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published 07/04/2016 | SirJoseph
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""Time takes everybody out; time's undefeated.""

Creed (DVD)

Creed (DVD)

Rocky VII

I am not a big fan of the Rocky series of films. I wasn't even born for the first four and despite some plaudits claiming the first two to be some of the best sporting dramas in cinema, I still cared very little for the premises and the fact they were so old. After finally sitting through them several years ago, I came to the startling conclusion that no.4 was the best of the lot! That is saying something. You know a series is poor when the fourth offering, recycled story and outcome is the best you can come up with. The fights were as ridiculous as the sounds of the landed punches and defence, the montages hysterical in modern times and the music equally silly as the styles and fashions of the time (although everybody knows/likes Survivor's 'Eye of the Tiger) Now the series gets resurrected for a seventh outing - and much to my surprise, it followed the story of Apollo Creed, a character with whom Rocky Balboa fought against in the first two films and watched die in the ring in the fourth. This reboot/spinoff managed to land producer and supporting actor Sylvester Stallone an Oscar nomination and whilst I don't really see much to deserve it past a pity vote on previous works in the industry, it does repackage the same sort of story in a much more series way to reflect this era. With remakes aplenty lately, Hollywood looked to cash in on an already established brand name instead of coming up with something original. Sad in the long run but in the mean time, fans can get all excited and nostalgic if it's a success or furious and betrayed if a let down.
"You can't learn anything when you're talking. That's a fact of life. As long as you're talking, you're not listening." (Plot)

I'll pull no punches. The story is about the illegitimate son of the late Apollo Creed. A short introduction shows the kid in a juvenile penitentiary, fighting with another kid when he is visited by an estranged family member. In the present day, he works a day job in an office, suit and tie the like. By night, he travels to Mexico to box for money. One day, he quits despite being recently promoted to follow his dream of being a fighter. In an attempt to join decent gym in Los Angeles, he gets his ass handed to him by the no.2 in the world when trash talking and raising the stakes with his Mustang on the line. Unfazed, he travels to Philadelphia where he meets with the legendary Rocky Balboa. When the two reveal what they know and who they are, Donnie (Creed's son) persuades the big guy to train him in a series effort to be no.1. Meanwhile, a love interest is introduced in the form of Bianca, a songwriter with progressive hearing loss. Just when things are looking up as Donnie manages to set up a fight with the world light heavyweight champion, Rocky keels over coughing, wakes up in hospital and the cancer revealed... What ensues is the struggle to recovery for Rock and a fighting chance for Creed. "Can the kid fight as well as the old man? That's a stretch."
"One step at a time. One punch at a time. One round at a time." (Positives)

Perhaps Stallone's best performance to date, he rightfully plays his part (he's had enough time to get into character) and takes to his diagnosis with breathtaking realism for the first time in his acting career. The slurred speech is used to good effect instead of being a bit humorous. The fights whilst still spectacular at times in terms of actual hits and blood, are far more realistic compared to the beatings of yesteryear and this is most certainly an improvement. The boxer stats that show up on screen are a rarity but a nice little feature that let the audience know of a fighters capabilities without having to delve into their history, especially as some remain irrelevant to proceedings. The throwbacks to the past films are handled better and in more appropriate ways - seeing as this is Creed's story and it's 2015 (in the film) the montage has a hip hop and R&B soundtrack and instead of being accidentally funny and life-affirming in an 80s way, it provides a self aware comedy - by chasing chickens, failing to jump rope and generally putting this newcomer through his paces with a 'been there done that' attitude from Balboa. The reminders of the past in Rocky's case are tastefully done too with him visiting graves and having a photo of his son etc all with a sad aftertaste to it when tearily delivered by the ageing fighter. The cheese is lost, but to be honest, that's a good thing. Leading man Michael B. Jordan does a good job of portraying Mr. Americas son, with a similar look and clear anger issues and trash talk to boot.
"Women weaken legs." (Negatives)

Despite being a reboot of a somewhat classic, there's a surprising, baffling even, lack of style and impressive visuals going on. There's no high definition sweat pouring off brows, no vein bulging forearms, close up, slow-motion knock outs. It's all so colourless which admittedly works for some of the plot lines but it also makes things seem grim and slow and eventually boring as it runs over 2 hours long. Aside from the fact the pull for the film is based solely on the previous reputation of the Rocky franchise, there's very little else to draw in the crowds, especially when you factor in Southpaw - another boxing drama, released several months before this and although that was a moderate success for Jake Gyllenhaal as a satisfactory (if cliched) result, it seemed to quench the thirst of the boxing fans out there. This and Rocky hasn't had a decent reputation since... well, almost ever. Everyone thought it'd be finished with the plainly titled Rocky Balboa in 2006. I suppose it has been a while... Ultimately though, this film and the inevitable sequels will reach the children of the audience that sat through the first lot. Whether it deserves a sequel isn't the question, but rather: will the next film be an improvement like the originals or go downhill with implausible victories, deterrents and more Mr.T, sorry, 'Clubber Lang'?

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