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Contact!: A Book of Glimpses - Jan Morris

Contact!: A Book of Glimpses - Jan Morris

Contact! Focuses on the human contacts the author has made, across the globe and though ... more

the decades. This title presents the author's
glimpses and her fleeting encounters, which
celebrate the people who helped spark her view of
the world and mould her responses. Full

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Product Information for "Contact! - Jan Morris" »

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Records brief glimpses and fleeting encounters, celebrating the people who helped spark the author's view of the world and mould her responses. This book presents a range of human experience: children playing, a homeless man in Manhattan and a lascivious taxi-driver. It also features celebrated figures, from President Truman to Peter OToole.

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Type Non-Fiction
Genre Sport, Travel And Leisure Interests
Publisher Faber And Faber
Release Date 05.11.2009
Author Jan Morris
Title Contact!
EAN 9780571250684
ISBN 0571250688


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