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Review of "Cross - Justice"

published 23/09/2010 | mdall899
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So I have relocated to Dubai! Will try to get some more stuff on here soon!
Pro Unique, powerful, will get you dancing with goosebumps
Cons You may find yourself flicking through weaker tracks quite a lot
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"A † between Opera, Religion and Disco"

Creepy: the artwork for "Phantom" (single)

Creepy: the artwork for "Phantom" (single)

Who on earth are Justice?

Justice are a French electronic music duo with a style thought of as Indie, with traces of heavy metal and other musical themes coursing though it. The duo (Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay) are DJs as well as producers, using Korg keyboards and synthesisers alongside CDJs and Ableton Live. They use a lot of religious imagery in their sets and artwork which tend to polarise opinion of them.

†, aka Cross, is a seriously powerful album. Powerful through the tracks that are on it and powerful through the imagery of the album and messages it brings across. The album was released by Justice in 2008. Despite this, around this time I was hopelessly delinquent in keeping up to date with Electro and House because of a new job and Cross somehow passed me by. I finally caught up and downloaded it last summer.

WHAT WAS I THINKING? For people like me who like to keep one step ahead of the crowd with music, Cross was class.
1. Genesis

I am going to make a bold as brass statement and say that every single album in the world needs to start with “Genesis”. There, I’ve said it. Opening with a dark, ominous rusty sounding trumpet, this fades to silence and breaks into a ragged, heavy beat with a wavy, lighter electro swing all the way through which gives this track a get-up-and-dance, yet haunting feel. What a way to start!
2. Let There be Light

“Genesis” fades slowly into “Let There Be Light”, a synthy, jumpy track with a catchy electro riff which almost sounds like a church organ. It isn’t my most favourite track as it the organ riff can be ear-bleeding at times but somehow it is very musical, very spooky and a true Justice track.
3. D.A.N.C.E.

The first track on Cross to use vocals, "D.A.N.C.E." is a more upbeat, nu-disco track that, when I first heard it on Radio 1, made the sides of my mouth curl up with joy. It is a wonderfully placed contrast to tracks 1 & 2 and is a stand-alone banger of a song. The Justice touch is still there: the bassline is hard and punishing- but the babyish, high-pitched vocals turn D.A.N.C.E. into D.I.S.C.O.
4. Newjack

Whoo hoo! Disco, Justice-style continues with "Newjack". As the name suggests, this is a jacking, booty-shaking little number that sadly subdues itself from the middle to the end. Just as I was pulling my flares on. Shame. The track is short, and I see it better as a transition between "D.A.N.C.E." and "Phantom".
5. Phantom

"Phantom" is a “proper” electro track, full of synthed sounds and bars that sound more like white noise. There is a simple tune running through it, but this is really more of a Justice showcase; a powerful beat with heavy bass, then suddenly dropping the bass, adding a guitar, rinse and repeat. This is a great track, but not as good as Part 2...
6. Phantom Pt. 2

Mixed in direct from Part 1, this is the star of the album. The beat lends itself from part 1 and is half guitar, half white noise (!) but if the sheer thought of this turns you off; it really deserves a listen. A stutter electro beat bounces through the track, giving Part 2 a more melodically sounding tune. This is a real “get up and dance your heart out” electro track. For added awesomeness check out the Soulwax remix.
7. Valentine

Part 2 gives way abruptly to "Valentine", a dramatic comedown from the Phantom duo. It has a soft electro melody with a bit of scratching and bassy bits thrown in. To me, it always sounds like one of those naff Eurovision dance-pop songs, without the naffer vocals. Thankfully this cuddly, crappy horror show is over after just three minutes.
8. The Party

A disco-y vocal electro track with an indecipherable female vocal telling us to “Get the party started” is similar to "Valentine" but a bit of bass comes in halfway through to liven things up. The party doesn’t really start at all and moves swiftly into "DVNO".

"DVNO", Justice-speak for “Divino” is another stonker! There are funky vocals laid over a jumpy electro bassline which bridges the fine line between funk and electro. This really, really, really works and the result is a peaktime house-track that will get even the most anti-dance music heathens on their feet.
10. Stress

As you may imagine, “Stress” is a tough old track, and one that for me, is hard to love. If anyone has listened to “A Night On Disco Mountain” by David Shire (itself a take on Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain” orchestral) then you will recognise the sample immediately. To me “Stress” sounds like a really sick car trying to turn over and never really gets going. It gives way to some bells and opera-style refrain right at the end, which is a nice touch .
11. Waters of Nazareth

A funky little number with the white-noise-style electro riff coursing through. "Waters of Nazareth" flows like a river yet, like “Stress”, is tough as old boots. It is a lot easier to listen to though. An organ-like rhythm kicks up halfway through which gives the track an odd feel to it. I’m as undecided as the English electorate on this track so I will leave you to make up your minds about it!
12. One Minute to Midnight

A dull, thudding bass with a soft guitar riff gives “One Minute to Midnight a really odd sound. The track closes the album by bringing many of the Justice trademarks together: the haunting sounds, the instruments, the disco and the electro are all present in this track. The energy slowly escalates towards the end, and then... silence.
13. D.A.N.C.E. (Mstrkrft Remix)

The Mstrkrft remix of “D.A.N.C.E.” is a lively remix which gives the most disco-y track on Cross an electro facelift. I personally feel that the remix is overdone and that the tempo is made too fast, thus losing the unique feel of the original. Nevertheless, it was very public-spirited of Justice to throw in the remix for us!

Cross does have elements of Opera, Disco and religion, but make no mistake about it, first and foremost it is a full-on Electro album. I am not Electro’s biggest fan but the disco influence makes Cross a lot more easy to listen to than it otherwise would have been. The artwork, imagery and some of the sounds give the album a unique, haunting, spooky- even scary- feel too it.

However for every good track on Cross there is a not-so-good one. Yes! We have the epic “Phantom Pt. 2”, the bouncy “D.A.N.C.E.” and the funkaholic “DVNO” but there is also “Stress” (ouch), “The Party” (was the vocalist drunk?) and “Valentine” (on the wrong album?).

Cross is wonderfully produced and a joy to listen to. It is superb party music, sounds great in a club and showcases the incredibly talented Justice. You know that nurse off Holby City? The Ukrainian one with the Goth makeup? Well Cross is a lot like her. A bit odd, a bit dark, but well presented, full of surprises, and guaranteed to make you feel better.

Happy listening!

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    I don't think this would be for me
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