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Cry - Faith Hill

1 CD(s) - Contemporary Country - Label: WEA, Warner Bros. - Distributor: Arvato Services, Cinram Logistics - Released: 28/10/2002 - 93624836827

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Review of "Cry - Faith Hill"

published 06/12/2004 | CMJT
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"Faith healing"

A picture of Faith Hill from the CD inlay

A picture of Faith Hill from the CD inlay

Two years ago when I first saw Faith Hill's ‘Cry’ CD on the shelves, I felt like hypnotised by her deep brown eyes, and she's whispering in my ears: “Get me, get me…” And I did just that. Since then I have been a very Faithful man in every sense; everyday I must have an intake of Faith Hill’s songs to keep me going, I don’t seem to get tired of her.

The beautiful Faith Hill is still very much a big star in the USA. She has won numerous music awards including the prestigious Best Female Country Vocal award from Grammy. Recently she also appeared in the film The Stepford Wives. 'Cry' is the 6th album from Faith Hill, and probably the best. The songs in this album are sort of country-rock or country-pop. Most of them are rather sad songs about breaking-up and separation, but they don’t necessary make you feel sad. Actually I would suggest you listen to these songs when you’re feeling a bit down - Faith Hill has been singing her heart out to dispel my sadness and sometimes my anger as well. Now that’s what I call ‘Faith healing’!

I think the best way to describe the songs is to include extracts of the lyrics so that you can have a feel of the songs. The stars (out of 5) indicate my rating on each of them:

FREE * * * * *

Scratch my name off
Cut these chains

I am free
Kicking out of that prison
I am free…
Nobody’s gonna put the blues inside of me...

Oh yeah, I am free…

CRY * * * * *

If your love could be caged, honey, I would hold the key…
I don’t want pity
I just want what is mine…

Could you cry a little...
Baby, I would feel just a little less pain…

So cry just a little for me...

ONE * * * * *

I try with all my might but still don’t understand…
It’s hard to figure out the answers to the questions…

One is breaking into two
And my heart is turning blue
And you still don’t get it, do you
I thought we had all the love
To go it for the long run…

Love is strong but it’s so easy to divide
So let’s think about how much is on the line…


When the lights go down and there’s nothing left to be
When the lights go down and the truth is all you see
When you feel that hole inside your soul
And wonder what you’re made of...

When the lights go down...

BEAUTIFUL * * * * *

Is it a dream or is it real
All I know is you make me feel so beautiful

I wish we could just lock ourselves away in a room
Where there was no such thing as time…

Every part of who I am
Is so in love ‘cause what I have is beautiful...


So cruel
That’s all that I got from you
Tell me what in the world could I do…

Baby I cried a little too hard, a little too long…


There’s a reason why…
Every star in heaven’s in its place
There’s a reason why…
The waves roll in to a shore that always waits…

Every single part of me believes
Baby you belong with me…


I wish I could say all the right things
To make your pain go away
I wish you knew how beautiful you are in every way…

If you gonna fly away
Don’t fly without me
Don’t run away
I need you babe…

STRONGER * * * *

I still reach for you each night
And man that hurts like hell

Cry for me baby and I’ll cry for you
And we’ll both break down and we’ll both break though
We’ll find our way…

And we both will be stronger…

IF THIS IS THE END * * * * *

Our love's the flame...
Our love's the rising sun…
Our love is proof
Of what was yet to come
But you don’t want it, you don’t want to take

If this is the end
I don’t wanna know…

THIS IS ME * * * *

Oh, I’m just like everybody else
I cry, just like everybody else

I don’t know what you believe
Or what you think of what you see
But this is part of me
What I do and who I am…

This is me…

BACK TO YOU * * * * *

I still don’t understand the reason
I think I was just afraid…

I’d walk the world, I’d cross the sea
I’d journey beyond the moon
I’d try anything, go anywhere
To find my way back to you…

I THINK I WILL * * * *

What would you give if I gave you everything
And ask for nothing
How would you feel…

Gonna take your heartache and make it mine…
I’m gonna run ‘til I find
Another way to make you mine…

Oh, I think I will…


Thought I saw you today…
I knew it couldn’t be
But my heart believed…
How could you be so far away
When you’re still here…
Oh you’re everywhere we’ve ever been
You’re still here…

The CD has a 16-page glossy inlay with beautiful photographs of Faith Hill and all the lyrics of the songs. There’s enhanced CD section containing a video of making of Cry, gallery, discography, and a special link to Cry video from a web site. The standard price of the CD album is £11.99. You should be able to find it in the country music section of any main record stores or online music shops.

Faith Hill’s Cry CD was made in Germany by Warner Bros Records in 2002.
Catalogue no. 9362483682.

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  • krazykat2005 published 02/03/2006
    I would have liked to have seen a little bit more of your opinion than a star rating on each track, though I liked the idea of the lyric extracts. Kat x
  • elephants69food_0 published 22/08/2005
    this sounds like something i'd like - have u heard of ben harper? em x
  • elinor.z published 26/07/2005
    She sounds a lovely person, I will be going out to buy this one. Do these lyrics help you? I enjoy jazz & Blues. One of my favourite American singers is Dory Previn. She is an older singer and my favourite of her songs were played in 1980's. I loved the idea of including Faiths lyrics, it helps understand her moods. Elinor,
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