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Debt of Honour - Tom Clancy

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... Debt of Honour 9. Executive Orders Rainbow Six (another FANTASTIC BOOK!) also contains characters from this series. I shall leave you with my most highest reccommendation that you read this book. Any comments are of course very welcome.... Read review
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Community Level 3Oliy


Thrilling escalation from an accident to war

AdvantagesSuperb detail, thrilling suspense, stunningly complex and interesting plot

DisadvantagesGets very complex at times, especially for those unschooled in economic workings

"...challenge. For there is a debt of honour to be paid - and the price will be terrifyingly high..." Sounds exciting! Let me continue with some information for those who are not familiar with Tom Clancy's books. Jack Ryan is the character who features in nearly every one of the 'series' written by Clancy, which involves famous books (which often are turned into films) like The Hunt For Red October, Clear And Present Danger and Red Storm Rising. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Phattyd


Word Debt



"Debt of honour is another episode in Tom Clancy's very successful Saga of John Patrick Ryan. In this book a Japanese bussiness men who was infuriated at the take over of a Japanese island in the south pacific has cooked up a plan to disable the U.S. The suspense of the bok is awesome. The book does however get a bit technical at points and a working knowledge of banking and computer systems. The book is another no.1 bestseller andis well worth the ..." Read review

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Community Level 4jpegington


Excellent Book

AdvantagesExcellent Read, Enjoyable and Believable

DisadvantagesHelps to know the Jack Ryan Story!

"...shown the older titles before Debt of Honour in the order published but some other titles have been written since that occur in the Storyline series. BACKGROUND: Short background / history on Ryan: He is an ex History Teacher who is visiting London and intervenes on an IRA attack on the Prince of Wales. The IRA take revenge on him and his wife and kid are attacked. He joins the CIA as an analyst in order to track down the terrorists (Told in ..." Read review

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Is there no stopping Jack Ryan

AdvantagesA well crafted novel

DisadvantagesOccasional mind numbing detail

"“Debt of Honour” is a key chapter in the fictional life of Jack Ryan as it reveals how, in the space of one novel, Ryan goes from a Wall Street Stockbroker to National Security Advisor to saviour of the United States to President without even pausing for breath. Along the way there are trade and military confrontations with Japan, all handled with equal aplomb by our hero. Whilst being an admirer of Tom Clancy I have to admit that I did find two of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1buenegocio


One of Tom Clancy's best page turners!

AdvantagesKeeps you reading till the end, very exciting argument

DisadvantagesA bit messy at times

"I grabbed this book 2 months ago and couldn’t let it go till I turned the last page!! The book is part of the Jack Ryan serie so it is advisable that you get to read the earlyer books from Tom Clancy but not in the least necessary, I personally had not read any other book from him till I got to this one! The story begins with an accident that grows into a war by the very cleaver moves made by a very patriotic industrialist, full of anger towards ..." Read review

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Written by the author of "The Hunt for Red October" and "Patriot Games", this is another thriller featuring Jack Ryan and includes technical detail, military operations suspense and action - in which Ryan must counter a Japanese businessman's plot to undermine the USA by economic change.

Product details

Author Tom Clancy
Title Debt of Honour
Genre Thriller
Type Fiction
ISBN 0002245779; 000647974X; 0745177832


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