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published 25/09/2004 | NataliePhelan
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I took Yakult for about 6 weeks straight, in the hope that Id boost my immune system and feel all healthy and bouncy. I didnt. I just forked out every week for what was essentialy, off milk.
I didnt give up though, I was positive there was something in this whole, good bacteria business. So I switched to Actimel.
Ive gone through almost all the flavours in the last 5 weeks, and Ive managed to switch a very sceptical other half onto it. So heres the lowdown...

Actimel are little 100g pots of yoghurt drink, available from your local supermarket for about £2.60 for 8 pots, which I think is really expensive. Im a studet and forking out for these each months takes away one night of drinking in the student union!. 4 pot packs are also available. Its kept in the milk aisle, so it shouldnt be too difficult to find.

Actimel comes in a variety of flavours - original yoghrt, my personal favourite. 0% Fat, which I find quite repulsive, it tastes somewhat dry. Multifruit. I havent tried this one yet as it really isnt appealing to me. Orange, not great. and Strawberry, nice enough but I got fed up of it after two weeks.

To describe the taste, all Ill say is, its yoghurt, so strawberry, is strawberry yohgurt, thats what it tastes like. Simple as that.

Why should I drink it then?

Well, for starters you have nothing to lose. They offer a money bck guarantee if you dont feel different after 2 weeks. Just keep the cardboard casing that your little pots are attached to and return them to the manuacturer for a refund.

A quick visit to tells you all you need to know about the product, and about what it claims to do to your body -

Actimel is a yoghurt that contains probiotics, which are supposed to be bacteria thats good for you. The active one in this is called L.Casei Immunitas. Which sounds abit like something that was made up to sell products to me.
Actimel claims to keep your bodys natural balance everyday and during stressful times and weather changes, protecting you from bugs.

The idea is, drink a pot a day, and keep the nasties away. Well. A pot a day hasnt stopped me getting sniffles a couple of times. But it is pleasant to drink it first thing in the morning. I dont have breakfast, as I cant stomach it, but I can manae a refreshing pot of actimel every morning, and it sets me up for the rest of the day.

I talked my other half into trying it and he claims he feels worse since taking actimel, but he always has been a bit of a drama queen. He never wants to believe that anything works, so lets discount his opinion!

I have to be honest, unless I was bouncing off the walls I wouldnt notice if i was feeling any different, so to impress me then actimel needs to have a really dramatic effect. And so far it hasnt, and ive been taking it for around 5 weeks now.

So, I keep asking myself why Im still buying it. The answer is as simple as...habit. I wouldnt feel the same if I didnt drink my morning actimel, and Im pretty sure that thats how they keep people buying the stuff, not because its a miracle worker and makes you feel tip top, but because people are afraid theyll feel poo if they stop drinking it.

I feel like I might have been slightly unfair to Yakult and Actimel, as I took them both over the summer. Taking them over the winter might have produced different results, as people tend to feel more sluggish and miserable in the winter, and we suffer more with colds. So Ill continue using Actimel into the winter, and come back and update. Maybe Ill be changing the whole op to sing the praises of these pro biotic drinks. I doubt it though!

I wouldnt say that I recommend the product just yet, because you might end up just buying it out of habit like I do, rather than because it benefits!

Thanks for reading!

Nat :o)

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  • LegendaryMrDude published 02/03/2005
    For some reason I doubt drinking this stuff in the winter would make any difference to drinking it in the summer. Call me cynical, but it just strikes me as a great way to bump up the price of yoghurt . Good review. Sam.
  • skeet263 published 16/01/2005
    I went through an Actimel phase... I felt the same. It became more of a morning routine, and I dare not take my bottle of actimel. However, I didn't have endless energy, and felt the same. Perhaps inside my body was thanking me, though. Advertising is a little misleading.
  • lauzc69 published 03/10/2004
    I've been thinking about trying these because the adverts make them sound full of goodness. Not sure if I would like the taste of them though, the thought of drinking original flavour yoghurt makes me feel sick! Laurie xx
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