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published 05/05/2007 | Bollinger28
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Pro Over the counter product providing good, fast pain relief for strained or sore muscles.
Cons It really does smell strong and everyone will know you have applied it!
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Deep Heat cream

Deep Heat cream

I often get a stiff neck and sore shoulder. Mainly, I’m sure, through not sitting in the correct position and not taking enough breaks whilst using my PC at work. Overclicking my mouse can also cause a shooting pain to travel up my right arm, which can result in a stiff neck and sore shoulder from my protesting muscles. It’s not really a serious enough ache or pain to warrant a visit to my doctor or even the osteopath, but I do tend to reach for the Deep Heat cream in order to relieve some of the pain.

~~ What is it and how do you use it? ~~
Deep Heat is a topical pain relieving cream, which is easily applied by rubbing into the aching part of your body. It is suitable for treatment of rheumatic pain, fibrositis, backache, lumbago, sciatica, arthritis or just a general ache, pain or strained muscle. It can also be used on chilblains and bruises.

Deep Heat is a rather thick white cream. The cream has a lanolin base, which may not suit some users, but the lanolin does help with its absorbency into the skin. The cream has a very strong aroma to it; it’s impossible to rub this stuff in and think no one will know about it. Its miasma will hang around you like a cloud! It’s not an unpleasant smell - just rather strong and definitely not subtle. It’s a sort of medicinal Vicks like smell, and it’s caused by the amount of menthol in the cream. It certainly clears your sinuses out (and those of your companions!) a treat.

Once Deep Heat cream is applied, it releases a pain-killing ingredient, which is absorbed into the skin and then into your blood stream. The cream also releases a penetrating heat, which helps relax your muscles and get oxygen to them. The product works through a combination of four main ingredients, being menthol, Eucalyptus oil, Methyl Silicate and Turpentine oil. The menthol is the strong smelling ingredient to this cream but it does act as a natural anesthetic, thereby numbing your skin. The Eucalyptus oil stimulates your circulation and provides the warming properties, which gently heat up your skin. The Methyl Silicate also helps blood circulation and is also a good anesthetic. Finally, the Turpentine oil is known for its natural healing properties.

~~ And does it work? ~~
You need to rub Deep Heat cream into your skin quite hard, but that action in itself is quite pain relieving. As you rub it in, you can feel the menthol starting to cool your skin down. After a minute or so, your skin will start to tingle, and you will feel that area starting to gently warm up. That’s good, as it means the cream is working. After a short while, you can really feel your muscles relaxing in the afflicted area, and movement becomes so much easier. If your neck is stiff, you will be able to move your head much more easily, and without wincing. Similarly, any cramping in your muscles will become less severe and you generally find yourself feeling less tense and stiff.

I have found that it is best applied to cool skin. If you put it on warm skin, say just after you’ve got out the bath or shower, it heats up rather too quickly and can be painful. It can feel like a nasty case of burning or sunburn to be honest. If it's applied to cool skin, the heating sensation is much gentler and subtler. I’m not going to claim it's a miracle cure, because the pain will not disappear immediately, but it will subside and become kind of muffled.

The effect of the cream lasts for about half an hour and leaves the muscle/sprain feeling generally much more relaxed. Deep Heat can be applied up to two or three times daily. Anymore than that and the afflicted area is going to become desensitized to the soothing effects of the cream.

You really must, must, must wash your hands thoroughly after use; even the slightest hint of this stuff in your eye or other soft tissue areas, and you’ll know about it very quickly. It really will smart and sting. If ever I want to make a man wince, I only have to remind my partner of the time he got a bit too trigger happy with the spray version of Deep Heat, and ended up spraying one of his more sensitive areas by accident. How to make a grown man cry had nothing on it... Therefore, if you do get some in your eye, or worse, bathe the area in cold water...and quickly.

~~ The cost and availability ~~
Deep Heat is widely available and can be bought from Boots and Superdrug, as well as smaller chemists and all the main supermarkets. It comes packaged in bright red colours, so it really does stand out on the shelves.

Deep Heat cream is available in two sizes:
35g = £2.04 or 100g = £4.69

You can also purchase a Deep Heat Maximum Strength version at £4.29 for 35g.

There is a Deep Heat spray at £3.25 for 150ml. I have used this in the past, and whilst it is good for getting to those harder to reach areas, you also have less control over the direction of the spray. It’s also rather overwhelming and constricting if you breathe in whilst spaying it in an enclosed area.

In addition, you can buy Deep Heat patches, which have a sticky pad back and can be applied and held in place on particularly sore or sprained areas. These retail at £1.99 for one patch, or a pack of four patches for £5.99. I’ve found that these are particularly good for dealing with menstrual cramps at those times when you cannot walk around with your hot water bottle strapped to your back or stomach.

~~ Recommendation ~~
I really must stress that this cream is not a solution to any ongoing long-term joint or muscular problems. Proper medical advice should be sought for any serious joint problems or muscle sprains. You may need to be referred to a specialist, or make an appointment with an osteopath or chiropractor. However, in a nutshell, this cream is a godsend if you get an occasional ache, pain or twinge. It really does loosen you up and allow you to function fairly normally. Myself, I prefer to apply this cream to my sore neck or shoulder, as it provides instant warming relief and it’s very soothing. I can move my neck more easily and my shoulder feels looser. Additionally, I find it preferable to taking pain-killing tablets, as I do try and limit my consumption of these.

~~ Other information ~~
This product should never be used on broken skin, and usage should stop immediately any irritation occurs. You really *MUST* wash your hands after use, as if Deep Heat gets into your eyes or any soft tissue areas, it will really, really sting and smart. Therefore, it is best not used on any children under five years old, as they are not likely to understand that rubbing ones eyes after coming into contact with this cream is a huge no no.

~~ Further Details ~~
Deep Heat is made by:-

The Mentholatum Company Ltd
1 Redwood Avenue
Peel Park Campus
East Kilbride
G74 5PE

Telephone: 01355-848484
Facsimile: 01355-263387

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