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... Madhur Jaffrey's handsomely bound 'Curry Easy' happily meets both criteria - it looks good and it contains plenty of mouth-watering recipes that really do work. It's a hardbound edition which is great because the weight ensures the book stays open in use so I don't have to use sticky hands ... Read review
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Curry Easy - Simples Review with images

AdvantagesBeautifully presented; simple, clear recipes that work; easy to source ingredients

DisadvantagesMinor niggles with serving sizes

"No matter how much they groan, there's always space on my bookshelves for another cookbook. I'm perfectly happy with a book of recipes I'm unlikely to ever likely to put in practice; 'food porn' is completely acceptable and if a book is beautifully presented with interesting text and fabulous photographs it'll probably end up in my bookcases. If it contains easy to follow, realistic to source and obviously well tested recipes then that's a bonus. Madhur ..." Read review

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Curry Easy (and delicious!)

AdvantagesSimple and professional tasting curries

DisadvantagesWide range of spices required

"...with the Chicken and Spinach curry which was very easy to prepare and tasted very professional. This book does not just include curries (vegetable, fish, poultry and red meat) but also side dishes, snacks and desserts. The only real drawback is that the recipes require quite a range of spices, but once you have stocked up your cupboards, they should last you a long time! This review will also appear on Dooyoo under my username LouisaB ..." Read review

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Title Curry Easy
ISBN 009192314X
EAN 978-0091923143
Type Non-Fiction
Genre Lifestyle
Subgenre Food & Drink
Author Madhur Jaffrey
Release Date 16.09.2010


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