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Genre: Shooter - First Person Shooter - Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

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published 15/09/2010 | Coolchris330
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Pro Fun Multiplayer, Beautiful Graphics, Very Good Realism
Cons Bad Singleplayer Campaign, Bad Game Conclusion, Harsh Difficulty Curve
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Value for Money
Difficulty & Complexity

"Woah! Look at those graphics! Shame about the storyline."

Crysis is a first person shooter created by Crytek.

Right, let me say what we're all thinking, graphically, the game is beyond astonishing. Several years after it's release, it laughs at the idea of getting beaten. Particularly good touches with the graphics are the water and the explosions. They are beyond what you've likely to have ever seen in a video game, ever. The sounds are good, the gunshots aren't as satisfyingly loud as I'd like, but they're still good and can build atmosphere accordingly. It's a shame that the astounding parts end here though and drift into mediocre.

The gameplay in Crysis doesn't feel worth it, the game is perfectly fine, and it has a level of fun that will captivate you for a while and physics which intergrate into the gameplay in a good way, so why isn't the game that fun to play? It's fun for the first part, but developers Crytek have got the difficulty curve wrong. It goes from two enemies at one time to kill, to twelve enemies and a boat with a high powered machine gun on it, to facing off three tanks. The three tanks are probably the most frustrating part of the game.

It's not fair to say the gameplay offers no fun, because that would be wrong, I still played it for at least four hours, but it just didn't captivate me. Towards the end of the game, it suddenly takes a turn for the worse. It's always the end of the game that Crytek do worse on, so I wasn't expecting that much anyway.

However, while I'm all doom and gloom about the singleplayer, I can say that it has a fairly good multiplayer mode. There is Team Deathmatch or Power Struggle. You may think that this is a limited selection of gamemodes, but Power Struggle is unique enough to keep you playing. Power Struggle is a gamemode where you have to capture and hold alien technology for alien, more powerful weapons, to use against the enemy.

The multiplayer has a prestige system, where eventually you will earn the ability to get a certain amount of guns and/or vehicles. These are rewarded to you for playing well and capturing command points. The multiplayer is quite a hard game to get into at first, it's a great fun game, but it really requires your computer to have oomph as well as you to play successfully, otherwise you'll find yourself stuttering around corners, unable to aim. As long as you meet the minimum requirements, however, the game should be fine to play online.

The Team Deathmath isn't really anything new, it feels a lot more futuristic and you can use the functions of the suit, the suit, I can't believe I haven't mentioned the suit yet.

The game is very hard to host, so you'll be paying a lot of money for a smooth enough to play server, and that's why there is a lack of servers on the list, so you'll probably find one server you like and stick with that. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just feels like you have to stick somewhere, and not many servers host much of the variety of maps, so that made me a little unhappy with the multiplayer, which is a shame because the core ideas behind it are very good.

The nanosuit that you wear produces the ability to enhance the strength, armor, cloaking ability and the ability to enhance your speed. It allows you to have a tactical edge on the enemies in the singleplayer which is one of the few things that adds variety to the game. Sneaking behind enemies to pick them up by the throat and throwing them towards the fire of the boat half way across the ocean is one of the best things I've ever done in a video game. In multiplayer, everyone has one, so it's not an advantage, but if you use it correctly, you can devastate the battlefield with it, punching peoples lights out with your giant, enhanced muscular suit. The suit was one of the things that genuinely managed to impress me in Crysis, as without it, it's an average shooter.

In conclusion, I'd buy the game at the price that it is at the moment (£5), but the price that I bought it for at release was a little too much for it's sprinkling on innovation but then average everything else. Crysis isn't necessarily a bad game, it just takes too much ambition and can't carry it's own weight. I'd recommend it to a friend for £5, but no more than that. I give Crysis 65%.

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  • horrorgames4you published 22/11/2010
    damn right bout the graphics, i first got the game when i had a 8600gtx - big mistake, upgraded to a 280 a year back and it still lags a little a max, good review
  • Loubenet published 15/09/2010
    Cool review.
  • claireedwards27 published 15/09/2010
    You definitely sound like you know what you're talking about, awesome review! x
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Genre: Shooter - First Person Shooter - Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

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