Dawn Of The Dead (Theatrical Version) (DVD)

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Dawn Of The Dead (Theatrical Version) (DVD)

First-time director Zack Snyder remakes zombie master George A. Romero's classic 1978 gore-fest DAWN OF THE DEAD, wisely replicating only the basic el...

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Review of "Dawn Of The Dead (Theatrical Version) (DVD)"

published 09/01/2006 | DaManUnhinged
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"Perfect baby, Perfect."

The plots starts differently compared to the origianal, with patients entering the hospital with bite wounds and the nurse Ana (Sarah Polley) getting ready to go home. She doesnt realise that she will not be going to work the next day. She goes home to her husband and they make love in the shower as the important news flash comes on the TV. The next morning her husband wakes up to see their next door neighboor's daughter zombified in their bedroom. Hhe gets bitten and dies only to become a zombie himself. Ana escapes her home and finds some survivors. They decide to go to the mall where they meet security guards. The rest of the film is about the survivors living in the mall, but they eventualy have no choice than to leave. At The end of the film as the credits are going up, we witness the death of the remaining survivors. This was an unexpected plot twist but it was not necsasary as it was too near to the end of the film to have any effect. Other than the guest appearances of the first movie's characters, such as Scott H Reiniger, and ken foree, and the use of a mall, there is not really much else which is the same as George A Romeros classic version of the film. This i think is its down side as this new film (directed by Zach Snyder) is no way going to compare with the origianal.
Also, what is it with fast zombies nowadays? What ever happened to the slow eerie zombies which i know and love! This film apart from comparing it to the original is a good action packed horror/thriller and is still worth watching.
The special features of this film are quite good and very original.
The video diary of Andy in Andys workshop is very clever and well acted by Bruce Bohne.
The news special feature is cool as well, seeing the news progress as the zombie infection is disturbing and makes you think its happening which in my book is fun. Its nice to see that more acting has been put into the special feature and not just the actual film for once.

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  • berlioz published 10/01/2006
    Well thanks for telling me everybody dies at the end... Berli
  • Caylen published 09/01/2006
    I don't like scarey movies myself but a good review.
  • steveking5000 published 09/01/2006
    yet to see this one...sounds good! steve
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Product Information : Dawn Of The Dead (Theatrical Version) (DVD)

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First-time director Zack Snyder remakes zombie master George A. Romero's classic 1978 gore-fest DAWN OF THE DEAD, wisely replicating only the basic elements of Romero's movie, and instead sticking to his own vision of a world overrun by undead flesh-eating creatures. The action begins with nurse Ana (Sarah Polley) waking up to discover her boyfriend has become a tasty midnight snack for a formerly cute neighboring kid. To her horror, she realizes that the whole town is in a similar state of ghoulishness, until she runs into still-alive cop Kenneth (Ving Rhames); the levelheaded Michael (Jack Weber); and Andre (Mekhi Phifer), a rebel with a pregnant wife in tow. As in Romero's original, the group heads for the local mall where they barricade themselves inside. More survivors surface, while in the outside world the zombies go about their day by slowly taking over the planet. Undeterred by the odds against them, the survivors plot, scheme, and enjoy their mall paradise. As they plan their escape, some incredibly gruesome special effects are deployed, often with a dash of wry humor added for light relief.<BR>Placing the messages from Romero's version--a funny, scary look at consumerist society--on the back burner, the 2004 version of DAWN OF THE DEAD instead concentrates on delivering a witty blood-fest. The zombies appear to have taken their cues from the fast-moving corpses of Danny Boyle's 28 DAYS LATER, and are generally much more agile than their 1978 counterparts. Director Snyder gets the balance between humorous set-pieces and plot development exactly right throughout, producing an enjoyable remake that can easily hold its own alongside the deservedly hailed original film.


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