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published 30/10/2002 | janet26
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"Curry's instore repairs"

I recently purchased a new computer at my local Curry’s Superstore. as my old one was getting to slow. I had quite a good selection to choose from but I wanted to get the highest speck possible for my money. I had recently installed a new cd writer into my old computer, so instead of paying for a cd writer in my new computer I opted for a higher speck model without one and asked if I could have the cd writer in my old computer installed in the new one. The salesman checked with the manager and the Mastercare department.
It was not a problem. When your computer comes into the store we will install it for you. It was to cost Twenty pounds but that was okay, I had got a better computer for my money.

When the computer arrived I was advised to take it home and set it up to make sure everything was okay with it before the cd writer was installed. I duly did this and arranged a date to take it down for it to be installed.

Two days later I took my old hard drive and new one down and left it at the Mastercare repair dept and was told it would be ready late afternoon. Two hours later I received a phone call to say my cd writer had blown up the computer, it must not have been compatible. I could not understand this as it was checked out before I bought the computer thatit was compatible with the machine and it was only one month old. I went to the store and spoke to the repairman and he said it must have been faulty. I said it was working perfectly only the day before!

I argued for about 20mins with the manager and Mastercare over whether the repairman should have checked the cd writer before installation. He admitted he had not done so. Eventually they agreed to repair the damage to the computer, which included new motherboard and other components. The total was to be over three hundred pounds. I at this point was grateful for them doing this as I assumed it had been the cd writer at fault. They gave me the cd writer and old hard drive back,and told me the new hard drive would be ready in a couple of days but I still could not understand how it was faulty.

I decided to take the old one in to a local computer repair shop and ask them to test it. They connected everything back up and lo and behold it was working perfectly. They said it had probably been connected up wrongly and that was what had blown the new computer. As you can imagine I was livid and when I returned two days later to collect my new hard drive I told them. They still argued it was faulty and could not understand how it was working. They even phoned the repair shop and called them liars.

I took the new one home from the store after a lot of arguing and set it up but from the word go it would not run. It kept on crashing and would just freeze. I phoned the Mastercare help line and was held on the phone for 45 mins trying to sort it out but it was hopeless. They had not a clue eventually I had to loose the rag to get someone to come out and see it.
The repairman arrived the next day and was absolutely livid. The drivers had not been connected and other components had to be replaced including the cd drive. He could not believe that this had just come from a repair shop. I would have to have all new components installed on it. I asked for a replacement as it was only 5 days old but they refused as I had taken it to have something installed. It broke the warranty. Currys washed their hands of the situation as they said it was a Mastercare problem. Mastercare said I would have to put up with it. Take it or leave it. So I now have a computer without a cd writer and a load of repairs and its only weeks old. Sixty pounds out of pocket on phone bills and reconnection of my old hard drive. The cd writer that is still working perfectly in the old computer.I took it to my local computer repair shop to see if they would install it and I now cannot get it installed as they have not put in the same motherboard and there is no place to connect it to. So much for MASTERCARE they don’t care. Do they know what they are doing? As for Curry’s management they run when they see me coming. I don’t know why, their laughing after all they just took 1500 pounds off me.
They got their money I got the shoddy goods and workmanship.

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  • Del_Boy published 01/11/2002
    Paddys Back, has stated all of what I was going to state. There is no chance a simple CDwriter installation would blow the computer, unless they stuffed something up big time in the process. It could be worth you having a word with the CAB, or Trading standards about this...
  • Paddys_back published 31/10/2002
    A bit of advice for you about the damage to your PC. There is no way on earth that your cdrw or any cdrw or hard drive could blow the motherboard or any other component. The only way to do that is to mess up the power supply voltages on the back of the power supply, or by short circuiting the motherboard, which would still be quite hard to do ... unless the motherboard was removed & reinstalled incorrectly. Another pointer for you is that you had Curry's fit your drives, which doesn't invalidate the warranty! If you had done it yourself, then that would have invalidated it! Currys & Mastercare are just trying to fob you off .. but you have every right to have the PC replaced for a new one because you did nothing wrong. Threaten them with legal action if they do not sort it out & you will see a different result! .. Tom
  • RussellC published 31/10/2002
    Tell them that you have called Watchdog. And also tell them about the bad press they are receiving on here. It has certainly put me off getting anything from Currys for a while! ;o)
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