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published 03/04/2016 | AliceBond
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"The Heritage of Rocky"

Creed (DVD)

Creed (DVD)

«Your legacy is more than a name»


Director: Ryan Coogler
Writers: Ryan Coogler (screenplay), Aaron Covington (screenplay)
Cast: Michael B. Jordan ...Adonis Johnson
Sylvester Stallone ... Rocky Balboa
Tessa Thompson ... Bianca
Phylicia Rashad ... Mary Anne Creed
Andre Ward ... Danny 'Stuntman' Wheeler
Tony Bellew ... 'Pretty' Ricky Conlan
Ritchie Coster ...Pete Sporino
Jacob 'Stitch' Duran ... Stitch
Graham McTavish ... Tommy Holiday
Malik Bazille ... Amir
Ricardo 'Padman' McGill ... Padman
Genres: Drama | Sport
Country: USA
Language: English | Spanish
Release Date: 14 January 2016
Runtime: 133 min

After watching Million Dollar Baby, I fall in love with the films about sportsmen and their inspiring life stories. The most important thing, in my opinion, is that they show you how nice your life is, how happy you are to have strong health, lots of opportunities around you, can see, walk, jump etc. All you problem become tainted on the background of what you've seen. But let's switch to the film under consideration. To begin with, I think that it is obvious that Rocky has brought up more than a single generation of viewers. Not only the generation of the 90s grew on this movie, but our current generation as well. People like and admire films about boxing. Sooner or later, everything comes to its logical end. Heroic victories of Rocky Balboa are already known and talked about a lot. So, now it is time for a new hero to appear, and he is Adonis Creed.

Creed is a well planned film with all details nicely thought of. Sylvester Stallone has put a big full stop in the story of Rocky Balboa, and the creator have found a good way to return Rocky back on the screen but with a new character in the center of our attention. I think, this film is a very profitable project. On one hand, this film will attract a usual viewer who is interested in the genre of boxing drama. On the other hand, it will draw the attention of all fans of Rocky. Moreover, it will unite old and young generation in this way.


All attention is devoted to Adonis Johnson, the son of famous boxing champion Apollo Creed, who died in a boxing match in Rocky4 (1985). What is important, Adonis wasn't born until after his father's death and has a wish to follow the way of his father in boxing. He finds a mentor who is an ex-heavyweight boxing champion and former friend of Apollo Creed in addition. Hi is the retired Rocky Balboa. Rocky finally agrees to mentor Adonis. With his help the man wants to reach success and face even deadlier opponents than his father did. However, whether he is a true fighter remains to be found out...

What is visible, the creators tried to fully repeat the atmosphere and mood of Rocky. Of course, the footprint of Rocky film is evident, but the director Ryan Coogler put all his efforts to give maximum individuality to his film. I should emphasize that it is something more than another film trying to gain success due to the fame of its predecessor. Surely, it is an independent project and can be even a new starting platform for a new franchise.

Thank to director's work, first impression from the film is that it is a model sports drama, and this positive feeling remains till the end of the film. I would like even to thank the director because unlike other ones, he did not try to make his film a cool blockbuster full of special effects and impressive moments. Creed is rather a smooth, measured, deep, and interesting film. This fact confirms that Ryan Coogler is a promising and hopeful director.

Of course, another advantage of the film is its story. The way of Adonis may seem to be very similar to that of Rocky. But it can be only from the first view. Sure, the basic idea of the movie is the triumph of courage, fortitude, and strength. But Adonis shows us something else. He is trying to reach everything on his own without using his father's famous name, and such an example should be followed. Moreover, the story turned out to be very true-to-life, and the characters are very lively and edifying.

It is the second time when Ryan Coogler chose Michael Jordan for his movie, and it was a right choice. Jordan perfectly showed the image of his hero on the screen and did not lose his individuality. Jordan plays quite a charismatic character. While, a lot of modern films about boxing emphasize severity, Jordan plays the role of a "charismatic dolt" so to say. This makes the film more spectacular and dramatic, especially its end with an emotional final knockout.

Of course, I can't but mention Sylvester Stallone who returns to his canonic and famous role in this film. We see another Rocky in the movie though. His acting revealed a lot of hidden sides of his character, including some unexpected sides as well. It might have been a real challenge for the actor and a pleasant returning in this old image at the same time. In my opinion, he looks very natural in his role that brought his such big success. It is even hard to distinguish who is it, Sylvester or Rocky. No one could have played this role better. Moreover, Sylvester and Rocky have a lot in common. For instance, Rocky has left boxing long time ago, and Sylvester finds it hard today to find himself in modern cinematography.

Moreover, I was really amazed by Tessa Thompson. She is charismatic, bright, and very natural in the film. She created incredibly vivid and natural image who was not lost among other bright personalities, such as Jordan and Stallone. Thompson and Jordan played a very nice duet that was pleasant to watch.

First of all, I would like to say that the technical side of the film is very good. The operator and film editor did their best. However, I can't but point out another person who also made a large contribution to the filmmaking process. He is Ludwig Goransson, a young composer. Being very careful with the work of his predecessor Bill Conti, Goransson fills the film with modern music, on the background of which we notice the main theme of Creed, which occupies the place of a famous motivating song "Gonna Fly Now". Now its main soundtrack is a more powerful "Fighting Strong, Fighting Harder". Epic orchestration accompanied by active usage of choral parts creates a fighting mood that motivates you to give up everything and start exercising or doing some other activity, and not for the sake of fame, but in order to feel yourself live, feel some of that courage and unrestrained inclination to victory felt by the characters of Creed.

Some happy and sad facts that might seem interesting for you.
  • While training, Adonis wears a shirt with the message "Why do I wanna fight? Because I can't sing and dance..." This was a line from Rocky to Adrian on their ice skating date in the first film of the series.
  • Sylvester Stallone (Rocky Balboa) requested that Michael B. Jordan (Adonis Creed) wear the famous American flag trunks that Apollo Creed wore in Rocky(1976) and Rocky wore in Rocky 3 (1982) and Rocky 4 (1985) to keep tradition in the "Rocky" universe.
  • Just as the film was entering pre-production, Sylvester Stallone's oldest son Sage Stallone died of a heart attack. Stallone has admitted that the loss almost sent him into a full breakdown, but Ryan Coogler was eventually able to convince him to use the film as a dedication to Sage, focusing specifically on the father-son relationships that appear in it. Although initially resistant, Stallone said at the Golden Globes that Creed helped him cope with Sage's death.
  • In the filming of this movie, Sylvester Stallone had to breakup a fight between two other boxers.
  • Sylvester Stallone was initially apprehensive about revisiting. "I said, 'No, no, no'. It was a struggle to get the last one done and I was so happy with Rocky Balboa (2006) and the conclusion of Rocky's story that I thought, 'We don't need to go any further with it.' I dismissed his idea." But it was the director's persistence that led him to reconsider.

If you are going to buy this DVD online, I should say that our favorite web site Amazon has not released it yet, but the price is already established. It is £ 9.99. The same price for this DVD can be found on And sells Creed for £12.

Creed is a good sports drama that does not let down its predecessor. A lot of you might think that it is another movie about Rocky, but it is not so. It is an independent bright movie with a new protagonist in the centre of attention. Though there were a lot of problems and arguments on the way of creating this films, the director and actors have come to some common ground, and everyone was satisfied. I can't but mention that this film gives you an opportunity to see Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa again. Besides, it can teach a good lesson to the youth who just complain about their life without doing anything to become successful. But no pains, no gains. Overall, I recommend the film.

Thanks for reading my review!

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