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Deadliest Catch - Series 2 (DVD)

This riveting Discovery Channel television series explores one of the world's most dangerous jobs: fishing for crab off the Alaskan coast. The complet...

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published 19/03/2017 | bametorz
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"more and more adventure"

The Deadliest Catch Season 2 is about Alaskan King Crab fishing in the Bering Sea. It is considered to be as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and I thought being in the peacekeeping force in Iraq or being a gun for hire was dangerous. In this documentary the lives of the fishermen and the perils they face become very real.

Episode 1: Heading Out to Sea
Captain Hillstrand of the ship Time Bandit heads out to the sea to begin our expedition. He does so on a Friday which is believed to be bad for sailors and despite the tragedy that befell the crew of Big Valley. The Big Valley ship turned on its side and sank and killed most of its crew. Just imagine falling into icy cold waters. Well a tragedy plus not following established sailing beliefs is not exactly what I would call a good start.

Episode 2: Batten Down the Hatches
A storm is approaching and this never bodes well for fishing expeditions. Captain Hansen of the ship Northwestern decides to be prudent and wait out the storm. Captain Hillstrand of the ship Time Bandit decides to do the foolhardy thing and go on with the expedition. At this point I am wondering if Captain Hillstrand is the bravest man in the world or the craziest.

Episode 3: On the Crab
It looks like there was a method to Captain Hillstrand's madness. He has hit pay dirt and caught some crab. Meanwhile our more cautious friend, Captain Hansen is still starting to gather the bounty the sea has to offer. The men here use pots which look like big crab cages baited with herring to catch the king crabs. The king crabs are larger than the usual crabs and its body is larger than an adult's head. At this point I am salivating to the prospect of having a dinner comprised of this king-sized crustacean.

Episode 4: The Finish Line
Aside from the problems at the sea such as weather conditions and ship and equipment problems, our intrepid fishermen encounter other problems as well. Captain Hansen of the ship Northwestern catches crabs covered with barnacles. Barnacles on crabs lessens it value. No wonder Captain Haddock always said "Blistering barnacles." These arthropods attach themselves to hard stuff such as ships and shells of the crabs. Captain Corky Tilly of the ship Aleutian Ballad meanwhile has a greenhorn who threatens to jump overboard.

Episode 5: Friends and Rivals
Its déjà vu as Aleutian Ballad is turning on its side and is in danger of becoming the next Big Valley. The crew quickly moves to save the ship and themselves in the process.

Episode 6: A New Hunt Begins
Captain Hillstrand of the ship Time Bandit sees a snowstorm coming and what does he do? He braves the storm of course! I don't know what motivates this man. Is he brave, foolhardy, achievement oriented, greedy or does he simply need to pay a lot of debt? Meanwhile the other ships prepare to restock and to fish for cod.

Episode 7: Smoke on the Water
Our friends in the Time Bandit are low on bait yet continue to courageously brave the storm. I begin to question the sanity of these people. The Maverick and the Rollo roll the dice and cast their pots in hopes of catching crab. The Cornelia Marie has the least luck and ends up as a sitting duck for this episode.

Episode 8: Man Versus Ice
The unforgiving icy temperatures catch up with our brave sailors and dim the prospects of hauling in the prized Opilio crab. This further worsens when fights break out in the Maverick and Rollo. It's bad enough that the elements fight man and now it's man versus man. The extreme temperatures and conditions can drive people crazy at times.

Episode 9: On the Edge
The problems begin to mount for our fleet of fishermen. The Cornelia Marie seems to be jinxed and does not catch the prized Opilio crab. The Maverick's crew gets hit with the flu bug. Our friends at the Time Bandit encounter the ice pack but press on as usual. Is this the Time Bandit or the Odyssey we are talking about? It seems that there is no stopping these people. Meanwhile, the Northwestern concludes its cod hunt.

Episode 10: Pribilof Stare
The sea continues to take its victims. Speaking of victims let us go back to the jinxed Cornelia Marie where a deckhand gets injured. The fleet begins to navigate through the Pribilof Islands and defrost the ships which are now covered in ice! To think shoveling snow off your driveway was hard work!

Episode 11: Race Against Ice
Our friends at the Time Bandit are still braving the icy waters and the ice pack. The crabs begin to be offloaded.

Episode 12:
The fleet prepares to wrap up operations and return to their families. I'm sure they are worried sick about the crew.

The Verdict
I liked the documentary as it was something different. It was not like the usual stuff you would see in the discovery channel. Most of the stuff I see are about animal behaviors, ancient stuff and inventions. This is one of the more cutting edge productions that they have.
The documentary had plenty of action, suspense and human drama. It was certainly one show I would be watching in a marathon. Another show that comes to mind would be Jack Bauer's 24.
I never thought of fishing for anything would actually be dangerous. I mean I watched several documentaries and modern man with his fancy gizmos and equipment could catch virtually anything. Heck, I even saw man catch sharks in several documentaries and the shark was no match for man's technology.
Crab hunting is like today's pirate treasure hunt or the old expeditions by the Spanish and Portuguese to find new lands. The stakes are high and the rewards are great to those that hit paydirt. I remember men at sea living under hostile conditions and working well beyond your average eight hour shift to combat the elements and at times even each other.
It is sad what the need for money or rather the greed for money does to man sometimes. He risks life and limb just to be able to catch a few prized crustaceans! Imagine that!

I feel that we must find some way to culture these crabs and if not we should leave them alone. We could actually make fake crab using Pollock fish which coincidentally is in Alaska as well. Too many people have been injured or have died just to catch them. Imagine the effect this has on their livelihood and their friends and families.
I do not want to see this crustacean go the same path as the woolly mammoth, the great auk and the dodo and become extinct. I know man needs food but he crosses the line sometimes. Man cannot simply hunt or eat every specie into extinction.

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