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published 01/08/2017 | BrutalHonesty91
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Pro Low Price, Easy to Operate, Processes Whole Fruit
Cons Juice Output, Noise Output, Waste Output, Effectiveness, Clean Up, Hot Juice!!
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"This May Leave You Feeling 'Melon'choly =("

Cookworks signature

Cookworks signature

As the title may have inferred, I'm less than impressed. I'm always trying to be healthier; it isn't so much about losing weight as feeling as healthy as possible and feeling comfortable in my own skin. I've got a lot of health problems which have wreaked havoc on me in all honesty and as a result of this I am on a significant amount of medication. With my body battling against less than ideal conditions, it seems imperative to take the best care of myself possible in every way possible.

A few years ago now there was an awful lot of hype about juice diets; diets which revolved around the concept of juicing fruit and vegetables in order to make nutrient packed, unrefined juices with none of the sugar, water and added E numbers the supermarkets so often introduce to the blend. I don't really jump on the bandwagon with fads such as this but having read so much convincing literature it seemed a logical step forward on my journey towards better health.

In this modern age, so many products are on the market to assist us in losing weight or staying healthy; multi-vitamin drinks, fat burning pills and electrical devices such as the one I am reviewing today. All of them have something in common aside from helping you reach your goals... They are all designed to make life easier to some degree, with each being a convenience item of sorts. If I thought 'healthy' was going to be easy with my Cookworks Whole Fruit Juicer by my side, I was sorely mistaken...

First Impressions

The packaging was simple yet attractive with the juicer and all components presented in a sturdy enough cardboard box. Inside, the product was securely housed with all the individual bits and pieces wrapped and housed in separate compartments for added protection. The Cookworks Signature Whole Fruit Juicer is comprised of a number of pieces and I have listed these as follows:
  • Main body of the juicer where the control dial and power supply are located.
  • Plunger/Feeder Tube
  • Juice Jug
  • Waste Receptacle

The juicer is pleasant enough in appearance although I think the effort to be sleek and modern with black and silver styling has failed miserably due to the bulk of this product. It really does take up a startling amount of space on the worktop and while in operation it is almost as wide as a standard sized microwave to give you a true concept of it's lofty bearing.Bulk aside, the juicer is of a pleasant enough appearance but there really isn't anything remarkable to comment on here. The product design is simple and effective enough with a single dial controlling the juicer in it's entirety. This dial provides just 2 settings which seem to be juice and 'super juice' with the second seeming to be more necessary for harder fruits and vegetables.

The instruction manual provides a brief index of all components before providing basic information. The design is functional and user friendly with little in the way of gumph or marketing but in honesty I would have appreciated some further guidance or any real guidance whatsoever. In addition to this, some helpful hints and tips regarding cleaning should have been added in my opinion, but more on that later...

No Vodka In This Orange Juice

Using the product is theoretically simple...

1. Plug in.
2. Ensure both the waste receptacle is slotted into place and the juice jug provided is strategically placed under the spout which expels the juice.
3. Feed fruit and or vegetables down the pipe and then plunge the feeding device into the tube to force all of the material down into the chamber.
4. Repeat stage 3 until you have used all of your ingredients and created the type of juice/amount of juice of your choice.

Expectations VS Reality

I'm not going to lie... Maybe I had a few unrealistic expectations when I invested in this little number. I expected to be a juicing queen within a few weeks; skin, hair and nails glowing with my nutrient boosting new regimen and shrinking waist line. This is not quite how things worked out despite my determination and aspirations for a healthier body and mind.

One of the first things to strike me was the noise output of this machine. Wow! There is nothing quiet about this machine whatsoever and despite the handy suction cups to the bottom of the unit ensuring it's secure anchorage, the decibel level didn't seem to be reduced. Thanks to the functional design of the suction cups, there is no rattle due to movement when in operation but the noise of the motor at work is a screeching mechanical cacophony which only seems to grow in volume. Considering most juice diets recommended this as the start to your day I was disappointed early on. I live in a semi-detached property and there is no way I would create that amount of noise before 9.30am or so out of respect for my neighbours!

While the noise output was certainly noteworthy, I was determined not to be deterred! Blenders aren't exactly quiet and neither are hand mixers and in fairness I wouldn't be without either, especially when considering that due to the short bursts in which products of this type are used, they aren't loud for long and their functionality and speed are a more than fair compromise for the noise produced. Sadly, this wasn't quite the case here...

I don't really know quite where to begin. The feeding shoot and plunging tube were simple and quick to use as was the on/off/control dial but here the positive points seem to end. The amount of juice produced is absolutely abysmal and when compared to the huge amount of waste output the value for money factor is totally absent. Different types of juicers extract in different ways, a fact I found out after buying this product and I found that the Cookworks Signature Whole Fruit Juicer utilises the less effective option, forgoing mastication (the act of 'chewing'). Sadly, the compromise is clear to see with very little in the way of extraction. To make 200ml of juice took not only a ridiculous amount of raw produce but also a surprisingly long time. Any time you save by not needing to peel or chop your fruit and vegetables is totally lost so don't assume you're being more productive by opting for this model.

As if all of these factors weren't subpar enough, this machine gets very, very warm during use and therefore all juice produced is of the same temperature... Yuk! Having ice on hand does easily combat this so I suppose it is a small gripe but when considering the poor performance of every other aspect of the machine, I didn't expect my juice to have to stand and cool to reach room temperature as well!

Clean Up: An Uphill Battle...

Poking. Prodding. Rubbing. Scrubbing.

Bemusement. Irritation. Frustration. Anger. Dejection.

I really did try to sum up this process with the words above but alas, I'm struggling to convey just how complicated and monotonous a task this actually is. There are fiddly bits everywhere as well as tight nooks, crannies, gaps and tubes which all require a truly thorough clean yet many are borderline inaccessible. Sponges stood no chance and were too bulky, brillo pads were the same and not all of this can be deconstructed so its not as though the entirety can be thrown in the sink for the Fairy suds to deal with.

Despite resorting to both a bottle brush and a toothbrush in my time utilising the Cookworks Wholefruit Juicer, the build up that seems to accrue in those tight spaces poses a real issue to the user each and every time and makes cleaning a real chore. The temptation to surrender is ever present as it is hard to see many of the hard to reach areas, meaning you may think they are clean when really they are far from it and you still have a long way to go! The regimental, high maintenance level of effort required to clean this product after each and every use is a detraction major enough to put anyone off. The process is time consuming to the extent of seeming never ending and as a result of this my usage waned to once a day before discontinuing use altogether.

Juicing: What You Need To Be Aware Of

If you are new to the world of juicing and intend to pursue this kind of diet/lifestyle, I would heavily advise doing extensive research first as well as consulting with a dietician or your GP. In principle, what could be wrong with a glass packed with nutrients?

Our bodies and nutrition are both much, much more complicated than that and therefore juicing isn't nearly so simple as it may seem, especially if you intend to use your homemade juices as meal replacements. Firstly, when we consume food by eating, we chew. Scientifically, we call this masticating. Masticating lets the digestive system know that incoming food will need to be broken down and therefore this provokes the production of various enzymes and acids... No mastication means none or less of these and therefore your body and ineffective digestion can lead to a host of problems all on it's own, for example weight gain and bacterial infections.

In the same vein, fruits are full of sugars and although this fructose is naturally occurring it is still sugar which you are introducing to your body. If you suffer from certain medical conditions or are trying to lose weight, this could negatively impact you as it causes blood sugar to spike and may also cause weight gain.

I would not advise using juices as a meal replacement as the acids can be really very aggressive to an empty stomach. In addition to this, juicing can lead to stomach cramps, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, other muscle cramps and diarrhoea as a result of the densely concentrated source of nutrition you are introducing. Including fresh ginger in your juices is said to alleviate this to some degree, but it is of course not a complete fix and all of these potential side effects have to be considered when pursuing a lifestyle change such as this one.

In addition to consulting a dietician or GP if you are going to pursue this, I would also advise investing in a reputable juicing recipe book which should guide you in the right direction. Certain ratios of both fruits and vegetables should be included for health purposes and therefore this isn't just a case of throwing anything in!

Today's Product VS The Rivals

This is 'beet' hands down by similar products currently on the market. I 'carrot' believe it's even still available...

This would technically be classed as a centrifugal juicer as opposed to the more effective masticating juicers widely available on the market. I learnt a lot more about juicing after my disappointment with this purchase and not only do masticating juicers produce around 20% more juice, but the juice produced is actually of much higher quality and much more beneficial to your health. This is as a result of the fast spinning blades used in centrifugal juicers; not only do they generate lots of heat (uurgh, there's that warm juice I told you about all over again) but that heat oxidises nutrients rendering them less nutritious. The heat produced by the blades also destroys some of the sought after enzymes you're trying to benefit from.

Pricing & Availability

At the time of writing this review (August 2017) the Cookworks Whole Fruit Signature Juicer is available for £19.99 from Argos but is also mysteriously for sale on eBay for prices as high as £42. Don't let that low price tag lure you in... This is no plum deal!

This Is 'Raisin' My Blood Pressure!

...Not literally... At least not to my knowledge, thankfully. Unfortunately however, my Cookworks Whole Fruit Juicer has been sitting in my cupboard, unused and distinctly unloved for some time now. From personal experience, it really isn't worth it; not for fancy diets nor simple homemade juice and therefore I've gone back to the supermarket variety I'm afraid. When a device requires the lengthy and meticulous cleaning this juicer does, it just doesn't seem as if it is made for regular use yet I had honest plans to use this at least twice per day. I'm not saying it's aaaaaaall the juicers fault but I probably would have persevered for significantly longer than I did had it not taken such rigorous cleaning... Or even if the manufacturer had been considerate enough to include some kind of cleaning kit!

All those nooks and crannies and bits and pieces may be a necessary factor within the product design but I can't help think that this hasn't been very well thought out. Considering the frequency with which most juicers use their device, it seems ridiculous that it should take such time and attention to detail to get it thoroughly clean. Without rigorous cleaning (I've resorted to both a bottle brush and toothbrush in the past), this product could easily become a hive of bacteria and a haven for developing mould.

These criticisms in mind, it seems extra disappointing that the product performance is also undeniably poor... The mess and regimental clean up operation may well be worth it for a juicer which truly delivers but sadly, this is not it. As previously stated, very little (warm) juice actually seems to be extracted with a shocking amount of waste produced during the process. In the future, I will consider investing in another juicer but it will most definitely be of the masticating variety and of a simpler, easier to clean construction.

For the price, I initially expected to say that the Cookworks Signature Whole Fruit Juicer may be a cost-effective way to foray into the world of juicing should you be a hesitant beginner, but in all honesty I would advise you to avoid this like the plague, whether a long term juicer or a beginner. If you are new to this game, this nightmare product takes the 'pith' so much, you might just be put off for life!


**Apologies... Despite repeated attempts to fiddle with my images, they all refuse to orientate correctly! If you could all tilt your head 90 degrees to the left I would be truly grateful! Thanks again guys...

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  • aclevername published 08/10/2017
    Excellent review - I have been considering a juicer for the past few months and the reviews saying they are hard to clean have put me off. Also I did consider a juice fast but I do agree that that's not what your body really wants and I'm not sure I can be convinced that it'd be healthy! Xx
  • Violet1278 published 18/09/2017
    An outstanding review. E from me.
  • xd-o-n-z-x published 17/09/2017
    E :) I love juicing! :)
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