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Daewoo Leganza 2.0

Saloon - 131 bhp - Petrol

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published 05/10/2005 | atbbiz
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Pro Good Look,Reliable performance, good runner
Cons heating system,A/C system
Road Handling
Fuel consumption

"Daewoo, Surprisingly Great"

I own a leganza and i am extremely happy about some things and I am extremely disappointed with a few aspects.
The Engine is great, it performance is as good as a Honda or a Toyota. the pick up, the sustainability of the engine are good. The fuel consumption is above average and affordable. The seats and other in-car features are good too. On a long drive, the car is excellent. It stays up and the engine doesnt get worked up. Its easy to maintain an average speed without pushing the engine. Either a quick speeding up or a gradual pick up of speed the engine responds equally. The suspension is not too close to the road and neither too high. This aspect can be viewed as both good and bad aspect. The good being that its neither too high nor too low, and the bad aspect is, its neither too high or too low. The wide body allows the car to set itself on the road very comfortably. It acts as an catalyst when in high speeds, controlling the car is quite easy and the car tipping over is not very likely, though not impossible. It takes the corners quite efficiently and if taken in the right angles, average curves can easily be taken at 70miles without even taking the leg off the pedal. Braking system is efficient. Breaks heat up as anyother average car. Wear and Tear is average for a decent driver.

The down side are mainly to do with the pipes and heating system. The coolant tank, break fluid tank etc are not very transparent, and with a bit of carbon on them, its difficult to see the levels. The heating system is not very efficient, There are high chance of the heating system to break down and the pipes developing leaks. The other aspect that could be a bit of a high spender is the Head Gasket. If not taken care, it could be an expensive affair.

Despite everything. I am very happy with my leganza, it has class, look and the features are as good as other cars and has provision for upgrading without much hassle.

The Leganza is a lovely looking car. The curves and shapes are quite unique. Especially the fall from the rear passenger doors towards the tail lights have a touch of the angle of the Jaguar , but in a more suttle manner. The boot is quite accomodating, Can hold a large travel luggage a cabin brief and still have space. The rear seats can be drawn down forwards to open the boot to carry long cargo, especially flat packed furniture, From the boot to the back of the front seat, the length is about 6 feet (+/- 2 inches). The width of the door from the boot to the back seat is about 2 feet wide( +/- 2 inches) . The rear seats are quite spacious and deep. The backrest for the middle seat can be brought down as a hand rest if there are only 2 passengers in the back. I could say, the comfort level inside the car is above average. I sometimes do a 200 mile drive down to london and still get out as fresh as a new leaf. I drive an Automatic, so relatively less stress in the city limits & traffic lights. The transmission is quite smooth, with a 2 ltr engine capacity, the change of top gears go unnoticed/unfelt. The gears switching to low gears is rarely noticeable. Speaking of controls, its digital controls on the airconditioning/heating. A unique feature in the air conditioning/heating . I can select a temperature level and select Auto, the system maintains the inside temperature just at that level, just like Cruise control. Coming to Cruise Control, its and additional feature on most leganzas, unless the dealer tries to woe you to buy the car may offer it as a standard. Good Leathered Steering, with standard controls for lights and wipers. The steering can be adjusted to the requirement of the driver. The ply is about 9 inches up or down. Also a standard feature of Leganza is the headlight focus. There are 3 settings for the Headlights. This increses the scope of the headlights by about 4-5 feet when set on high 3. Ofcourse the dashboard panel lighting level can be controlled by a roller wheel. The glove compartment is roomy. Just at the elbow of the driver there is additional storage space. Seperate Cup holders are just near the Hand Break.

The Gear Stick itself is quite standard and has a safety lock to prevent change of gears when the car is in use. The lock has to be pressed in deliberately to change gears. This prevents change of gears by accident push/pull by driver/passenger. The windows are electric and controls on all doors. The driver has control of all windows and by press of a switch can deactivate all other window buttons in the car as safety measure if there is a child in the car. The sunroof is electric and have double doors. There are 2 settings on the sunroof., the roof can be lifted about 6 inches or pulled back about 1 foot. The pedals come with rubber soles to prevent any slips. The rear windscreen has heat panels to defrost.

The seats are spacious and can take large people. Getting in and out of the car is quite easy. Airconditioning this car take good enough of fuel. Very important to ensure that the liquids in the engine and other tanks in the engine have antifreeze since this is one of the major causes of pipe breaks. The other minor problem could be the silencer/exhaust plate where the last bit is rigged to the suspension. This plate can sometimes get loose of the connection and rattle lightly when on low gear and acclerating fast and quick.

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  • anonymili published 14/10/2005
    Nice review there, Millie :) (p.s. if you want Nar to reread and rerate your review you need to leave a message in HIS guestbook as he probably wont come back to check comments in your review...)
  • atbbiz published 05/10/2005
    Nar, I have rewritten my review. Hope it helps.
  • Lynzie published 05/10/2005
    I like the look of these cars, nice review Lynz xx
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