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published 29/11/2000 | mrpaella
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Pro Good Perks, Good Mileage Rate, Environmentally Friendly
Cons Only Holds 4 Passengers
very helpful
Road Handling
Fuel consumption

"Perfect for Backseatdriveritis!"


Last week my wife and I took our Daewoo Matiz SE for its first year servicing and had the opportunity to discuss the financial state of the company.

Daewoo in Korea is one of those companies with fingers in many pies eg television, video, microwave, shipbuilding, banking as well as car manufacturing. It transpires that the shipbuilding subsidiary borrowed large amounts of capital without paying the loans off. This led to a financial shortfall leading to the bankruptcy of Daewoo. The shipbuilding subsidiary is being sold off which should alleviate the finance side of things.

A buyer of Daewoo Cars is now being sought with General Motors being the likely bidder.

There were press articles saying that Daewoo staff in Worthing did not receive pay for a couple of months. This was exaggerated with payment of wages being delayed only by a few days.

Our Daewoo Matiz SE was designed in Italy and cost £6440 in 1999. Now the price is £6595.

The engine carrying capacity is 796 cc. The fuel capacity is 35 litres. It runs on unleaded petrol and comes with a catalytic converter. There is a rear screen wiper. There is a RDS radio provided. This makes searching for radio stations very quick.

The back seats fold in to give more boot room. It seats 4 people comfortably. It has rear seatbelts. For security there is an immobiliser and security etching on the windows. There is a fifth gear for motorway driving. Nothing needs to be touched under the bonnet. A special coolant is used. Windscreen wash needs to be topped up only if you have used a lot.

In urban areas the mileage rate is 32 miles per gallon. On motorways the mileage rate is 55 miles per gallon. Manoeuvring the car is very easy with power steering. Parking in multi-storey car parks is no problem. It's best not to exceed 75 mph.

Other perks with Daewoo include 1 year's free comprehensive insurance, 1 year's free road tax, 3 years free servicing, 3 years membership of Daewoo AA, free accident recovery service, free courtesy car while car is being serviced.

There is also free membership of the International Security Register, which is to be informed if your vehicle is stolen.

Apart from a flat tyre, we have had no problems at all during our first year of usage.

I have recently been shopping around the internet for car insurance. The cheapest quote received was from Norwich Union Direct followed by Daewoo Direct Insurance followed by Tesco Motor Insurance followed by Axa Motor Insurance.

UPDATED January 2002


In November last year my wife and I took our Daewoo Matiz for its second year servicing at the Western Avenue showroom in Park Royal, London W5. We had booked the servicing the week before.

As I knew absolutely nothing about cars the Daewoo people could have blinded me with science and I would have been none the wiser. But the servicing was quite straightforward.

I simply went to the reception desk, handed in my keys and logbook. I was told to return about 3 to 4 hours later.

Passing the time proved to be a headache. Nearby was an Office World store, which had a few nice products such as note pads, diaries, files, pens, computer workstations etc. Apart from us the place was deserted.

Next door to Office World was a posh Italian clothes shop. The cheapest items were a pair of gloves at £15. So we made a hasty exit.

A few days earlier I had purchased a copy of the Financial Times with a voucher previously sent to me. I spent some time in the Daewoo showroom reading this newspaper trying to look intelligent. Free tea, coffee etc was laid on while we waited. I must have drunk at least 4 cups of chocomilk.

The servicing was complete within 3 hours. Only the oil filter and spark plugs were changed. Last year we had to wait nearly 8 hours so things have improved.


I try to clean the windows and check the tyre pressure every weekend. Occasionally I check the tyres for stones. I use a foot pump with gauge, which cost about £8 from Halfords. My father always goes to a petrol station to check his tyre pressure, which I think, is a little silly. I never seem to have the right change for the garage tyre pressure system.

Once a month I wash the car. There is a remarkable car shampoo with added wax, which does the job.

When I feel like it I try to give the interior a good clean. I recently bought some car mat cleaner which really cleaned the mats well.

Once a year I open the bonnet and replenish the screen wash.

There are a few good American websites on car maintenance.


Usually I get most of my car accessories from Halfords. But I bought some car mats from Argos very cheaply. Homebase has a small car accessories section. Freemans catalogue also sells some good car stuff which always seems to be out of stock.


The 3 cheapest car insurers I found were Norwich Union Direct, Tesco and Direct Line. This year my car insurance came to £343, which is £9 cheaper than last year.

Road tax came to £105. As I live in London I had to fork out £50 for a residents parking permit.

I got 3 years free breakdown service on purchasing the Matiz. I suppose I shall have to shop around for a breakdown service provider at the end of this year.

3 years free servicing was also provided on purchase. But this year I shall have to fork out about £35 for a MOT test.


Driving in London is always a start stop affair. But the Matiz does about 33 miles to the gallon in urban areas. It does about 55 miles to the gallon on motorways. There is a 5th gear available to reduce fuel consumption but I have rarely used it.

I wrote a spreadsheet, which calculated that it cost 6.7p/mile in petrol to drive the Matiz.


In London there are not enough parking spaces. Sometimes cars park so close in front and behind me that it can be difficult to move out. But there have been no problems with the Matiz due to its power steering.

Another problem I faced was coping with multi-storey car parks. But again there were no problems with the Matiz.

On motorways I usually stick to the left-hand lane. In my younger days I used to race along the middle lane or even the fast right lane. I guess that time has caught up with me.


The media comment on Daewoo has not been very complimentary over the past year. Stories of Daewoo's bankruptcy and workforce discontent have abounded. Even the Daewoo call centre in Worthing was closed down.

The situation now is that General Motors is almost ready to take over Daewoo. Once taken over Daewoo will remain intact.

My mother was jealous of our purchase. She told my father to buy her a Daewoo to compete with my wife. But my father bought her a Toyota Yaris instead. Family politics is never far away.


It was my wife who persuaded me to buy the Matiz a couple of years ago. I had spent the previous 13 years using public transport in London.

The car has made the weekly shopping much easier. It has saved us the hassle of carrying our week's shopping by bus.

I see all the car adverts on TV and am only interested in the models like Claudia Schiffer. My knowledge of cars would not fill the back of an envelope.

I read that blokes regard cars as chick magnets.

This review is pretty basic due to my lack of knowledge of cars.

For more information seek out the website at www.daewoo-cars.co.uk.

UPDATED August 2002


The Western Avenue Daewoo showroom in west London closed down in April this year. The new showroom was located in Kingsbury, north-west London.

Last week my wife and I visited the new showroom as our car was to be serviced in December. Amazingly I drove straight to the showroom without getting lost.

We took the A40 to Park Royal and then took the A406 North Circular Road. At the Staples Corner roundabout we took the A5 to Edgware. Then we turned right at Hyde House to go onto the A4006 before taking the left turn onto Church Lane. Theoco Service Station was on the corner of the junction.

There were so many Daewoo cars on display that it was hard to find a parking space.

The person I talked to was quite helpful. He said that General Motors had taken over Daewoo cars and that the company was in a good financial state. He also said that the most popular car insurance for Daewoo Matiz owners was Tesco motor insurance.

A lot of work still needs to be done inside the showroom but things look promising. But at least we know where to go for our next service.


One of the perks buying a new Daewoo was 3 years free breakdown service, free warranty and free accident cover. My 3 years of free perks runs out this December. On my last visit to the Western Avenue branch I was told that Daewoo did a combined breakdown service and warranty for a year at GBP 225.

Last week I phoned the head office for more information on this deal. The man told me that the rates were being revised and told me to ring back a month before my existing deal runs out.

I took this to mean that he would not give me any quotes over the phone to compare with other breakdown suppliers. As he told me to ring a month before my policy ran out he did not want to give me enough time to give me to shop around for new quotes. I feel that this was bad customer service and did not reflect well on Daewoo.

I am at present looking for a new breakdown service. My first stop is Ciao.

UPDATED April 2003


In the past couple of years our Daewoo service was done at the Western Avenue branch in West London. After General Motors took over Daewoo it closed down all the showrooms. It preferred franchised dealerships instead.

Our local franchised dealer was Theoco Service Station in Kingsbury. I spent a couple of days ringing them but got no answer. I then phoned the head office of GM Daewoo to make a service and MOT appointment for me. But I got no subsequent feedback. A few days later I rang the head office again and to my surprise an appointment had already been made. Thanks for letting us know!

The appointment was made for 10 am. I was concerned at arriving in time, as the traffic around Staples Corner can be very busy in the morning. I rang the garage if I could arrive a little later and they agreed.

Due to our late arrival we obviously were at the back of the queue. But a courtesy car was available but I declined to drive a car, which I had never driven before. We were shown to the car servicing area where we sat on benches. We took supplies such as crisps, soft drinks and magazines to while away the time. There was music blaring in the background. Pink's 'Just like a Pill' was played at least 3 times.

It was quite fun seeing the Daewoo being serviced. The mechanics were very dedicated. The funniest person was a member of staff working at a desk nearby. When other colleagues were nearby he was hard at work. Otherwise he was on the phone to a girlfriend. I noticed nothing untoward but my wife understands Hindi and cottoned on.

After being serviced our Daewoo had to undergo a MOT. I was having kittens during the previous few days in case it failed its MOT test. Luckily it passed with flying colours. The MOT cost just over GBP 39.

There was some paperwork to be completed and everything was finished within 3 hours. The customer service at Theoco was excellent and could not be faulted.

My only regret was that there was not a Daewoo garage nearer home.


Daewoo has an excellent scheme where new cars have 3 years free warranty. My warranty recently ran out and I had to look for an extended warranty deal.

I used the search engine Google but the links found were out of date.

I rang Daewoo customer services and was told that due to the recent take-over by General Motors, the extended warranty service would be delayed. I was told to ring after Xmas.

I rang again and was told that Daewoo did not do extended warranties at all. But I was given a couple of phone numbers for the AA and RAC.

I looked at the AA site and was given a quote of GBP 163 for one year. The RAC site was difficult to surf.

I bought the AA extended warranty online but heard nothing for a few days. I later rang customer services who confirmed that my payment had gone through. It would have been nice if there was an e-mail acknowledgement of my payment.

The documentation came a few days later. At least I have got peace of mind in case of mechanical failure.

UPDATED November 2003


Daewoo was the first company to introduce 3 years free servicing. My free servicing ran out last year. So I felt some trepidation regarding the costs of the 4th year servicing.

I phoned Theoco for an appointment and was given an immediate appointment. They have computerised their records so accessing my details proved no problem.

I always thought that the car should be brought in for servicing as early as possible. I hate driving through the rush hour traffic when I am not fully awake. Motorists always move between lanes and constantly break the speed limit. Driving can be quite dangerous at this time.

This time I deliberately set off later. This gave me more time to wake up. There was hardly any traffic. Everything was far more relaxing.

On arrival I simply handed over my keys, the maintenance log and the Theoco Privilege Customer Card. This card entitled you to various discounts. I have always liked the idea of loyalty cards such as Tesco ClubCard, Boots Advantage Card etc. It was a great idea to introduce a loyalty card for a garage.

The whole building had been refurbished in the past year. There was seating for waiting customers with tables with newspapers. There was even a water, tea and coffee making facility. The best part was the music playing in the background. A member of staff even practised his dance moves to the music!

Remarkably the servicing and MOT were completed in less than 2 hours. The oil filter, a gasket, 3 spark plugs, the brake fluid and the wipers were replaced. The total bill came to just over GBP 210. The loyalty card gave a 20% discount on labour, a 10% discount on parts, and a 33% discount on the MOT. There was a printout of the basic emission CAT test that was useful to look at.

I felt so elated at the result of the MOT test that it was difficult to come back down to earth. The drive home was very satisfying. The workmanship was excellent. I did feel a little sheepish initially as I had written about Theoco in a previous update. I suppose that is one of the hazards of writing opinions.

The cold dark winter nights are already here. I shall need to find out more about maintaining the car over winter. Some time ago I read an excellent op by Ken (the_mad_cabbie) on the subject. Being a cab driver he knows more than most about vehicles. He is well on the way to reaching a community points milestone by Xmas.

I was pleased to become a red dot but am really not that interested in accumulating community points. I have written ops on probably every subject in my tiny brain. I do like to update previous ops though. Ciao allows 5500 words per op and it makes sense to make use of this space.

Thanks for reading.

Drive carefully!

UPDATED February 2005


I have had more driving test failures than hot dinners. I always passed the Highway Code but failed the driving part of the test. All talk and no action have been the story of my life. I was always poor at chemistry, biology and physics practicals at school. I was great at the theoretical part but had no idea how all this fitted into the practical world. During an A level chemistry practical exam my hand was shaking so much that most of the test tube contents fell out. This made identifying the unknown chemical a tad harder. During one of my first driving tests my right leg shook uncontrollably. The examiner took one look at my leg and thought to himself 'fail'. Where are Phoebe, Piper and Paige when you need them?

I have applied to be Prince Charles' gardener. It is one way to gatecrash the royal weeding. The Prince has his own Bentley amongst others. When he visited Prague a few years back he missed his Bentley so much that he had it flown over to the Czech Republic capital. The Daewoo does more miles to the gallon than a Bentley, which makes it environmentally better.

Camilla reminds me a lot of Noddy. May be that's why she is marrying Big Ears. I bet that the Queen cannot wait to serve tea at the wedding breakfast on April 8th. Dromedary or Bactrian?

I have always thought of myself as an amateur sleuth after watching cop shows such as Z Cars, Dixon of Dock Green, Charlie's Angels etc. My all-time hottie is Dee Dee McCall from 'Hunter'. I would certainly like to help her with her enquiries.

While John Stevens conducts his own probe into the Paris car crash I have my own unique slant on the matter. The renegade MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson came to the correct conclusion in a Channel 5 documentary shown a few months ago. The seatbelts had been tampered with. I read in the National Enquirer that the husband and wife witnesses to the crash were mysteriously murdered during a holiday in the South of France. So the Harrods boss lost his son and grandchild just because of his religion. The removal of the Royal warrants from the store is the beginning of the end for the Royle Family. Refer to my 'life after death' Ciao op.

As a conspiracy theorist, I must be the only person in the UK who believes that Muslims were NOT at all involved in 9/11. It was perpetrated to secure Iraq's oil revenue in petrodollars.

Speaking of oSAMa, one porter has refused to open the door for us for the past 9 years. Meanwhile his erstwhile cousin took advantage of our good nature with his industrial language. It is not surprising that my father bribes at least one of them.


Last March my worst fears about my battery came to fruition. Since Xmas the car had started stalling on the first ignition. Eventually it started on the 3rd or even the 4th attempt. As ever I was oblivious to the signals. The battery was dying after 5 years of being assaulted by my driving.

I was warming up in the pouring rain before the Monday weekly shop to Tesco. The ignition failed after 5 or 6 attempts. The weather was too cold to wet myself. I phoned Tesco breakdown services who were very courteous amid my panic ramblings. They said that someone would come within 2 hours, which they did. I read somewhere that the worst day to breakdown is a Monday. Cue particular Boomtown Rats/New Order/Bangles/Mamas & Papas hits.

The Green Flag man was very understanding and professional. He jumpstarted the car and told me to keep the engine running for 40 minutes. He also gave me the name of a local battery shop. This was good sensible advice. Remarkably SHMBO suggested that we immediately go shopping, as the car was all right. I did not want the car to stall again in the Tesco car park.

The following day I went to the battery shop run by a very nice man. As ever I got lost on the way and to my wife's angst refused to ask for directions. The job was efficiently done within a couple of hour. There was even a 3-year guarantee on the new battery.

While waiting for the battery to be fixed an unusual event occurred. A phantasmagorical tall raincoated woman holding a football walked just behind me. She has subsequently replaced Wendy, the naughty nurse as the fantasy woman in my mind.

Back in the 1970s my father dreaded the yearly servicing. A Hull garage with a glamour model name once serviced the car. It spluttered to a stop a few days after the servicing. I think that it was the AA who told him that the battery had been replaced by an old battery during the service. James Stewart's 6ft invisible rabbit would not have been best pleased.

Ever since that incident I have been wary of garages. Watching programmes such as 'Garages from Hell' increased my paranoia. I do not know many mechanics. I think Kevin in 'Corrie' was one. Charlene from 'Neighbours' was another one. Keavy Lynch from B*witched (and sister of former hottie Edele) may have been an Irish one.


Fortunately the Daewoo passed its 5th year servicing and MOT. There was a discount for reduced mileage. The service from Theoco was as excellent as ever. I made our appointment for as late as possible. I hate driving half-asleep first thing in the morning. I always try to wash the car before the servicing to give a good impression. My father only washes his Passat when it rains. No wonder his cars have never passed the MOT first time around.

I try to check the tyre pressures and clean the windows every week. I read in Nectar magazine that having the correct tyre pressure can increase fuel consumption. During the latest cold snap I have used deicer and preicer instead of windolene etc with better results. My father always pours a jug of boiling water over the icy windscreen, which could have shattered.

On school runs my father used to ogle other women drivers. My current hottie is Baby Jane who 5 Live drives a Ford Focus as well as a bike. Peter Allen must have the best job in the world. I wonder how many Valentine cards he sent her? Having a daughter who is a vegetarian and a Spurs fan must help though. Regarding girls I am more a leg man than a face man. One day I shall come to regret such inane remarks.


When I was younger I went through a boy racer phase with a personalised car number plate. I was influenced by years of watching the F1 pit girls. I had the delusion that fast cars meant fast women. The more my father told me to slow down the faster I went.

I remember a TV or radio interview with a breakdown man who said that if everyone drove like they did on their driving test there would not be any road fatalities. I started driving more carefully after a psychic saw me in a road accident with broken bones.

About 20 years ago my father told me about a father-son AA membership scheme before he went to India on holiday. Murphy's law applied as my head gasket blew on the M25. But I was not covered and was towed to the nearest garage. I had never suffered so much anxiety. My father was too miserly to add my name to his AA membership. This father-son AA scheme was another of his compulsive lies. He had spent all his money on his cannibal relatives.

Odd events took place a couple of months ago. During my daily walk I came across a Mercedes with almost the same number plate as mine but a lower number. This lulled me into a false sense of security. A few days later another I walked passed another car with a similar plate to mine but a higher number. Point taken. Receiving messages from car number plates is known in the trade as perceptual deception.


At last year's Ideal Home Show at Earls Court I came across 'Mer' who are probably the best car-cleaning brand around. The demonstration was very impressive. The highlight was applying a flame to the car surface applied with Mer, which did not damage the paintwork at all. I bought a pack containing polish, shampoo, bumper clear, alloy wheel cleaner etc. quite cheaply. I had seen the product demonstrated on QVC and another home shopping channel. You must wonder what sad a life I lead.

All the products were excellent bar the shampoo and polish. I did not have a high-pressure hose to wash off the shampoo at high speed. I did see a hose being advertised on QVC for flat owners. It worked on the principle of a siphon. We are back to the physics practicals again.

I should have applied the polish in small amounts via a cloth. Instead I just poured over half a container over the car and all the polish then solidified. I was already in hot water for pulling out of some household chores to apply the polish. The car looked a mess. Even a neighbour asked me if it had been vandalised. After about 7 hours of hard rubbing most of it came off. The beauty of the polish is that it provides a thin layer of protection against bird droppings etc. Mer is an excellent company but too sophisticated for the likes of me. I shall stick to speaking to Polish waitresses such as Jolanka, Eva and Sylwia instead.


My road tax reminder arrived on the 11th of the expiry month. Like a good citizen I popped along to the post office the following day to renew the road tax. But the post office told me that the new discs would be available from the 15th. The reminders were sent out early in case of any postal delay. I accept their argument but there should have been an accompanying note explaining this with the reminder.

At the post office I had to bring car insurance and MOT test certificate as proof. This was an excellent step forward. You cannot legally drive unless you have insurance. The car is only roadworthy if it has passed its MOT test. As everything is more or less computerised nowadays fraud detection rates should increase.

The low exhaust emissions from the Daewoo meant the cheapest road tax available. I read that the government is reluctant to approve of public transport initiatives due to fears of losing road tax revenue. John '15 Jags' Prescott would have done well in the forthcoming 'Celebrity Wrestling' series. I would like road tax discs to be purchased in places other than post offices e.g. like stamps in supermarkets.

A few weeks ago I was in the local post office having just bought some stamps. The glue pots had all run of glue and I mentioned this to a model standing next to me. She simply shouted 'lick it'. I don't think she meant with saliva somehow.


I have now stopped shopping around for car insurance quotes. I have been with Tesco motor insurance for a few years now. Perhaps I am too cynical to look for a cheaper quote. I drive to Tesco for my weekly shop so I might as well insure with them.

The best car insurance around is Norwich Union Direct. My father and his Hull Bengali doctor colleagues all have policies with them. That's why I changed to a different company. Bengalis always follow one other like sheep. Hull is similar to Hamblin in that respect.

Lloyd's Bank recently told me that they could undercut any insurance quote. They would even pay double the difference up to a maximum of GBP 100. The catch is that they would offer a no obligation quote on the spot catching you unawares. Don't believe the hype.

The doctors I have come across all boast of tax avoidance and expenses fiddling scams. The medical defence union should have their powers stripped. Hanging should be brought back for accountants only.


Life is never dull with a schizophrenic father and mentally ill mother. Hindu Bengali medical families are all closet psychotics. There's never a dull moment on parental car journeys.

Back in the 1970s we travelled in an Opel Rekord. I don't know if Opel still exists or has been swallowed up by someone like BMW.I remember one trip to Doncaster via something like the A63. Glews Garage was the main scenic point. To save money my mother made a thermos flask of coffee. During the journey my father wanted a cuppa. As my mum was about to pour the milk from the carton my father braked heavily. There was milk all over the car. The funny part was that it was not cleaned up for a few weeks. The smell inside the Opel had to be seen to be believed. There was crying over spilt milk.

My father always decided when to change cars. As ever he only consulted my mother then totally disregarded her advice. Children were seen and not heard.

There was a memorable incident in June 2003 when we went up to Hull. A family friend let slip about my parents' secret holiday to Scandinavia later that week. It was quite a shock to us. Anyway the 4 of us decided to travel down to London on the following Saturday and agreed to meet up at various M1 service stations. On the Saturday there was a change of plans and my father announced that he would not be going with us. I protested and he bellowed 'mind your own business' in his gorilla voice.

We then set off for London quite perplexed while my father pretended to clean his car with a sponge. I have never ever seen my father cleaning his car so I smelled a rat. After leaving Bates Motel we returned about a couple of minutes later. My father had already gone inside the house to ring his most favourite beloved and jolly sister.

What followed was a race from Hull to London. I nearly had an accident whilst trying to keep up with the faster Passat. I caught up with the crooks at Leicester Forrest service station. The looks on my parents' faces were a picture to behold. Jesus Christ certainly came to my help when I needed him most. All my trials, love, will soon be over.

I am off to learn some driving tips from Robin Asquith now.

Thanks for reading.

Drive carefully.


UPDATED October 2005


One of my weekly chores is checking the tyre pressures. A couple of decades ago I had to go ot the local petrol station for checking the pressures. It did rankle with me that I had to pay for the air.

A few years ago I invested in a foot pump from Halfords. It cost around GBP 8. I certainly got my money's worth. On one of my morning walks I noticed a neighbour using a tyre inflator. It made inflating seem quite effortless. So I bought a Michelin 12v digital tyre inflator from Halfords. It cost about GBP 35.

It simply works from the cigarette lighter socket. The digital gauge has a blue-glow display and is accurate to 1 PSI. Other pressure formats are BAR and KPA. The correct tyre pressure can be auto-preset. A switch turns on the inflator. The inflator can also be used for cycles, sports equipment, beach toys and air beds etc. Special adaptors are provided for these. I have so far been very pleased with the inflator.


A new law was recently passed saying that drivers with mental health problems have to notify the DVLA. Obviously my schizophrenia fell into this category. I phoned for an application form which came within a couple of days.

The form itself was quite easy to fill in. The health questions were quite intrusive but it's best to be totally honest. Many years ago I had a medical for a new company I had recently joined. I deliberately hid my schizophrenia from them as I feared for my job. But I later had a breakdown and ended up in hospital. The worst part was getting the sack whilst in hospital. That was a horrible feeling. Honestly is always the best policy.

The form wanted reports from my specialists and GP about my ability to drive. About 3-4 weeks later I received the go-ahead to carry on driving for a further year. The downside was that I had to surrender my paper licence for a photo-card licence. This meant filling in a form and attaching a passport-sized photo.

The Post Office has a great service where they can check the application and send it off to the DVLA. This service costs GBP 4. It took several weeks for the photo-card licence to arrive. So there must have been quite a backlog. I still have to reapply for a photo-card licence in a year's time.


I have invested in some Mer car products over the past few months. Some were good purchases and some proved to be bad:


This cleans aluminium wheels and removes brake dust. You just spray evenly on wheels and wait for 3 minutes. Then you simply wash down with a sponge and water. The wheels really sparkle afterwards.


This restores vinyl and rubber bumpers, trim, wing mirror casings, vinyl roofs and rubber. You just apply the gel with a clean cloth and leave to dry. The result is a shiny finish.


This proved to be a disaster. It was supposed to be an anti-fog demister designed to prevent steaming up of interior windscreens, car windows and mirrors. This was applied with a dry cloth.

About a week later I was driving through cold weather guaranteed to condense the windows. No problem I thought. To my horror the windows steamed up quicker than before and would not clear. After wiping the mist with a cloth the window and windscreen steamed up again. The mist only disappeared when the windows were opened.

The fact that the steamed up windscreen made visibility nil was a health hazard. The internal fans had little or no effect on removing the mist.

I shall never use this product again. T

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    very informative wel ldone.
  • maisiemouse123 published 22/04/2007
    A brilliantly informative review - well done, a little bit long, but loved it. thanks - Karen :)
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