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Curfew (DVD)

Two brothers are sent to prison for seven years for murder. Now they've escaped they are after the men who sent them there...

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published 04/06/2008 | sunmeilan
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"Don't stick to your curfew!"

When District Attorney Walter Davenport's daughter Stephanie is late home from a date with a local jock, she expects to get a roasting from her parents. Instead, she discovers her parents are nowhere to be seen, and in their place are two brothers, who seem intent on killing her. She escapes from the house and returns with the local policeman, who presumes that she is making the intruders up, particularly because Mrs Davenport opens the door and acts as if everything is fine. But when the door shuts on Stephanie, she discovers that the brothers are still very much present. And they want their revenge on Walter Davenport for putting them away for rape years before. Will the Davenports escape alive?

Kyle Richards plays Stephanie Davenport who is now more famous for being Paris Hilton's aunt, although she has had a regular role in ER since this film was made. I thought she was really good in the role. Stephanie is a hormonal teenager who is basically a good girl, but is just beginning to rebel against her father's standing in the local community. She then has to grow up very quickly when she finds her neighbours dead and her parents threatened. It isn't the most complicated role out there, but I thought she did really well within the confines of the role. I certainly believed in her terror when she is facing death. For any men watching, it does not hurt that she looks stunning - she looks very similar to a young Demi Moore - although I found her beetling eyebrows a bit strange. That's eighties fashion for you though.

The other performances are less good. It is not that particular actors are really bad and others are reasonable, but rather each actor gives really patchy performances. The two brothers, for example, played by Wendell Wellman and John Putch, are at times almost brilliant in their depiction of psychologically disturbed young men, while at other times they are so wooden that it is almost laughable. I presume this is much to do with the way they were directed by Gary Winnick - I can't think of any other explanation anyway. The same goes for Mr and Mrs Davenport, played by Jean Brooks and Frank Miller. When they are being tortured, I thought they gave outstanding performances, yet at other times, what they say and do is really unnatural and makes for uncomfortable viewing. This is a shame because more even performances would have made this a much better film.

There is an 18 classification to this film and that is pretty much justified. There is a huge amount of violence and although it is not the most graphic I have ever seen, it isn't particularly pretty. Having said that, the scene that made the most impact on me is one of the least violent - it involves Stephanie picking out pieces of glass from her father's back after he has been forced to walk and then roll in broken glass. I don't know why this made me flinch so much, but it did, whereas other scenes death by axe, as well as any other implements that were to hand, were not as eye-catching and ultimately weren't that convincing.

For those not around in the eighties, the fashion of the day will no doubt be very noticeable. Big hair, big eyebrows, high-heeled shoes, dungarees, tights under skirts are very much the order of the day. Scarily, I can remember those days all too well. This does add to the slighly cheesy atmosphere that is already very much part of the film because of the uneven acting. It didn't put me off too much, but I doubt anyone younger than me will be able to sit through the film without laughing. It does not help that the background music is very much of the electronic eighties kind (of the worst kind too), which is very jarring on the ears.

I thought the pacing of the film was great. It starts off with a bang and then doesn't let up until right at the end. Apart from the acting, I thought that the director did a good job of building up the atmosphere and keeping the viewer in suspense - it is never entirely clear what is going to happen next - there are a number of cliffhangers that seem to be taking the story in one direction, when it is really going in another. All this made for a very entertaining film. It is not the best teen slasher I have ever seen, far from it, but nor do I think it is so bad that it deserves the 3/10 that viewers have given it. And at under an hour and a half, it never has the chance to drag.

I really wasn't expecting a great deal from this film, particularly as it has been panned on and I only paid £1 for it from the bargain bucket at Woolworths. However, I did enjoy it. So much that I watched it twice in one day - very rare for me. Perhaps it is because I can identify with the time in which it was set, I'm not sure, but I definitely think it is worth a watch. Just be prepared for the patchy acting and eighties fashion. Recommended.

The DVD is available from for £3.99, but shop around.

Classification: 18

Running time: 82 minutes

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  • MarcoG published 14/06/2008
    I've never heard of this
  • marymoose99 published 11/06/2008
    I like the sound of this :o)
  • tallulahbang published 08/06/2008
    Some films, I suspect, were designed to stay in the bargain bucket at Woolies. xx
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Two brothers are sent to prison for seven years for murder. Now they've escaped they are after the men who sent them there...


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