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Day After Roswell - Philip J. Corso

Non-Fiction - Magic & Paranormal - ISBN: 613100638

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Review of "Day After Roswell - Philip J. Corso"

published 05/08/2012 | sparksteroyd
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"Did Aliens Really Crash at Roswell In 1947?"

Day After Roswell - Philip J. Corso

Day After Roswell - Philip J. Corso

The Day After Roswell

The Day After Roswell is a book written by the late Lt Colonel Philip J Corso and co-authored by William J Birnes (also known as Bill Birnes). Colonel Corso is the most highest ranking government whistleblower to ever come forward to explain what really happened at Roswell, New Mexico back in 1947. Mystery has surrounded the incident ever since and a recent study shows that as many as 72% of Americans believe that there really has been an elaborate UFO cover-up perpetrated by the US government. Perhaps the Wisdom Of Crowds theory could apply to this event.

About The Author

Phil Corso was the head of the Foreign Technology Desk at the Pentagon during his assignment as Special Assistant to Lt General Arthur Trudeau, who was the head of Army R&D (Research & Development). Corso took on many important roles during his time of service with the US government including being on the National Security Council (NSC) at the White House. Corso's credentials are impeccable and he had all the clearances classified above top secret. The Day After Roswell was published in 1997 just one year before Corso's death in 1998 at the age of 83.

After Corso came forward with this information he was heavily debunked by nuclear physicist and UFO researcher Stanton Friedman. However, a further investigation carried out by Dr Michael Sallas shows how much information which could be verified was overlooked/ignored by Friedman and that Corso is much more reputable than Friedman was willing to admit. In actual fact, all the people named in the book aswell as much of the information can be verified and it does actually check out. There is no evidence that Corso was lying even fifteen years after the book was published.

About The Contents

In The Day After Roswell Corso details a fascinating story about his experiences at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1947, how he witnessed first-hand a small grey "extraterrestrial biological entity" stored in a vat containing blue liquid which had been stored inside a crate/coffin and how he later took involvement in reverse-engineering artifacts for Army R&D that he claims were actually extraterrestrial in origin. Corso claims that the technology they back-engineered was always simply regarded as being "foreign technology" and that's how it was treated.

Corso was a very prestigious man who was high up in the Pentagon and claims to have worked with some of the world's best scientists at the time including German rocket scientist Werner Von Braun who was brought into America after the war. It was Von Braun who had warned Donna Hare of NASA's hidden agenda for world domination via an artificial extraterrestrial threat. Donna Hare actually went on to testify as part of Dr Steven Greer's Disclosure project. However, the Disclosure project aims to have information released which proves that UFO's are indeed of extraterrestrial origin and that the US government have been reverse engineering this technology.

Corso mentions several important points in history such as the famous words of Hermann Oberth "we cannot take the credit for such technological advances alone, we have been helped". When asked by whom Oberth replied "The people of other worlds". Corso also mentions president Reagan's speech to the United Nations whereby he spoke of a potential extraterrestrial threat (in fact Reagan made four of these speeches) and claims that the real reason for the government's SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative -aka "Star Wars") was actually to defend Earth from UFO's of extraterrestrial origin. Generally, Corso goes on to portray the aliens as enemies and accuses them of mutilating our cattle (and some humans), abduction of humans and taking tissue samples, carrying out genetic engineering and tampering with Earth's environment and food supply.

Corso claims that technology such as fiber optics, integrated circuits (microchips) and kevlar material (now used in bullet-proof vests) were all back-engineered from the Roswell crash. He claims that certain corporations (including Bell Labs) were brought into the picture and were granted the patents to such technology. These projects were funded by the military during the Golden Age of R&D from 1958 - 1961. Coincidentally, president Eisenhower had actually made a speech in 1961 regarding misplaced power within the military-industrial complex and Corso explains how a government had been set up inside of the government in order to deal with the alleged extraterrestrial presence (MJ-12 / Majestic-12) whilst under the administration of president Truman. Allegedly, it was president Truman who sealed the lid of security so tightly on the UFO/EBE presence that it could never be undone, the general public were not to be told... ever!

About The Book

The Day After Roswell isn't a particularly well written book, there are spelling mistakes and errors with grammar and punctuation. However, it does still provide a highly interesting read and supplies you with plenty of information which you can verify yourself. Indeed over the last fifteen years much of this information has come to the public forefront and a lot of Corso's information pretty much checks out. However, there still remains absolutely no solid evidence whatsoever.

Colonel Corso is impossible to debunk, though I cannot say whether he is telling the truth or not but what I do know is that ever since the nineties when The Day After Roswell was published there has been a gigantic disclosure movement happening throughout America and more and more government officials keep coming forward to reveal a very similar truth. Surely, they can't all be lying? Can they?

Further Reading

If you are curious to find out the truth about what really happened at Roswell in 1947 then I would suggest The Day After Roswell as a starting point. This will lead you to be many sources of information that will seemingly verify the alleged extraterrestrial presence. For further insight on the legacy of Colonel Corso I suggest reading Dawn Of A New Age which was also written by Colonel Corso but not published until years later.

Rather curiously in Dawn Of A New Age Corso speculates a lot about a 'potential' alien threat but never once mentions his experience at Fort Bliss, Kansas when he actually saw an alien. However, he does claim that he saw the reports from alien autopsies that were carried out after Roswell. He also goes into a lot more detail about some of the claims he makes in The Day After Roswell explaining the years and the corporations/laborotaries that were involved in the reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial artifacts and provides a lot more insight in his involvement. He also speculates how the AIDS virus may actually have been one of the alien's attempts at wiping out humanity (bio-warfare) and warns that their tactics may prove to be more insidious than we could expect.


Whether or not you believe in Roswell, Corso provides a fascinating and entertaining story and should you decide to investigate further I assure you that will only find more corroborating and verifiable information. Indeed governments all over the world have started declassifying their UFO documents and some of them have proven to be fascinating, most notably Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil.

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