about sun beds causing skin cancer or aiding the symptoms. It's a matter of your own personal choice and I respect those that hate sun beds for the sheer fact of the cancer threat and negative press reports.

I do not over use the sun beds , once a week if that but the look of my skin after a treatment really does lift my spirit even though I do use them with a somewhat heavy heart, I enjoy looking tanned and it also helps you from not burning if you are going abroad to a hot climate.

It's a matter of choice if you wish to use sun beds but as for the experience there, I recommend CONSOL every time, especially my local one.

Thanks for reading

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  • elfbwillow published 16/04/2017
    Excellent review :)
  • biriyanibabe published 06/04/2017
    I use the one in Winchester for the aqua massage bed, its amazing.
  • siberian-queen published 29/03/2017
    excellent well deserved diamond!
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