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Crow Girl Rises - Kate Cann

Crow Girl Rises - Kate Cann

Pages: 96, Edition: New edition, Paperback, Barrington Stoke

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EAN 9781842993460
Type Non-Fiction
Genre Children's
Subgenre Life Skills
Title Crow Girl
Author Kate Cann
All Authors Kate Cann
Publisher Barrington Stoke
ISBN 1842993461


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similar by Price (less than 5 GBP)
Bright photography, simple text, sliding squares
Nothing at all (*)
It discusses growing up and becoming responsible.
It was written very much for boys rather than girls; possibly patronising. (*)
will answer lots of body questions
won't answer all of them (*)
Is a clever story that children will enjoy but also mean learn a little from
The plot lacks excitement in places, probably fine if your 8 to 13 (*)
Funny for a child, encourages counting
Not very challenging for more confident young readers? (*)
similar by Genre (Life skills)
Interesting read. Helpful to some. Heart warming and funny
I wouldn't call it a 'Must Read'. Hard to acquire. (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (C)
great dictionary for children
none (*)
Well written, lots of beautiful illustrations. Great for kids of all ages. A useful tool for supplementing school projects or as part of a home-school theme on ships.
To do this book justice, you really need the time to examine each page carefully. (*)
Educational AND fun, with lots of pretty pictures
The history is more overview that nitty gritty details (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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