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Pro Epic looking, Doesn't go out of tune that much, Dream to sit/stand with
Cons Cheap Floyd Rose, Stock Pickups aren't powerful, String slipping, Price tag
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"Lethal and Great looking... sadly overpriced and dodgy Floyd rose"

I'l start off with the bad points because that's what I normally do!

Now... the Floyd rose.. "special" as they call it in the specs is probably the worst feature of this guitar.. Not putting Floyd roses in general down, but this one is really cheap, using the whammy bar on it is probably an easier way to detune you're guitar than using the Machine heads, I can also admit to you that when you're moving the guitar around either your G or higher strings will likely ...literally just jump straight out of the bridge and try to go for your throat.. not matter how much you tighten it, I don't know why but it does that, probably because it's cheap and poorly made but I would definitely suggest throwing a brand new Floyd rose original.. Schaller tremolo or Ibanez Edge (these are makes of Floyd Roses that are probably the best around ranging in price from 100-250 pounds) and basically .. throw the old one into a deep dark chasm from wense it came or something like that.

The stock pickups... like most for guitars are just not what you'd expect.. these ones for instance just aren't as strong as you wished they were.. but they do their jobs at least just not that well. of course you'd just want to replace them with some EMG's 81/85 or Seymour Duncan Blackouts if you're a Active pickup fan, or if you want to recreate some Dimebag Darrel (the Designer and advertiser of the DB Razorback and ML series) sounds, then get a Bill Lawrence L pickups (Can't remember what the numbers were) in there seeming the fact that he used the L's for Live shows if I'm right.

The price tag I believe is a bit overboard because this is more in the area of beginner guitars like JS series from Jackson or Epiphones, Brand new you're looking for around £350-£400 so you'd expect pretty much no problems to persist out of them but Dean has a thing for Building guitars that look better than they sound.

You'd also need to think about replacing the strap pins as soon as possible mainly because they are very small and if you're like me and like running around the stage shouting at the crowd while throwing you're hair in every direction possible you'd definitely need to get some Strap locks thrown on!

Now for the good points

To me, once you kick all the problems away this guitar is awesome!
Mainly speaking you'll attract a lot of attention from everyone with it, it's just beautiful to look at to be honest. At my college people usually comment on it or just stare at it and then go on to ask how many people I've murdered with it ;)

You get a case with this monstrosity too when you buy it.. it's not that great, I'd prefer a proper Hard case, but the Lite Leer case does it's job very well and also has some nice storage space in certain area's like under the neck of the guitar and on the outside there's a small'ish pouch where you can store pedal's, Leads or just a tuner and a heap of plectrums... the case should definitely come free with it!!

A good thing about the Floyd rose.. I know it may be cheap and horrible but it does actually stay in tune quite well... as long as you don't use the tremolo system.. (which you would), what I did was get like two blocks of wood both large enough to sandwich the inside of the bridge (behind the back plate) so it inhibits movement (make sure you slacken the springs so that you can nearly take them out with mediocre effort so that your strings squish the wood and fully stop the Floyd rose from movement), then hey presto slap your knee slap your drummer... you'll stay in tune for near good that's until your bridge lets go of a string to kill a nearby crowd surfer.... Whoops didn't mean to go on like that but I hope you get the Idea of mine.

ok now this guitar is in fact.. slightly body heavy surprisingly but is actually a dream to stand up with (it doesn't try to stab you in the face it's not that body heavy) and because it's like a Explorer shape in a way it's very comfy to sit down with whether you like sitting down like the Flying V position or just the Bog standard sitting position it's comfy either way!

I didn't mention it but it's also got Grover tuners which are basically High quality Machine Heads that are VERY precise and probably the best tuners I've used at this moment in time, the locking tuners are fab too, only drawback for me was the fact that I lost a bolt a while back so I had to go grab a whole new locking tuner set just for the bolt but this only set me back a few pennies :)

Gigging wise... Besides the Floyd rose... this thing is a beast fused with a tank and then thrown into a smelter with a lot of titanium and carbon fibre... basically this girl is tough, the finish will last providing you don't slam her into walls or hit her horns anywhere harder than she is of course remember to get the Strap locks though because the strap pins are really small!

If you want to know anything mention it in the comments or private message me and I'll sort it out!

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