Dead to Rights: Reckoning (PSP)

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Dead to Rights: Reckoning (PSP)

Fearless beat cop Jack Slate is back in a hardboiled action adventure that blends the best of Hollywood cinematic style with Hong Kong inspired action...

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published 28/07/2006 | Maximal2k6
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Pro similiar to max payne, can use a variety of weapons, slow motion movement
Cons story is cliched, quite a short game, no actual purpose in the game
Difficulty & Complexity

"Senseless Violence"

Namco's hard-boiled cop Jack Stone and his K-9 partner Shadow are back in DEAD TO RIGHTS: Reckoning for the PSP. This time, Jack and Shadow must find a kidnapped informant in order to send the crime lord known as Whisper to jail. The gameplay is similar to the PS2 game DEAD TO RIGHTS 2, with most levels requiring the player to take down as many enemies as possible while accomplishing certain goals. There are also a number of bosses in the game. Like previous games in the series, players can enter slow-motion time to deliver a number of hits and summon Shadow to attack enemies. Jack has a number of new weapons at his disposal, as well as armor and health increases that can be found along the way. Jack has also learned a number of new disarms and lethal hand-to-hand skills, making him a force to be reckoned with. In addition to the single player mission, players can also challenge up to three friends in a game of deathmatch. Defeating the single player mission unlocks more character skins and maps for multiplayer mode.

It feels a lot like Max Payne only pretty stripped down.
The gameplay is fast paced and total run-n-gun and gets pretty repetetive. Level after level, same thing. You go to a place and then a bunch of random people keep coming at you. You have to kill them all and then go to the next part of the level. The auto-aim system takes all the sill out that would have been there.

The best part of the gameplay is probably the bullet time mode. If you haven't played a game with bullet time, basically you freeze time like the matrix and you can see the bullets. To execute bullet time you have to do a forward dive, I guess for added dramatic effect. and then your shots become more powerful and you can do a disarm attack. The disarm attack is really cool, you do it when you have your fists selected as a weapon and dive towards them and then you will take their weapon away and shoot them with it. Yes this game is very very violent and is just senseless violence the whole way through.

Another cool feature to this game is that you have your dog named Shadow next to you at all times, shadow cannot die; He merely recharges after every attack. You just press the square button and he will attack any guy you target and kill him.

The game also features a multiplayer mode that is really bad.

So overall, the game is pretty repetetive, and not to mention, pretty easy but it is fun. It's also a pretty short game and I think that it would be a better rental than purchase because I think some people will like it, but not think it's great, but a lot of people will hate it.

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Product Information : Dead to Rights: Reckoning (PSP)

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Fearless beat cop Jack Slate is back in a hardboiled action adventure that blends the best of Hollywood cinematic style with Hong Kong inspired action. For the first time Dead to Rights goes mobile bringing its high octane brand of gritty noir action onto the Sony PSP. Featuring a new storyline as well as new moves weapons and features Dead to Rights is packed with action. Someone has kidnapped an essential informant in a high profile investigation of an untouchable crime lord called Whisper. Jack and his trusted K-9 partner Shadow return to navigate the corrupt underworld of Grant City and go bullet-to-bullet with an army of hostile gang members to rescue the lost informant before it's too late.

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Publisher: Namco

Developer: Rebellion

Age: 16+

Genre: Shooter

Sub Genre: Third Person Shooter

Max Number of Players: 1 Player

Platform: PSP

EAN: 5030930047900


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