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ADOLPH. [Uneasily] I don't know. You live with a woman for years, and you never stop to analyse her, or your relationship with her, and then--then you begin to think--and there you are!--Gustav, you are my friend. The only male friend I have. During this last week you have given me courage to live again. It is as if your own magnetism had been poured into me. Like a watchmaker, you have fixed the works in my head and wound up the spring again. Can't you hear, yourself, how I think more clearly and speak more to the point? And to myself at least it seems as if my voice had recovered its ring.

Product details

Type Plays
Title Creditors
Author August Strindberg
Original Release Year 1889
ISBN 0887345824; 1419114441


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Not his usual standard (*)
Inspiring, full of underlying themes
you'll want to read it again! (*)
readability is good
nothing (*)
Lots going on
graphic scenes of bestiality (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (C)
Clever study of political intrigue, an eternal theme
Hero is difficult to identify with and understand (*)
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Incredibly Funny!
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A true one-off
Can't tell you: it would spoil it... (*)
Economy of style; oblique, sharp wit and humour; palpable tension; comprehensible mathematical and scientific ideas.
Can be a tad complex; I haven't seen it onstage; not available on audiobook or film. (*)
Something in here for everyone
Not as wide a range as the men's solilquies (*)
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