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Community Level 4mrufo


The World Is A Big Blue Marble When You See It From Above Review with images

AdvantagesT20 cricket is exciting

DisadvantagesTest cricket can be boring

"WRITTEN December 2009 INTRODUCTION I have been a cricket fan most of my life. Nowadays cricket is my most favourite sport. It used to be football but I got fed up of the huge salaries earned by players. I even don't watch 'Match of the Day' every week. Having Sky Sports has really helped my cricket knowledge. Most recently I have been watching the New Zealand v Pakistan series on Zee TV and India v Sri Lanka and South Africa v England on Sky Sports ..." Read review

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India to win the World Cup! Review with images

AdvantagesIndia to win with style

DisadvantagesEngland are poor

"I know who is going to win the Cricket World Cup! A Pakistani cricketer told me it's not going to be them, and then gave me the pre-printed scorecard with all the scores on for the final on April 2nd! Ok, fixing aside we are up and running on the subcontinent and here are my tips! So, after stuffing Australia in the Ashes and setting a world record eight successive international Twenty20 victories with the opening win in the two match drawn series ..." Read review

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Community Level 4dblock


Ashes Fever

AdvantagesGreat cricket in prospect, intense rivalry and passion

DisadvantagesIf it is a one sided contest, fans/media will lose interest.

"The Ashes ================= The Ashes is the name given to the Test cricket series played between England and Australia. It is the oldest cricketing rivalry and traditionally has been fierce and highly publicised History ================= Although the legend of the Ashes did not arise until 1882. The series is currently played at approximately two yearly intervals, alternately in England and Australia. The Ashes are "held" by the country ..." Read review

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Community Level 1G10


cricket is 2 interesting

AdvantagesRare intellectual sport

DisadvantagesLonger than other sports

"Cricket is interesting.I think it is the only sport where you actually have to think about what you are doing and what you are going to do unlike 'sports' like darts and walking. The recent ICC knockout trophey has shown that unlike most other sports each team has a chance of winning despite of an inferior team as it is one the few sports that actually is determined by the team that actually wants to win more rather than having a team full of superstars ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Scottola


Cricket has got to be the most boring thing ever created

AdvantagesOther Sports

DisadvantagesIt's cricket

"Why, oh why, oh why. It's just an exercise in pointlessness. I remember standing in the field at school bored out my skull, waiting, waiting, just in case the heavy red ball happened to come my way and when it did I had to throw it back. What fun. In an hour it might have come my way, ooh, at least twice. My brain was starting to rot away. Boring. On television it's even more boring, droning commentators, horrible white clothes, green, green ..." Read review

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Complete martial system - excellent for fitness & self-defence
...jack of all trades... master of none!!?? (*)
quick, relatively simple, plenty of clubs, effective
some poor instructors around, doesn't really deal with grapplers too well (*)
An effective martial art
You need a lot of training (*)
Covers only the things that work
Hard to find somewhere to train (*)
Full contact weapon based martial art without the pain (ish!)
Availability of Dojo, see the Dojo list at www.kendo.org.uk (*)
good for your body mind and spirit
makes you ache for the first few weeks (*)
it kicks ass
can be hard work (*)
Training mind body and soul
Motivating yourself to join a club! (*)
Loads - Fitness, learning defence, social.
Cost, time. (*)
Great cardio workout, fun, a full body workout, improves flexibility
Takes a lot of work & dedication (*)
Able to be practised by anyone, promotes health and spiritual growth, easy to learn
Not as stylish or impressive looking as Eastern martial arts, still relatively hard to find (*)
fun, good exercise, fun, sociable, club events, did I mention fun?
None (*)
Teaches good skills; learn through play
Not enough one-to-one tutoring (*)
Improved fitness, discipline, confidence... great fun
It ain't cheap (*)
realistic and proven, effective, benefits see opinion for more
no striking techniques, not many comps in the UK (*)
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