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Dark Avengers: Assemble - Brian Michael Bendis

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... Dark Avengers takes place not long after a huge battle between Earth's superheroes (mainly the Avengers) and a race of aliens known as the Skrull. By the time of this publication, the Avengers have all been disbanded, and Tony Stark's (aka Iron Man) multi-billion dollar enterprise based in ... Read review
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Time to embrace the dark side?

AdvantagesGreat concept and well written

DisadvantagesNothing really: perhaps a few small holes

"...alien copycat who assumes a dark Spiderman form and was Spidey's most dangerous nemesis throughout the later comics. To have a superhero's main enemy as one of the heroes of a new group to save the world is nothing short of risky, and the list doesn't stop there. With characters such as the volatile and incredibly schizophrenic Sentry, whose every good deed uncontrollably causes his alter ego, The Void, to do a bad deed. Wolverine's bastard son is ..." Read review

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Title Dark Avengers: Assemble
Author Brian Michael Bendis
Publisher Marvel Comics
EAN 9780785138525; 9780785138518
Release Date 16.12.2009
Type Comics
ISBN 0785138528


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similar by Price (10 GBP to 14 GBP)
A thrilling first half, and quality artwork
The last story, which takes three issues to complete, is rubbish (*)
X-Men, long story arch,
but hes my favourite character! it doesn't end here! (*)
similar by Publisher (Marvel Comics)
Great artwork, Powerful storyline utilising iconic characters
Some of the political elements distract from the action (*)
Lots of fan-favourite fights between iconic heroes, Great art, Years of stories brought to an end
May need prior knowledge of some previous storylines to enjoy fully (*)
Great storytelling and artwork
Nothing (*)
A different side to some major villains
The lack of a real heroic antagonist for said villains (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (D)
Brilliant story. Brilliant artwork. Must for daredevil fans or fans of great comics.
None for me. Not for young children. (*)
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