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published 21/10/2004 | Andy0304
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"Express Delivery? No Chance!! **UPDATED 24/10*"

About 6 months ago I ordered a new mobile along with a new online contract with O2 online, with this new contract also came a nice new free mobile phone. When I ordered the phone I had the option to pay extra for delivery but decided not to. This is because even without paying extra you get delivery within 5 days anyway, or so that is the idea.

Having placed the order I looked forward to this new phone arriving, as you do! However there was no sign of it arriving even after the 5 days had passed. So I got onto the phone to O2, they had explained to me that the package left their distribution centre 24 hours after the order had been placed and the goods were with Securicor Omega, who at the time I was not aware were now part of DHL.

Ok fair enough, DHL as far as I knew were not a bad company so hopefully would have some helpful customer services department as well. How wrong was I? I gave them a call on what they call Signline on 0870 2400012. This department is part of the original Securicor and handles all the tracking of their deliveries. After spending some considerable amount of time on hold waiting to speak to an advisor, about 35 minutes, I get an automated answer to say that the office had now closed and to call tomorrow. If that was not bad enough you have to listen to that really dodgy music that they play you over and over and over again.

It was at that point I logged back onto to O2 website where they give you the details of the website that you can track you consignment and give you all of the consignment numbers etc you will need. Time to give that a try! So off I went to and looked for the link to Securicor which can be found at the bottom of the page labelled Securicor Distribution.

On clicking this link you are taken to the old securicor website, which I might add is now covered in DHL branding. It took me a while to find the area on the site I was looking for but eventually discovered the link e-shipping at the top of the page where on this page was a link to track your shipment. You are then presented with a new web page which gives you the various options on what type of service you are using. This includes Nextday, Europe, and what they call Connect; this is for items within the UK. So after deciding that it would probably be the Connect option I would want I clicked the link that said track by consignment number under the Connect heading.

Once again another web page but this time you have a little box in the middle of the page to enter your consignment number. You then select your enquiry type, which is limited to two options of UK and International. UK is the default selection so I left it as that and clicked the submit button. You can get presented with a page that gives you all of the information about your package.

This includes time and date details, as well as scan codes etc for every movement of your package. This can be very useful as it showed me the exact time it was collected from the O2 depot and the time it arrived at the DHL Vauxhall DC. Ok so at least I now knew all the information about where my new mobile was supposed to be.

One thing I will say is that the tracking facility offers some great details on where the package is and includes the date and time it arrived at its final destination. Also if you email or call them they will also give you the details of the person that signed for it.

Having got stuck with the office being closed when I rang I realised I was going to have to leave it until the following day. So the next morning I gave their Signline department a call again. Once again I was listening to that wonderful music. After around 20 minutes on hold it turns out all the operator on the other end of the phone could tell me was that it was at the Vauxhall deport, well after the use of their internet site I already knew that. The only advice she could give me would be to call the Depot direct, so gave me the number.

So here we go again another phone call to DHL. This time I had a choice of menu options and after finally getting through there was confusion as to whether or not my item was still with them or back on the vehicle to try and redeliver. So they offered to call me back. Surprise surprise this did not happen. So back on the phone again to the Depot! Still not luck with locating the item, there was now even talk that it had gone back to O2. Once again I was promised a call back, and again this did not happen.

Unfortunately this now was the end of another day, the problem being this was a Friday, but I thought I would try Saturday as had been previously told they were that on a Saturday morning. However after 2 attempts I gave up and decided that there was no one there as could not get an answer. It was going to have to be Monday.

Monday came and it was back on the phone to the Vauxhall depot. Good news though they had found my item it was still there. I asked if they could deliver it to my work address tomorrow as there would be no one at home all week due to work. They could not do this without me calling O2 and having them fax through the authorisation of change of delivery address. Fair enough I could partly understand this, so after a quick call to O2 they sent this fax through.

I called DHL back and explained the fax had been sent and so they agreed to redeliver it to my work address, which I thought would be an easy process as I only live 10 minutes from work. But, no, it would not be easy. Because the post code of my work address was a DA postcode not an SE postcode they were going to have to send my item to their Dartford depot first.

Now I could really not understand this as they were going to have to drive for 30 minutes passed my work place to take it to Dartford. This would mean that I could therefore not have it the next day. They said they would try to squeeze it onto the transfer van tonight and ask them if they could possibly deliver it to me the day after but I would have to call the Dartford depot to arrange this.

I could not believe how complicated this was getting, all this just for a small item such as a mobile phone to be delivered. The next day came and I tried to call the Dartford depot on the number I was given but was struggling to get through so decided to try a bit later. Well in between that time I get a call at work to tell me they have a delivery for me from DHL. Would you believe it they had turned up the day after I had spoken to the Vauxhall depot. How or why I did not care, I was just glad to see my phone.

Since then I have been unfortunate enough to have packages delivered by DHL again that I have ordered from various companies. Yet again more problems this included when I called DHL to trace a parcel that I checked the tracking off on their website which showed they had tried to deliver it twice. Well on the day in question I had been at home and there was no way they had tried to deliver. Again after more problems that package also arrived. Eventually.

When it comes to using them for your deliveries, the prices that they charge you to send items can be found by calling their customer services but they will offer you to negotiate special rates if you are going to use them a large amount of times. They do have a number of different services that they can offer ranging from Sameday, Time Definite, Global Mail, International and Logistics services. They pretty much offer every kind of courier service you could ever imagine. After all they have their own aircraft which flies to an international sorting centre in Belgium before packages would continue from there.

The good thing is I suppose is that everything is tracked and has to be signed for when delivered as well as recording exactly who signs for it. This can be very useful if you have important mail or packages to be delivered even internationally.

For more information on their services:

Call customer services on 08701 100 300

For more information on the Securicor Omega services:

Write to:
Securicor Omega Express
Sutton Park House
15 Carshalton Road

Click the link on the Securicor link on the DHL homepage

Or to trace a package you can also email or use the form on the website.

Overall I don’t know if I have been unlucky or what, but in my opinion I have never received great service from the Securicor Omega part of DHL but do believe they do have some great services to offer if only their customer service could improve. But hopefully now that they are all part of a large company such as DHL then things might improve.

****UPDATE 26/10/04****
Back last week I ordered some products via PC World online that were due to be delivered within 2 working days. They did not arrive, so after contacting PC World delivery was re-arranged for today. Again no-show, so PC World contacted the courier and it turns out that my parcel had been completely mislaid and could not be found. However over the course of the day the product has been found but I now have to wait until Thursday for them. So thats another day sat at home wasted. According to the person I spoke to they have had to inform the accounts manager at the courier because this is not a one off! One guess who the courier is? Yes you guessed it .......................................................................................................Securicor Omega, Part of DHL.

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  • jackie1969uk published 16/01/2006
    I ordered 2 phones from The Link online and both had delays and problems with delivery with DHL. Why are these reputable companies still using this service the old snail royal mail service is faster than them and more reliable.
  • nanoblade published 09/01/2006
    I also had this problem when ordering a new phone from O2, a year on and they still haven't changed. There was supposed to be a next day delivery service, but the parcel magically got held up overnight, and then over the whole weekend. Basically it seems that most people will get their package in the end, but it will be late more often than not.
  • jerrylee123blue published 12/08/2005
    I have also had this problem twice, lets hope they improve
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