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DKNY Be Delicious Body Lotion

A rich, luxurious moisturizing body lotion Moisturizes & softens the skin of body Skin is pampered & protected instantly Creates an aura of femininity...

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published 29/04/2012 | jimmychoogirl
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Pro does leave skin softer and smells nice
Cons does not moisturise, very expensive, does not help dry or cracked skin
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"Deliciously Smooth!"

I have been a fan of the Be Delicious scent by DKNY for some time now and for Christmas I received a DKNY box set with this body lotion alongside the perfume. Personally, I am not really a fan of these perfume scented / related moisturisers or body lotions as although I do find the scent lovely, I do not feel they do well to hydrate or moisturise the skin.

~~What is it?~~

This is a body lotion DKNY, which is to be scented the same as their popular perfume, DKNY be delicious. It is a product that is not often available due to the fact its main release time is during Christmas.

~~Price and Availability~~

These are definitely not cheap moisturisers and cost anything between £15-£23 for 150ml tube. I received a 100ml lotion, along with the perfume which I know to have cost £25, so they do work out much better buying them as pair. The only problem is, is that getting hold of these body lotions is quite difficult and only seems to become widely available through the like of Christmas and other than that they only seem to be available on Amazon and eBay. I would recommend buying this body lotion as part of the duo alongside the perfume as this does work out a much better price and you almost getting the body lotion for free.

~~The packaging~~

The packaging for this product is very simple, yet is very effective. The white background of the tube makes the green lid and black of the DKNY labelling stand out very well. It looks very fresh and clean and is not all fussy, in a way I think that is may be aimed at younger people due to he pop of bright green from the lid, however do feel it will appeal to many people. The design of the lid being on the bottom/ base of the product does mean that you are getting the most out of the product due to the fact that all of the lotion will run down this way. It has a screw top lid, which although isn't difficult to use I think I would have preferred a flip top lid as they are easier.

~~The scent~~

I was very intrigued as to see whether this body lotion would live up to, or be similar to that of the perfume, I was pleased to say that it did. The scent was extremely similar with the same top notes of apple and flowers, yet it was not quite as sweet as the perfume is, which I preferred. It was as if it were a subtle, less powerful, juicier version of the perfume. It had a really fresh scent to it, which to me made it smell as if is suited the summer more than the winter as it was a very light fragrance.

~~Using the Product~~

The first thing I noticed when using the product was how liquid based it was. On my first use I did not need to squeeze the tube and the lotion came streaming out and as soon as it did this I was hit by the lovely scent. It was a very white lotion that was ever so runny and did seem rather water based. Although it did not run off my hands, I did find myself having to use it quite quickly in order to avoid it running everywhere.

I was pleasantly surprised at the texture of the lotion, it did have an ever so slightly greasy texture to it, but was done so in a moisturising way, other than that, it has a very fine, silky texture to it. To apply the lotion felt very smooth and cooling, I thought that it may sit on my skin due to it being very liquidy, yet was pleased to see it soaked into my skin well. I did feel that I needed to use quite a lot of this lotion as I actually found that it was soaking into the skin too fast and did not really seem to actually be moisturising my skin. Despite it feeling slightly greasy to begin with, I was pleased that it did not leave any greasy residue and instead left my skin feeling quite soft and smooth to the touch.


I wasn't that impressed with the results. The immediate effect of this lotion was the cooling sensation and it leaving my skin soft and smooth to the touch, though other than I found it didn't really do a lot. Although my skin did feel like it had been hydrated, which left it smooth and soft I still felt that it didn't actually moisturise. Though my skin did feel soft, it still looked slightly dry or cracked in places where the lotion had soaked in too fast. I think had the lotion been a little thicker in consistency then it would have been able to moisturise my skin a lot more efficiently.

The scent did linger on my skin, which was one of the plus sides of this product and found that throughout the day that I had applied this product I would often get waves of the scent. The scent was much more subtle when this happened, but smelt very fresh and clean and still held some similarity to the perfume.

~~My Thoughts~~

I think I was right to be a little dubious when trying this body lotion as it does not seem that it is all that it is cracked up to be. Although the packaging is simple yet effective and was something that really appealed to me and the scent of the product was really lovely, I felt that as a body lotion it failed to do the basics of moisturising the skin. I would be lying if I had said that there was no difference in the appearance of my skin as the lotion did leave it looking and feeling smoother, yet I found that the product soaked into the skin far too quickly to actually moisturise.

I was also not really a fan of the very water based lotion, I would have preferred a thicker consistency as I think I this would have moisturised the skin far more effectively and would not have soaked in as quickly. Although I liked the fact that this body lotion did feel light on the skin, the fact that it didn't really do anything far outweighed this.

I also think that this product is far too expensive based on the fact that you need a lot of the product to feel like it is doing anything, hence going through it very quickly, but also due to the fact that it doesn’t even moisturise. I think had the body lotion been based around the £8-10 mark it would have still been very expensive for what it is, yet you would be paying for the scent and the DKNY name. Despite the many negatives of this product, I still quite like it due to the lovely scent and light feeling on the skin. I feel that this body lotion will hopefully fair much better in the summer, where my skin will ntot be as dry and does not need moisturising as such, but rehydrating which I think this body lotion does.


-Lovely scent
-Feels light on skin
-May be better in the summer
-Does leave skin softer and smoother


-Doesn't moisturise skin
-Very expensive for what it it
-Packaging may not appeal to all- is quite plain
-Soaked into the skin far too quickly


Overall, I feel that there are far better body lotions on the market for considerably better prices. Although I love the scent and the way it feels on the skin, I feel that the price and the way in which it fails to moisturise this far out ways this and makes it very hard to recommend. Although the product isn't awful, it does not seem to affect dry or cracked skin in any way, hence making it a rather poor body lotion.

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  • dahlin published 29/04/2012
    I've yet to find a matching body lotion that lives up to the quality of the perfume :( x
  • catsholiday published 29/04/2012
    What a shame !
  • mozzie76 published 29/04/2012
    Good review
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