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... If you doubt that I really can promise you it is by far the easiest way I have ever renewed my car tax and I can't see me ever going back to queuing again at the Post Office! If you own a car the next time your renewal notice drops through your letterbox you will see in large letters ... Read review

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Taxing your vehicle the easy way

AdvantagesQuick, easy all you need to do is pay!

DisadvantagesAll your paperwork needs to be in order

"...relicense online (or tell the DVLA that your vehicle is off the road). Not only do they make it clear that you can use this service they also give you, in very bold print, the reference number you need to use in order to do that. They list the web address for you and a telephone number to use if you want to do it by phone. You can use the service from the 15th day of the month in which your current licence expires and can pay by credit or debit ..." Read review

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Community Level 6scuba_angel


Road tax the evils of the all knowing computer

Advantagessimple and quick

Disadvantagesdoesnt alway work out that way

"...my old workmates and the DVLA themselves I decided it was time to tell other people about the terrible service I have recieved from the DVLA. As happens to many people I didn't have chance to go to the Post Office when my road tax was coming up for renewal, so Iogged on and used their website. The process itself is simple, you need the 16 digit reference they send you through the post, the car must also be insured and have a valid new style MOT. ..." Read review

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tax the easy way

Advantagesquick no waiting in queues


"...must say though that the DVLA have got onto a good idea here, renewing online.....YES, no more standing in the dreaded post office queue for an hour at the same time as everyone else getting their tax. So how does it work, well first wait for your reminder to pop thrrough the post which is usually 14 days before renewal and on the right hand side of the leeter in big bold black writting is "Relicense or SORN online or by phone and a 16 digit refernce ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Jayne27


Taxing car is simple and easy!

Advantagesno queing up!


"This is a very good way to tax your car. Very Efficient service to use. It has a very useful website with simple to use features. All you need is your reference number on your reminder form or your reference on your registration document(Log book). The website indicates and demonstrate's where you find the numbers you require, So you dont need to read through every word,page etc to find it!. It takes up 5 working day's to recieve your new tax ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lemonstar

Quick review of DVLA Tax Disc Online service

"Should be a better way to renew however I am unable to and the reason, according to my insurance company, eSure, is that my insurance runs out at the same time as my tax. eSure initially said that my details would be uploaded to the DVLA were within 30mins of them renewing my insurance. I tried renewing my tax the day after I renewed my insurance but it failed because the DVLA could not find valid insuance for my car! I rang eSure the next day and they said IF the insurance details didn't go through they had 7 days (by law they said) to update and that they couldn't confirm if the details had been updated or not.

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