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published 21/06/2007 | thebigc1690
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"BEER??? ..... you are having a laugh!!"

a bottle of horrible beer

a bottle of horrible beer

Billed as the ultimate party beer and Mexico’s top selling beer it seemed worth a try on a night out to a pub which seemed to cater for the slightly different taste and did not have any of the beers or lagers I would normally drink. I can honestly tell you I have never tasted anything like it and I don’t mean that in a complimentary way either.

The bottle

All starts very well with a simple yet attractive looking bottle, virtually all clear with only the one label on the front which is white and black and carry`s the name of the beer (corona extra) and a few more bits of info such as the country of origin (Mexico) and the alcohol content (4.6% ABV). It looks like a refreshing bottle of beer so, so far so good.

The taste

Let’s face it unless you just intend to get blasted on any kind of alcohol available then the taste is the most important thing about a bottle of beer and this is where this particular brand starts to go right of course. I am not sure what I can most liken this beer to; the actual taste of beer is so minimal it’s untrue. I have tasted alcohol free beers and lagers that taste more like the real thing. This beer honestly tasted like nothing more than fizzy water. Any good beer will carry the taste of hop, malt or both, this beer has neither and doesn’t even have an after taste which any beer drinker will know all beers have.

I am going to paint a disgusting picture now of how I think you could reproduce the taste of this beer. Take a tin of cheap lager which has only a few drops left in it and has been lying this way for a few days, open a bottle of Perrier sparkling water and add the few drops of stale flat beer mix with a spoonful of sugar or your favourite sweetener and my god I think you have it ...... corona extra!

Now obviously I am being facetious there but honestly this beer really is terrible. On the evening out in question there were 7 of us out together and four of us chose this beer on discovering there weren’t the beers we normally drank. None of us finished the bottles and we all urged the other three to try it and see how bad it really was. Out of seven none of us liked it one bit and I have since mentioned this beer to others who have tried it and are of the same opinion. If this is Mexico’s top selling beer then I have to assume its there only beer.

How to drink it

Baring in mind that this is beer I would think there was only one way to drink it, well possibly two. Just drink it or drink it with a touch of lemonade. Apparently I am wrong, here is a list of genuine ways that corona reckon you can enjoy there beer.

1) Fill a half pint glass three quarters full with corona extra then top up with champagne, add lemon and serve.
2) Again a half pint glass this time half filled with corona extra then fill almost to the top with lemonade finally add just a few drops of blackcurrant concentrate
3) A pint glass this time half filled with corona extra then either fill up with your choice of cider or near fill with your choice of cider then add a few drops of blackcurrant concentrate
4) A pint glass again half filled with corona extra then almost fill with soda water and add a few drops of lemon and lime concentrate
5) Last but not least, apparently known as a Mexican bullet fill a half pint glass almost to the brim and then drop a shot of tequila in it.

It appears to me these ideas are merely a way of giving this drink some taste!!

The cost should you feel the need to buy it

We paid £3.10 a bottle for it but we were in a very expensive club and it can actually be found in most pubs as an inexpensive option. Some of the bars around my way are selling this for as little as £1.20 a bottle but even at that price I would leave it alone.

It can also be found in many supermarkets and local stores; again the price varies quite dramatically depending on where bought. Asda regularly have it in six packs for £3.99 where as my local spar tries to get away with selling four packs for that price so if you do intend buying this for some obscure reason be sure to at least shop around.

Let’s wrap this review up

By now you now know that I dislike this stuff to say the very least, it really has very little taste and is over priced in many places. I have noticed it to be fairly popular in some of my high street pubs with women who drink it in half pint glasses with a slice of lemon. Perhaps that’s because most women don’t actually like beer and this tastes nothing like beer.

All in all this is not a beer I would recommend to anyone who actually likes to drink something with taste!

Thanks for reading!!

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  • hillhead published 24/10/2009
    A great review but the beer is yuck lol.
  • just.bcoz published 18/03/2008
    fab review, i think ill be giving this one a miss then lol
  • tune57 published 11/02/2008
    I won a case of this last summer, it went down rather well at the one and only BBQ we managed to have due to the weather.
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