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I have watched this show with my children and wife many times and my first impressions are that Steve Irwin is a nut!!! On further investigation, I begin to realize that Steve possesses an amazing love for crocodiles (and wildlife in general). Most would think that he is fearless, but if you ... Read review

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Community Level 6Simoncook1


Snap to it and watch this show

AdvantagesExcellent educational wildlife show

DisadvantagesA bit scary for younger children (and some adults!!!)

"...for the health of the crocodile than for his personal safety. I didn’t realize it, but the camera man is a teenager, whose exuberant enthusiasm more than makes up for his lack of experience, almost giving the show a ‘Blair Witch Project’ type of feel. Steve’s wife Terri is also a crocodile expert and she often journeys with Steve, helping him with advice and sometimes assisting with brute force. The whole show gets your ..." Read review

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Community Level 3biker2000


Mad or What?

AdvantagesGreat Entertainment


"...with shark's or in a crocodile mud bath. My favourite show's of his have got to be when he's with crocodiles. They are such large creatures and he does'nt appear to have any fear, he does respect these animal's and doesn't take them for granted. You can see this man loves what he does, he has such a passion for these animal's but get's stuck in. Anyone would think he's on a suicide mission especially when you see him hanging on the end of a croc. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3lyricalt


Absolute lunacy

AdvantagesInformative. Takes a fun approach to nature.

DisadvantagesIrwin can be a bit OTT sometimes.

"Crocodile Hunter AKA Steve Irwin. I've always said that there is a very fine line between bravery and stupidity, and Irwin walks that line like a tightrope. Many of his escapades leave you hiding your face behind a cushion, or half-watching with your hands over your eyes. How many people in their right mind would openly handle venomous snakes, various reptiles with 'teeth like razorblades', and basically launch himself into any hazardous situation, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2JRW


Crazy Genius

AdvantagesKnowledge, unique enthusiastic style

DisadvantagesOver the top? Staged?

"Steve Irwin, if you’ve neither heard of nor seen him, is a Australian who produces various shows documenting the animal kingdom, and usually its dangerous side. There are two immediate things that strike you about Steve Irwin. The first is that he has got to be completely mad. The things that he does with snakes, sharks, crocodiles, etc. seem to be absolutely crazy. He’ll grab the tail of sharks, sit next to crocodiles and rescue snakes and generally ..." Read review

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Community Level 1fredglorando



AdvantagesVery Knowledgeble, Flabbergasting

DisadvantagesIf you dont lissen to the old addage:- Dont try this at home

" features Steve Irwin a crocodile expert and Dr.Dolittle if there ever was one. Steve is absolutely amazing in every episode of his when he completely defies the laws of nature and actually aachieves incredible feats in tackling animals, he’s a legend and has been doing this since the age of nine, he confesses that he’s acquired all his expertise due to the expert tutelage of his father. It may get a bit monotounous at times to just watch him ..." Read review

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